V One Multimedia Licenses DivX Software for Versatile Snazzi* DV.AVIO Video Editing Solution
Posted Mar 12, 2004

DivXNetworks, Inc and V One Multimedia, a provider of easy-to-use digital video editing solutions, have announced a partnership to enable consumers to easily create high-quality DivX videos from digital camcorders and other source material.

Under the technology and marketing agreement, V One has licensed DivX video software for use in its Snazzi* DV.AVIO video editing solution, an internal analog video & audio (AV) and digital video (DV) I/O card for the PC. V One plans to work with DivXNetworks to integrate DivX software into its SnaZio* range of TV Tuner products, namely SnaZio* Pocket PVR & SnaZio* TV PVR. The two companies will promote these DivX Licensed products on DivX.com, the hub of the global DivX community which receives over 8 million visitors per month.

The Snazzi* DV.AVIO video editing solution (available in EVO Edition & Premiere Pro Edition) enables consumers to capture DV content from personal camcorders and use the DivX software encoder to create high-quality, highly compressed DivX files. The resulting DivX videos can then be distributed online or burned to standard data CDs for viewing on a wide variety of DivX-certified consumer electronics devices. The SnaZio* range of TV Tuner products enable users to capture their favorite TV programs and encode them to high-quality DivX files for distribution & viewing.