New Tech Infosystems Unveils New Support for DVD+R Double Layer Recording
Posted Jun 4, 2004

New Tech Infosystems announced that, in addition to demonstrating support for DVD+R Double Layer recording, it would unveil several new products during Computex Taipei 2004 this week. Some of the products being unveiled are:

New DVD+R Double Layer (DL) Support - With support for DVD+R DL technology, NTI products provides storage up to 8.5 GB of data, up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video, or about 120 hours of MP3 audio on a single disc without having to turn the disc or replace it with a new disc.

New NTI DVD Copy - NTI's new DVD Copy software is also a 9-to-5 solution: you can fit the contents of a 8.5GB dual-layer DVD 9 disc on a 4.7GB single-layer DVD-5 disc.

New Dragon Burn V4.0 (for Macintosh) - Designed for Mac OS X desktop and PowerBook notebook computer users, Dragon Burn V4.0 provides Mac OS X users (Including Jaguar) can produce audio, video, data, MP3, CD Extra (audio + data) CDs and DVDs. New features added to this release include VCD/SVCD mastering, VIDEO_TS support for DVD Video burning, and "Picture CD" layout support. Dragon Burn is available for OEM bundling with external CD and DVD burners.

NTI CD & DVD-Makerä V6.7 (for Windows) - NTI CD & DVD-Maker provides a solution for recording data, audio, photos and video on CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW and DVD-RAM discs. The new version has been enhanced with a GUI and new VIDEO_TS support for DVD Video burning.

NTI Backup Now! V3.0 Deluxe Suite (for Windows) - NTI Backup Now! V3.0 Deluxe Suite provides backup flexibility and added value by including two backup/recovery solutions.

NTI Backup NOW! 3 Deluxe Suite provides full image backup and individual file/folder backup using virtually all CD or DVD recordable devices. This product is also available for OEM bundling and corporate Volume Licensing.