Pioneer Expands Line of Professional DVD Recorders
Posted Feb 9, 2005

Pioneer Electronics, Inc. has announced the availability of the PRV-9200 professional DVD recorder. Coming with a 160-gigabyte built-in hard disk drive and 48X high-speed copying to the HDD, the PRV-9200 allows for the creation of compliant DVD-Video discs without the need for a computer or authoring software.

DVD-R/RW discs recorded on the PRV-9200 are highly compatible and can be played back in most DVD players, including industrial players, consumer players, in-car systems, portable DVD players, and personal computers.

Additionally, the recorder allows high-speed copying of content from a DVD-RW disc recorded in Video mode to be directly recorded back onto the internal HDD. Users can then repurpose content or make edits before recording it to a new DVD-R/RW disc. Users also can re-encode original HDD recording while making a copy simultaneously to a DVD disc in real time.

Other product highlights include:

• Extended Recording Times
• Multiple Copy Modes
• Disc Backup and Bit-for-Bit Recording
• Chase Play
• Smart Variable Bit Rate Recording (VBR)
• Full Motion Thumbnails with Sound
• Built-in Tuner
• IEEE-1394/DV Input/Output (i.LINK)
• Three-pin AC Power
• Supports NTSC and PAL/SECAM TV Formats