FalconStor Software and Next IT Inc. Expand Existing OEM Partnership
Posted Dec 28, 2004

FalconStor Software, Inc., a developer of network storage software solutions, has announced that the company has expanded its existing OEM relationship with Next IT, an IT solutions integrator in Japan, to incorporate FalconStor's iSCSI Storage Server for Windows Storage Server 2003 into Next IT's new Z-BYS STEALTH line of storage appliances.

Since early 2003, Next IT has been incorporating FalconStor's IPStor enterprise-level software into its line of Z-BYS servers, to centralize storage management and maximize data availability. Next IT created the Z-BYS STEALTH product line for the small to mid-sized market.

In addition to centralized disk-capacity provisioning, the Z-BYS STEALTH server enables Windows Storage Server 2003 to offer SAN-based snapshot, delta replication and backup and restore services to application hosts attached to an IP/iSCSI network. The solution also offers mirroring and cluster services, which enable continuous operation during a planned or unplanned outage.

The Z-BYS STEALTH server also offers high-speed real time backup and quick recovery of data, according to FalconStor, as well as automatic compression and movement of data according to policy for information life cycle management, and minimizing of TCO for storage management of departments in an enterprise, small, or medium storage environment. Next IT also provides professional services and 24-hour support for its Z-BYS STEALTH system.