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Adobe Introduces After Effects 6, Audition, Premiere Pro at DV Expo 2003
Posted Jul 8, 2003 Print Version   Page 1of 1

Adobe After Effects 6.0

Adobe Systems Inc. will make several major announcements at this week's DV Expo in New York City, including After Effects 6.0, an extensive upgrade of its motion graphics and visual effects software. After Effects 6.0 integrates a new text engine for creating unique and compelling typographic animations. Available for Windows and Mac OS X, Adobe After Effects 6.0 helps professionals meet tough production challenges by increasing productivity with features such as OpenGL support, and other major performance improvements. Additional advances include integrated vector paint, a new motion tracker, keying tools and scripting support.

The new text capabilities in After Effects 6.0 allow users to type, edit, and format text directly in the Composition window, providing immediate results. After Effects users can edit and format text from imported Photoshop files and can animate characters, ranges of characters, words or lines, independently within a single text layer. The advanced text engine allows designers to control the animation of text in new ways, resulting in even more audience-grabbing title sequences.

Performance optimizations including support for OpenGL, a cross-platform standard for accelerating rendering of 2D and 3D graphics, dramatically improve the speed and interactivity of on-screen rendering in After Effects 6.0. In addition to improved multiprocessor support and rendering optimizations, After Effects 6.0 Professional edition provides an extremely fast and accurate motion tracker. New vector paint tools, based on Adobe Photoshop technology, allow professionals to enhance projects by painting on any layer, retouching footage and creating mattes. The Clone Stamp tool allows After Effects users to clone across a sequence of frames over time. After Effects 6.0 Professional edition also includes Keylight, a keying technology from The Foundry.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 comes in two editions, Professional and Standard. After Effects Professional edition is designed for demanding production environments. It combines 2D and 3D compositing, animation and effects tools from the Standard edition with advanced features including: motion tracking and stabilization controls; additional keying tools; over 30 additional effects; and render automation using scripting and 16-bit per channel color support. The After Effects Professional edition also includes several third party plug-ins, including 3D Assistants Lite from Digital Anarchy and Zaxwerks Invigorator Classic. For businesses that don't require these additional features, a Standard edition with the core set of motion graphics and visual effects tools is also available.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 includes tighter integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop and is offered as a standalone application or as part of the new Adobe Video Collection announced recently.

Adobe After Effects for Mac OS X 10.2.6, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. After Effects 6.0 will be available for a price of $699 for the Standard edition and a price of $999 for the Professional Edition.

Adobe Audition

Adobe will also unveil its Audition software, a complete multi-track recording studio for Windows-based PCs. Previously named Cool Edit Pro 2.1, this product was acquired from Syntrillium Software in May 2003 to address the demanding needs of audio and video professionals in studios, broadcast facilities and post-production houses. Delivering advanced audio mixing, editing, mastering and effects processing capabilities, Adobe Audition is a professional-level audio tool that allows users to edit individual audio files, create loops, import more than 45 DSP effects, and mix up to 128 tracks.Adobe Audition provides a fully-integrated audio editing and mixing solution for music, video, radio, and sound design professionals with integrated multitrack and edit views, real-time effects, looping support, analysis tools, restoration features, and video support. Users benefit from real-time audio effects that allow them to hear changes and track EQ instantaneously. Flexible looping tools and thousands of high-quality royalty-free music loops are included to assist in soundtrack and music creation. The newest addition to Adobe's cast of Digital Video products; Adobe Audition is available as a standalone product or in the new Adobe Video Collection.

The intuitive, customizable interface allows users to dock and resize windows to create an efficient audio workspace. An organizer window uses tabs to track open files, effects and favorites. Batch processing tools streamline everyday tasks, such as matching the overall loudness of multiple files or converting them to a standard file format.

Adobe Audition provides quality audio for video projects by allowing users to edit, mix and add effects to AVI soundtracks while watching movie playback. Providing extensive support for industry-standard audio file formats including WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP3PRO and WMA, Adobe Audition can also handle files with bit depths of up to 32-bit and sample rates in excess of 192kHz. This enables export to tape, CD, DVD or DVD-audio, with the highest-quality sound.

Adobe Audition for Windows 98, 2000 and XP is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. Adobe Audition will be available for a price of $299.

Premiere Pro

Adobe is also introducing a new version of its Premiere professional video editing tool. Adobe Premiere Pro has been redesigned with powerful, productivity-enhancing features and advanced professional tools including sophisticated color correction, powerful new audio controls and multiple, nested timelines. Optimized for multiple processors and hyper-threading, Adobe Premiere Pro also takes advantage of the speed delivered by the latest generation of Intel Pentium-based systems running Windows XP to provide a render-free editing experience.

With advancements in virtually every area of the product workflow, Adobe Premiere Pro allows professionals to render less and edit more. Premiere editors can customize keyboard shortcuts and workspaces, creating a familiar work environment. Professional features, such as 3-point color correction, YUV video processing, and a powerful audio mixer with 5.1 surround sound mixing and AC3 export, round out the enhancements.

Integrating extensive hardware support and resolution independence, Adobe Premiere Pro supports high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) footage. Users can import and export a wide variety of video and audio formats including MPEG2, AVI, WAV and AIFF files. In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro files can be exported in AAF (Advanced Authoring Format), an industry open interchange format, for finishing work in other professional products.

As part of Adobe's Digital Video product family, Adobe Premiere Pro provides integration with the products featured in the Adobe Video Collection, including Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects software. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects 6.0 work together to share data, making it easier than ever to work between the two applications. Users can export Adobe Premiere Pro projects as MPEG2 or AVI files with chapter markers, which will be converted into chapter points by Adobe Encore DVD. Photoshop users can also benefit by importing layered PSD files into Adobe Premiere Pro as flattened clips, or as timelines with each layer on a separate track. These integrated features help to create a flexible workflow, saving production time and increasing efficiency.

Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows XP is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. Adobe Premiere Pro will be available for a price of $699.


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