DVDemand Launches the DVDGenerator Version 1.95
Posted Mar 9, 2004

DVDemand, a leading provider of DVD and CD on-demand fulfillment server systems, launched the DVDGenerator 1.95, the latest version of the its engine for on-demand production of demand DVD video and DVD-ROM.

DVDGenerator is a turnkey solution for distributing high quality content media on CD or DVD. The system can store any type of digital media, such as video, audio, software, games, and raw data. The user selects media items through a Web site, creating his own disc. Once the media items are selected, the DVDGenerator, which is integrated with a robotic DVD-R/CD-R production system, automatically generates a CD or DVD, including disc graphics and printed DVD-case insert. The disc can then be shipped to the customer via FedEx/Mail. The customer can watch the disc using his DVD device or PC.