Dantz Launches Retrospect 6.0
Posted Jan 12, 2004

Dantz Development Corporation has announced Retrospect 6.0, the latest version of its backup and restore software for the Macintosh. Retrospect 6.0 now protects Power Mac G4 and G5 computers running Mac OS X "Panther," backs up Xserve RAIDs hosting multiple terabytes of data, and supports SCSI and Fibre Channel tape libraries.

Advanced features of Retrospect 6.0 include unlimited volume and backup set size, support for most SCSI and Fibre Channel tape libraries, an improved user interface, backs spanning multiple FireWire or USB hard drives. The Retrospect 6.0 product CD also includes Retrospect 5.1 for backing up to a Mac OS 9 computer.

Retrospect 6.0 will be available in English as an electronic download on January 26, 2004. The boxed product will be in the channel and in Apple stores by mid-February. Dantz Retrospect 6.0 for Macintosh is available in three editions: Retrospect Server ($799, $349 upgrade), which backs up a local Mac and 100 networked clients, which can include servers; Retrospect Workgroup ($499, upgrade $199), which backs up a local Mac and 20 networked desktop or notebook clients; Retrospect Desktop ($129, upgrade $59.95), which backs up one local Mac and two networked clients. Suggested list price $129.

Client licenses for additional computers and client upgrades are available for Retrospect 6.0, as are Annual Support and Maintenance contracts, which provide unlimited technical support and complimentary upgrades. Customers who have already purchased Annual Support and Maintenance will receive Retrospect 6.0 at no additional cost.