SkyStream Debuts MPEG-4 Encoding and Transcoding
Posted Nov 18, 2003

SkyStream Networks, a leader in IP video delivery, unveiled the real-time MPEG-4 encoding and transcoding capabilities of its Mediaplex-20 video delivery platform at the TelcoTV November 13 - 14. SkyStream showed a first-of-its-kind demo of advances in video compression techniques, featuring the Mediaplex-20 encoding digital video in dual MPEG-4 formats—ASP and H.264—out of the same chassis.

MPEG-4 is a next-generation compression technology standard for digital video applications such as broadcast TV and video-on-demand that is expected to become widely available next year when MPEG-4 set-top boxes and infrastructure are market-ready. The Mediaplex-20 with VRP offers transcoding from MPEG-2 video to MPEG-4 format, MPEG-4 encoding of analog video, transrating from one video bit-rate to another, video stream replication for delivery of streams to different platforms simultaneously, and bandwidth rate reduction with bandwidth policing.