Cinema on Web (COW) Announces Partnership with DivX Networks
Posted Jan 18, 2005

Cinema On Web (COW), an online technology multiplex that broadcasts "premium cinema quality" Bollywood films, entertainment, and television content, has announced the launch of a secure, DivX video-on-demand service.

Using the DivX Open Video System, the new service from COW is among the first to deliver and broadcast cinema-quality, licensed Bollywood film content to Internet users, according to COW. All content available through the system is duly encrypted & licensed, protected from piracy and available at the highest level of visual quality. Titles include pay-per-view sports, feature films, first-run, and simultaneous-release Bollywood and independent films available to global audiences through COW's worldwide content delivery networks with a choice of wireless, dialup, mobile and broadband capability. A sneak preview of the most popular Bollywood songs in high-quality DivX Film justifies the same.

Cinema on Web expects over 500 million pay-per-view customer traffic from year 2005-2007, each buying a $5 pay-per-view ticket for a simultaneous release movie and $0.90 to $1.99 for old classic hits.