Wolfson Codec for DVD-RW and PVR Applications Offers Ability to Simultaneously Set Independent Audio Sample Rates on ADC and DAC
Posted Jun 3, 2005

Wolfson Microelectronics PLC has launched a new stereo audio codec with the ability to operate the ADC and DAC at different sample rates simultaneously, suitable for use in DVD-RW, LCD TV, and similar consumer electronics applications, where the end user requires the ability to simultaneously play and record DVD or television content. This feature of the Wolfson WM8591 codec allows a single small codec chip to be used in place of two separate ADC and DAC devices, offering designers the potential to save more in component cost, external component count, and PCB area than existing solutions.

The WM8591 also includes an analog programmable gain amplifier (PGA). The PGA can be used to adjust the sensitivity of analog inputs, ensuring that recording levels are consistent, and also can be used as a limiter to avoid analog input overload distortion.

The WM8591 is a single-ended input, two-wire control version of the WM8590 with a DAC signal-noise ratio of 110dB combined with a 102dB ADC. The single two-wire interface offers access to all features, including volume control and mute, and de-emphasis facilities, significantly reducing design time. The single-ended inputs to the ADC and differential outputs from the DAC further support designers in achieving high performance with reduced system complexity.

The Wolfson WM8591 is available to sample now and will be available in volume in Q4 2005. Pricing is $1.45 in volumes of 10,000.