DVD Burner Acceptance on the Rise, New Survey Finds
Posted Apr 2, 2004

Survey research conducted by IDC and sponsored by a group of leading computer and consumer electronics companies forecasts that consumers will purchase some 11 million DVD burners for their home PCs over the next 18 months--a significant increase over earlier survey results--and outlines the features and functions fueling this growth.

The IDC White Paper, "Consumer Requirements for DVD Recording Technologies: Simple, Reliable, and Compatible", published in March 2004, polled over 1,000 households on their purchase intent, and desired features and functions of DVD burners. Sponsored by various member companies of the RAM Promotion Group, the survey broadly indicated that consumers seek highly reliable, easy-to-use drives that support multiple DVD formats, and that the main applications are video related.

Among specific findings, the survey showed that issues surrounding reliability drew the highest interest, and that the vast majority of consumers ranked reliability factors, such as data verification and error correction, cartridge-type disc and data allocation of defective sectors, among other factors, as either "important" or "extremely important". The survey additionally showed that the primary reason consumers would acquire a DVD recorder would be to store, edit and replay video from a variety of sources, including Internet downloads, broadcast, cable and satellite television; video tape libraries; and digital camcorders.

Copies of the survey are available at www.ramprg.com.