MF Digital Introduces CD-5906EC LIVE Event Recorder/Duplicator
Posted Jul 13, 2004

MF Digital has introduced the CD-5906EC LIVE audio digital recorder and CD duplicator. The new 5906EC LIVE combination recorder/duplicator system allows recording from virtually any mixer or other analog or digital source right to the "EC Live" hard disk and then almost instantaneous output to six to 60 disc copies at once. This system is designed for recording of church and school events, seminars, lectures, concerts, legal depositions, or any application where multiple audio recordings are needed instantly.

The 5906EC LIVE can record up to 50 hours of CD quality sound directly to the system's hard drive. The user simply records the event or performance to the hard disk, sets the desired Start IDs or track points, and can even choose where to span discs if the program exceeds the capacity of one CD. Duplication of up to six copies at once can begin within minutes of the event's conclusion.

MF Digital's "disc casting" (free client command module) allows connection to additional CD-5906EC towers and the ability to burn on a virtually unlimited number of drives-whether set remotely around a concert facility or campus, or located in a production facility. The Endless Configuration (EC) feature provides an autoloader option for complete automation of the burn process.