Sony Ships Professional Disc for DATA media
Posted Apr 27, 2004

Sony Electronics has announced that it is now shipping Professional Disc for DATA media, a recording technology that uses blue lasers instead of standard red lasers to write more data onto a disc. Featuring a 23.3GB storage capacity per single-sided disc, Professional Disc for DATA media provides the storage capacity needed to fulfill the rigorous demands of data-intensive applications, such as medical imaging, broadcast, audio/video editing, graphic design, and enterprise content management. The new format--available in both write-once and rewritable versions--also boasts 11MB/second read and 9MB/second write speeds for quick file storage and retrieval.

To help protect data loss from disc damage, an anti-static polycarbonate resin cartridge covers the disc, protecting it from damage and data loss or errors during the write/read process. The cartridge also decreases media sensitivity to dust, fingerprints, and other contaminants for extended resilience.

Sony is planning at least three generations of Professional Disc for DATA technology, with the aim of doubling capacity and performance from one generation to the next. Second-generation Professional Disc for DATA technology is expected in 2005, featuring a 50GB storage capacity on a single-sided, double layer disc with a transfer rate of 18 MB/second. Planned for release in 2007, third-generation Professional Disc for DATA drives and media are projected to reach a 100GB storage capacity using double-sided media and a transfer rate of 36 MB/second.

While Professional Disc for DATA media uses a blue laser similar to Blu-ray technology, the two are disparate formats targeted at different markets. Professional Disc for DATA is for businesses seeking a professional data storage solution. Blu-ray, on the other hand, is a high-end consumer recording technology that is available only in Japan for now. Professional Disc for DATA and Blu-ray discs are not interchangeable.

Sony Professional Disc for DATA media is now available for about $45 for both the write-once version (model PDDWO23) and the rewritable version (model PDDRW23). Sony data media is sold through an extensive channel of distributors, resellers and integrators. Professional Disc for DATA drives, autochangers and libraries are currently available through Sony's channel partners.