Telex Communications Introduces New PrintWise, Digital Duplication and Printing Systems; Launches Improvements to SpinWise Digital Duplication
Posted Nov 9, 2004

Telex Communications introduces the PrintWise 2000i combination CD/DVD printer and duplicator, and the standalone printer the PrintWise 480i for desktop applications. Both provide precision ink application for fast drying and smudge-proof graphics according to Telex.

The PrintWise 2000i combines a duplication drive with the 480i printer to create a desktop publishing solution for CD or DVD formats. The 480i printer utilizes a small ink-droplet size, which Telex says will eliminate common printing problems such as pooling ink, smudging, and over-saturation. Printwise also features chrome and black molding ink combined with practical technology such as the clear LED screen for project monitoring.

The PrintWise 2000i is fully contained and requires no configuration. Simply plug in three cables and load the Office-Net software to begin duplicating and printing. Within 15 minutes the unit should be set to go.

For those needing a stand-alone printer for CDs and DVDs, Telex is introducing the PrintWise 480i. The PrintWise 480i unleashes the power of small-droplet, thermal inkjet technology in a small footprint perfect for home offices, small design firms, or marketing departments that need to provide quality CDs and DVDs on a customized basis.

Telex Communications' popular line of SpinWise CD and DVD digital duplicators have been upgraded with high-speed connectivity and drive speeds, which Telex believes places them among the fastest digital media duplicators on the market.

Telex SpinWise CD and DVD duplicators now offer USB II technology, allowing for direct, high-speed connectivity with a PC. Now projects, files, graphics, movies and data can be burned directly to a master disc within the tower.