Pre House: Chicago Digital Post Delivers Preprinted, Prepackaged Recordable DVDs
Posted Oct 20, 2004

For professional videographers—or anyone who authors their own DVDs—tired of mass-produced, generic, preprinted DVDs, or tired of producing sub-pro work with their own equipment, Chicago Digital Post (CDP) released Pre-Packaged Recordable DVDs (PPDVDs) at the 2004 WEVA Expo in Las Vegas this past August. CDP boasts 26 different package designs suitable for a variety of events including weddings, christenings, communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, dance recitals, sporting events, and theatrical productions.

Once a client specifies the theme they want, they can order the discs in a chosen quantity and record their content to them as they would any other disc. If nothing in the catalog of pre-existing designs suits the producer's need, CDP offers personally customized PPDVDs for "any" occasion, corporate or personal. For these customized PPDVDs, the videographer may provide the designs they want used, or CDP can create a custom package according to the videographer's specifications.

"We believe wholeheartedly that PPDVDs will save producers time and money, while providing them with the opportunity to take presentation and performance of DVD-authored products to the next level," says Tim Montague, creative director at CDP.

PPDVDs offer convenience to producers who can use their own DVD authoring software and any type of DVD burner to record their client's event on the PPDVD and ship it out to them. Professionals or consumers can purchase PPDVDs in quantities from one to over 200. For those purchases under 200, the DVDs come pre-printed using thermal transfer printing. According to CDP, thermal-printed discs "won't fade, smudge, or smear and match the quality, appearance, and durability of the silkscreened disc printing found on all retail DVD and CD products." For orders over 200, Chicago Digital Post uses silkscreening.

CDP uses Rimage's Everest thermal re-transfer printer for all non-silkscreen jobs, printing directly onto both Mitsui (DVD-R) and Taiyo Yuden (DVD-R) discs which offer edge-to-edge printing capabilities, allowing printing from the outer edge to the inner edge of the DVD-R so there's no gap in coverage for the stacking ring/hub area. Typically, CDP can easily print over 100 discs a day, and has done up to 500 discs in eight hours with the thermal printers.

Producers who order the PPDVD get a complete package of:

Each PPDVD package also offers the background used in the design on the rest of the packaging so producers can incorporate it into the background of their DVD menu to provide design continuity. CDP offers the background in any form including: .TIFF, .AI, .PSD, or .JPG. As a default, the background is sent to the videographer as a DVD-resolution (720x480 @ 72dpi) JPEG that can be imported into a DVD authoring program to fit the producer's needs.

Currently, the largest market Chicago Digital Post has identified for PPDVDs is videographers within the United States. They make up the majority of the two-dozen clients who purchased PPDVDs within the first month of its release. Each PPDVD is priced at $10 for a single DVD; bulk prices go as low as $5/disc for 200 or more. In addition, CDP offers a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee if the product does not suit the producer's need. Chicago Digital Post is a division of Digital Post, Inc. focused on providing solutions and customer service for post-production and multimedia clients.

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