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Innoventive Releases FrameForge 3D Studio 2
Posted Jan 27, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Innoventive Software, LLC has announced ther immediate availability of Version 2 of FrameForge 3D Studio, its multi-camera, optically correct previsualization software for film, video, and commercial directors. FrameForge helps to explore, sharpen and ultimately convey visual concepts to clients, producers and investors, while at the same time acquiring vital production data for cast and crew to make that vision come alive. "

By offering a range of critical preproduction features, FrameForge 3D is poised to play a larger role in all productions. Log onto for full feature list, reviews, endorsements, product ordering, animated walkthrough, downloadable demo and worldwide reseller contacts.

The suggested retail price is USD $399 direct from Innoventive Software at (877) 322-7733, or online at for a variety of dealers worldwide at various discount levels.

The FrameForge ‘Multi-Camera Control Room' is a virtual film studio where users can build rooms and spaces, place cameras, props and actors anywhere with drag-n-drop simplicity. This creates a virtual but true-to-life location in the user's computer to explore and experiment with multiple camera angles, shots and lenses in an optically accurate 3D world.

FrameForge comes with over 750 unique WorldReady Objects that work like their real counterparts and intrinsically know how to interact with FF3D actors. Drag an actor to a chair and he sits, drag a gun or cigarette to a hand and becomes held, dresser drawers pull open and trees lose their leaves. Further, actor features like ‘reach-for' and ‘look-at' simplify posing that can be modified down to a single finger's joint.

Notable new features include the following:
- Fast Rendering with OpenGL Hardware Acceleration, Texture Sharing and other optimizations make rendering instant;
- Faster Set Building with our unique Room Builder that let's you "draw" your set then automatically builds it for you (Windows now, Macintosh soon via free update);
- Redesigned Control Room lets you work more efficiently;
- TrueOptix™ optically correct Depth of Field with user controllable f/stop and point of focus;
- Three New Rendering Options: Cartoon, Outline & Sketch;
- Completely new, more realistic actors
- Exact on-set measuring and object placement;
- USB Game Pad Interface allows you to control virtually the entire program from a standard 2 joystick USB Game Pad or our high quality Director's Pad* (sold separately);
- Native VRML Object Support with options to create new ‘hinged' part objects;
- Importation and association to scripts from script processing programs Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, Final Draft, and Final Draft AV.


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