Ateme Participates in MPEGIF's H.264 Interoperability Tests
Posted Nov 16, 2004

Ateme, a member of the Moving Picture Experts Group Industry Forum (MPEGIF) since 2004, has announced that it is participating in the next round of interoperability tests for ISO/IEC MPEG-4 AVC, also known under the name ITU-T H.264, organized by MPEGIF. Full results are expected for the end of December 2004.

This new round of interoperability tests will verify mutual encoder and decoder product interoperability among international leaders in video compression. This work will make sure MPEGIF member products are indeed interoperable, thereby increasing product confidence on the market.

Ateme is participating with its Baseline and Main Profile H.264 encoder and decoder. The participating companies have agreed on the MPEGIF test plan related to this interoperability test round. The plan is as follows:

• Companies with relevant encoder products generate bitstreams and post them to a common location
• Companies with relevant decoder products download the bitsreams and test them in order to identify any interoperability problems
• Encoder- and decoder-providing companies work out any problems in a collaborative way.