Bang & Olufsen Unveils Its First Audio/Video Music System with Integrated DVD
Posted Feb 27, 2004

Bang & Olufsen, the worldwide provider of luxury multi-room, custom music systems, announces the arrival of its first integrated audio and video music system, the BeoCenter 2, to all of its North American stores. The BeoCenter 2, with its oval shape and sleek two-wing aluminum doors that gently glide aside, revolutionizes the standard box-shaped designs manufactured by other consumer electronics providers around the world. It is an elegant, simple, and logical system that contains CD, DVD, MP3 CD playback, and radio functionalities all with a single cable set up.

BeoCenter 2 has its own touch of magic. Glide your finger round the polished aluminum circle to adjust volume, choose CD track, or find a radio station. With one soft touch, customers will enjoy the delights of easy, button-less operation. Additionally, the size of the text displayed ensures that it can be read at a distance and adjusts according to the brightness of the room, avoiding completely illuminating a dark living room. The cover is made out of a single aluminum plate, which has been anodized to completely protect the text surface from wear.

The system also allows for up to 200 CD's to be named and programmed. A built-in timer allows customers to wake up to the morning news. Additionally, the only connection needed for the BeoCenter 2 control unit is a single cord to the separate socket panel. The socket panel contains all the connections to loudspeakers, TV, aerial, etc. It can be simply placed on the floor, hidden behind a curtain, in a bookcase, or discretely mounted on the skirting board. The BeoCenter 2 will arrive in US stores the end of February and retails at $4,100.00.