Nero Digital Supported DVD Player Now Available
Posted Dec 14, 2004

Ahead Software, in collaboration with Siemssen & Co. GmbH, announced the launch of a new DVD player that supports video files in the Nero Digital format for use in home movies. Nero Digital, co-developed by Ahead and Ateme, is one MPEG-4 audio and video solution for home entertainment and CE devices. Siemssen and Ahead have jointly developed a hardware product that can now display video files coded in Nero Digital (MPEG-4) straight onto your TV screen in the same high quality you've come to expect.

The "SCO 5000ND" DVD player is now available at for EUR 99.00.

All you need to do to experience Nero Digital file formats "Live" on TV is to follow these three steps: First, install the Nero Recode CE DVD transcoding software that comes with the package on your PC, then convert the existing video files into Nero Digital format, and finally burn them onto a CD or DVD. They are now ready to play back on the newly developed DVD player. The encoding process simultaneously reduces the films to a fraction of their original file size, with almost no apparent loss in quality.

In addition to current standard functions and video file support, such as MP3, JPEG, VCD and SVCD, the "SCO 5000ND" DVD player manufactured by Siemssen also supports the playback of DVD audio files. The integration of Nero Digital offers support for various audio languages and subtitles. The latter can be retrieved using the same navigation buttons as those used to play back a standard DVD. In addition, the device is equipped with an AC3 Decoder as well as a YUV Output to enable full-screen reproduction (Progressive Scan) via video projectors, and plasma or LCD screens. The attractively designed slim-line casing also offers other features, such as a 5-in-1 card reader for all standard memory cards that allows MP3 files or even photo files to be visualized straight onto your TV screen. The product also supports DivX and Xvid playback functions, as well as the Nero Digital function.