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Debbie Galante Block is a freelance writer based in Mahopac, New York.

Articles By Debbie Galante Block
Despite CES hoopla, are replicators and consumers ready for Blu-Ray and HD DVD?
Posted 24 Jan 2006 By
Debbie Galante Block | If you’re an independent replicator and you don’t know about AIMMA and the Colonial Purchasing Co-op, you should. Read on to find out more.
Posted 29 Nov 2005 By
Debbie Galante Block | For years I've echoed the words of Video Transfer’s Karl Renwanz, “There will always be physical media as long as there is Christmas.” But this year, is there reason to doubt it?
Posted 01 Nov 2005 By
Debbie Galante Block | One thing that’s really surprised me recently is how many complaints I’ve heard about disc quality. Here’s a look at the key contributing factors, one by one.
Posted 04 Oct 2005 By
Debbie Galante Block | The High Definition Authoring Alliance announced by Sonic last week could be exactly what's needed to get both HD-DVD and Blu-ray off the ground.
Posted 19 Jul 2005 By
Debbie Galante Block | Despite some playback compatibility issues, DualDisc is just what the music and replication industries need
Posted 24 May 2005 By
Posted 27 Oct 2004 / November 2004 By
If you've ever prayed for live CD duplication—say, to leave a concert with a CD of the show in your hands—your prayers have been answered. And it's only fitting, perhaps, that the first answer came from the church market selling take-home sermons, with the trickle-down hitting the jam band concert scene next. Live event duplication is the latest craze in CD production, and the technology is ready, prponents say, for live event DVD possibilities...and maybe it will.
Posted 27 Oct 2004 / November 2004 By
DDD Group plc of Santa Monica, California has launched a 3D conversion solution capable of playing conventional DVD discs in 3D on the latest “glasses free” 3D displays.
Posted 04 Aug 2004 / August 2004 By
If you attended the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management (DAM) Symposium in New York in March in the hopes of getting a handle on emerging trends in the field, you were out of luck. What was clear, however, was that the battle between single-system proponents and advocates of a multi-system approach is going strong, with neither approach having gained a strong foothold.
Posted 25 Apr 2004 / May 2004 By
For the first time in ages, it appears that all of the record labels might be playing on the same court, no pun intended. The Big Five of the recording industry released DualDisc titles in test markets in early February. But was it their product to release? Dieter Dierks, CEO and founder of Germany-based DVD Plus International, says no.
Posted 12 Apr 2004 / April 2004 By
Replicators are looking for opportunities. Content providers are looking for security. Digital printing marries the two.
Posted 12 Apr 2004 / April 2004 By
Project management and communication tool for filmmakers
Posted 27 Feb 2004 By
by Debbie Galante Block
Posted 27 Feb 2004 / April 2004 By
More consolidation in the replication scene.
Posted 02 Jan 2004 / January 2004 By
The makers of DVD X Copy software are offering a $20 DVD burner as they continue to fight the courts and U.S. Copyright Office, which say the product violates the DMCA.
Posted 05 Dec 2003 / January 2004 By
Posted 01 Dec 2003 / December 2003 By
Dual-layer DVD+R debuts at CEATEC, raising questions of compatibility, rate of implementation, drive and media cost, and impact on DVD authoring.
Posted 23 Nov 2003 / December 2003 By
Posted 28 Oct 2003 / November 2003 By
Posted 23 Oct 2003 / November 2003 By
Posted 19 Aug 2003 / August 2003 By
Posted 12 Aug 2003 / December 2002 By
Posted 08 Aug 2003 / August 2002 By
Posted 08 Aug 2003 / July 2002 By
Posted 08 Aug 2003 / July 2002 By
Posted 01 Apr 2002 / April 2002 By
As more and more videographers extend their reach to corporate and stage-event clientele, they meet a growing demand for DVD duplication in quantities that run well beyond the half-dozen-or-fewer discs produced for a typical wedding or bar mitzvah client. Which leaves them in a quandary: do I invest money and time in purchasing, mastering, and maintaining duplication equipment and do the jobs in-house, or do I outsource the work to a local service bureau and stick to what I know best?
Posted 01 Feb 2004 / February 2004 By
Posted 01 Mar 2003 / March 2003 By
Posted 01 Mar 2003 / March 2003 By
Posted 01 Jun 2003 / June 2003 By
Posted 01 Apr 2003 / April 2003 By
Posted 01 Oct 2002 / October 2002 By
For many intellectual property owners, the perceived potential for piracy and loss in Web- and disc-based content distribution dramatically outweighs the profit. Much of that may change as copy protection schemes grow more sophisticated, and content owners learn how to make the Web work for them. But what options are available now for keeping content safe?
Posted 01 Oct 2002 / October 2002 By
Posted 01 Feb 2003 / February 2003 By
Posted 01 Jan 2003 / January 2003 By
With CD pricing at its lowest point, and DVD pricing dropping fast, there’s a law of diminishing returns at work in replicators’ traditional revenue streams. These days, it’s range of services that makes an impression—and warehousing and distribution that seal the deal.
Posted 01 Feb 2002 / February 2002 By
Posted 01 Feb 2001 / February 2001 By
Posted 01 Jan 2001 / January 2001 By
Posted 01 Apr 2001 / April 2001 By
Posted 01 Apr 2001 / April 2001 By
Posted 01 Jun 2002 / June 2002 By
Posted 01 May 2002 / May 2002 By
Posted 01 Jan 2001 / January 2001 By
Posted 01 Jun 2002 / June 2002 By


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