ATI Announces First PCI Express Card
Posted Sep 24, 2004

ATI Technologies has announced that shipments of its new ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO PCI Express computer platform will begin in Europe next month, and soon after in North America.

ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO is powered by the RADEON X600 graphics chip and PCI Express throughput capabilities to deliver a complete system for gaming, video editing, and personal video recorder capabilities. According to ATI, the new video card allows data to be sent and received concurrently at twice the speed of existing AGP 8X solutions, with full, native 16-lane bus interconnect between the VPU and CPU in both directions simultaneously.

The ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO includes integrated DVD burning capabilities for media creation at faster than real time, a 400MHz engine and 256MB 600MHz memory for image enhancement, and "domino-style" connector dongles for VGA plus DVI-I monitor output connectivity.

The North American versions includes Serious Magic Visual Communicator video production software that integrates real-time video with real-time 3D graphics, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition automatic video production software, and Pinnacle Studio 9 (ATI Version) digital video editing with additional ATI-based features.