VASST Announces Sony Vegas Plug-In
Posted Oct 26, 2004

VASST announces Ultimate S, a scripting tool available for Sony Vegas software. Ultimate S contains 51 editing and creative functions to be used in conjunction with Sony Vegas, and assigns them to a single button, saving time and repetition in the editing process, according to VASST. Ultimate S incorporates many of the most commonly used editing features of Sony Vegas and adds new options. Ultimate S creates single-button tasks within the Vegas Toolbar, giving users multiple editing actions in one click and saves them extra keystrokes and mouse movements. Nine separate action tabs define what style of function will be initiated, and most tabs offer customized preset options that can be saved to be used again and again.

Ultimate S offers action tabs that provide a variety of behaviors such as the Editing Tools tab, which offers shortcuts to ten everyday editing functions within Vegas. The Photo Montage Tools tab creates slideshows synched to the user's music, while the Filmlooks Tools tab offers unique film-style effects, according to the manufacturer.

To ensure Vegas projects are error-free and commonly used pre-sets are saved, users will appreciate the Ultimate S Auditing and Project Setup Tools tabs. Ultimate S also offers a Visual Effects Tools tab that includes color correction presets, and allows storage of FX chains within Vegas so these actions can be utilized for future use.

TheAudio Tools tab helps find and re-synchronize audio files, streamline voice-overs, and automate fades. The DuoCam Tools tab optimizes standard two-camera edits while the Marker Tools tab gives users the ability to create and delete markers within multiple projects. All Ultimate S tools are designed to save time by processing multiple actions with fewer clicks.

Ultimate S is available via electronic download or by CD for a special price of $99.99 (download) and $109.99 (CD) for the next 25 days only. After that, MSRP is $129.99 and $139.99.