Eclipse ESP7000 Supports 8X DVD-R/+R And DVD+R DL Formatting
Posted Mar 26, 2004

Eclipse has added 8X DVD+/-R and DVD+R Dual-Layer recordable format support to the ImageEncoder ESP7000 formatter. The high-performance ESP7000 is installed at a number of facilities mastering recordable and prerecorded CD and DVD formats, including high-speed CAV mastering. The ESP7000 software-based formatter was designed so that it could be easily upgraded to support new and advanced formats, as opposed to older designs requiring costly and time-consuming hardware upgrades. The proprietary software-based analysis engine significantly shortens time-to-market implementation of new formats. The ESP7000's design combines ultra-fast output channel rise and fall times with exceptionally low noise circuitry and features a sophisticated auto-scaling pulse shaping technology that processes the timing and amplitude of each individual pulse, all enclosed in an attractive, standalone enclosure to protect against extraneous electrical noises.

The Eclipse ImageEncoder ESP7000 is software controlled and fully programmable to support current and future format requirements. The ESP7000 is compatible with all LBRs capable of mastering recordable and rewriteable formats, including single and dual-beam recorders. The Eclipse ImageEncoder ESP7000 provides a wide-range of control and flexibility for customers demanding advanced signal processing.