ADIC Releases Update for AMASS Storage Management Software
Posted Dec 7, 2004

Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced the availability of a new version of the company's AMASS archive software, offering expanded support for a variety of drive, media, and operating platform technologies.

New in AMASS 5.4 is support for UDO (Ultra Density Optical) drive technology, and for Plasmon and HP libraries, which integrate the new high-capacity optical storage. UDO drive technology offers optical storage users 30GB of data storage per 5.25-inch form factor media, three times the capacity of earlier generation magneto-optical systems. ADIC maintains that UDO provides secure Write Once technology and long-term media life coupled with fast access to data, characteristics important for customers with rapidly growing archives and requirements for extended data retention.

The 5.4 AMASS release also adds support for newer generation Quantum SDLT and Sony AIT drive technology, IBM 3592 drives, as well as the latest generations of tape library control software—ADIC's SDLC version 2.5 and StorageTek's ACSLS version 7.1. Operating platform support upgrades in the new release include later versions of SGI IRIX and HP Tru64 operating systems.

AMASS, designed for direct-attached and network-attached storage environments, is intended as a solution for enterprises that have more data than their disk capacity can support. AMASS transforms tape and optical libraries, typically considered "off-line" storage, into online direct-access mass storage—enabling users, administrators, and applications to archive terabytes or petabytes of data. AMASS presents an automated optical, tape, or DVD library as one device and one mount point, through a standard UNIX file system interface consisting of directories and files. Users or applications can save or access files residing on libraries in the same way they would with magnetic disk.