Advanced Media's 8x DVD+RW RIDATA Disc Achieves Philips Certification
Posted Mar 15, 2005

Advanced Media, Inc. has announced that a recent addition to its optical disc lineup, the RIDATA 8x DVD+RW, has won certification by the Philips Intellectual Property and Standards division in The Netherlands. The certification means the product is in accordance with all of the latest specifications for DVD+RW products and may carry the DVD+RW logo.

The RIDATA 8x DVD+RW optical disc allows users to rewrite up to 1000 times on the same disc. Moreover, it store digital photographs, or up to two hours of digital video in SP Mode or four hours in EP Mode.

In the Philips disc verification process, products are tested to be in conformance with relevant standards. Regarding DVD+RW discs, this includes measuring selected mechanical and optical parameters, a readout of ADIP data, assorted measurements for both blank and recorded discs in a reference writer, and testing the playability of recorded discs in a reference reader at various speeds and radii. Certificates are issued for products proving to be in conformance with the specification.