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CATEGORY: Blu-ray Disc (BD)
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Unique recording layers, state-of-the-art manufacturing produce ultra-stable recording/playback and consistently high performance
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Jun 2006
Authored by longtime EMedia contributing editor and industry expert Hugh Bennett
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Jun 2006
Working directly with hi-def player manufacturers and content producers to test both hi-def players and discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2006
Column/Case Study - Posted 06 Jun 2006 By
Plan launch of lineups under their respective brand names to coincide with the start-up of the market
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Jun 2006
Macrovision ACP Solution to Facilitate Industry and Consumer Adoption of High Definition DVD Content
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2006
Part of Deluxe Digital Studios' overall expansion into Europe
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2006
Robust Blu-ray Disc solution enables high-definition playback, recording, and burning on notebook and desktop PCs
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Jun 2006
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Jun 2006 By
Stephen F. Nathans | Even as DVD cedes most of its press attention to the perceived format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD, DVD technology remains very much in its heyday at all levels of the market.
News/News Feature - Posted 24 May 2006 By
TDK Blu-ray Disc Media with DURABIS Hard Coating Technology bundled with Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc Writer
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 May 2006 By
MEDIA-TECH Expo to run May 30-June 01 in Frankfurt, Germany
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 May 2006
Geoff Daily | While the transition to dual-layer has done little to spark demand for duplicators, manufacturers expect next-generation blue laser media to help recapture some of that excitement from a few years ago and drive new business based on upgrades to the larger-capacity formats.
News/News Feature - Posted 24 May 2006 By
New laptop features the ability to record high-definition camcorder content to Blu-ray Discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 May 2006
25GB write-once (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) blank discs set to ship
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 May 2006
Sonic’s Roxio Software Bundled with Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc Writer
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 May 2006
Three Blu-ray replication lines functioning with a capacity of 25,000 single-layer 25GB Blu-ray Discs per day, for a total of 750,000 Blu-ray Discs per month
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2006
25GB single layer Blu-ray Disc shipping now, dual-layer 50GB discs set to debut in June
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2006
Inkjet-printable Blu-ray Disc media is optimized for Primera’s line of BD-R Disc publishing and duplication products
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Apr 2006
BDR-101A with single-layer (25GB) BD-R and BD-RE support now available for $995
Column/Case Study - Posted 25 Apr 2006
Rimage also announces Blu-ray publishing solution
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Apr 2006
Sonic’s HDAA-AG to help ensure seamless introduction of high-definition formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Apr 2006
Unveils GX-1 small-footprint CD/DVD publishing system, Blu-ray CopyWriter duplicator, 2X Blu-ray media
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Apr 2006
Exclusive material formulations and manufacturing processes designed to deliver bit-perfect recording and playback
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Apr 2006
Release date moved back from May 23 to June 25
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Apr 2006
Promises sub-$1,500 pricing, 5 million players in channel in the first year
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Mar 2006
Debuts BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc player, VAIO RC desktop computer, aftermarket BD recorder, and AccuCORE BD media
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Mar 2006
Comprehensive BD playback and recording software available for OEM qualification
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Mar 2006
AVS Disc Creator 2.1 released
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Mar 2006
Hugh Bennett | Will Blu-ray Disc (BD) recorders, drives, and players read and write all types of CDs and DVDs? Will they clear the fog of application formats and content protection measures?
News/News Feature - Posted 07 Feb 2006 By
Despite CES hoopla, are replicators and consumers ready for Blu-Ray and HD DVD?
News/News Feature - Posted 24 Jan 2006 By
Disc drives store up to 25GB on a single layer
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2006
Jeff Sauer | CES 2006 offered another glimpse at the future of optical media, this time the high definition-capable replacement for DVD. But that future doesn't look very bright at all.
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2006 By
Hugh Bennett | The recent flurry of press releases from CES demonstrates once again that manufacturers and content publishers have yet to clearly and consistently articulate BD device compatibility with CDs and DVDs.
News/News Feature - Posted 10 Jan 2006 By
Titles authored with Sonic Scenarist HD DVD Edition and Scenarist Blu-ray Edition showcased at CES
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Jan 2006
Deliver high-definition video quality and enhanced interactivity without the complexity
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Verbatim initial products will include 25GB single layer media in both write-once (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Company continues study of future holographic technologies
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Drive will store up to 25 gigabytes of information on a single layer Blu-ray Disc, expected to begin shipping in Q1 2006
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Jan 2006
Hugh Bennett | The Blu-ray camp's latest scheme for establishing supremacy in the next-generation optical disc game--adding more layers to existing disc designs--will leave users, manufacturers, and content providers drowning in a sea of player-disc incompatibility.
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Dec 2005 By
New Research and Markets report, The Changing Face of Studio Video Sales: Grow New Markets, Push High Definition, Get Interactive
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2005
New player utilizes Sigma's SMP8630 family of media processors
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2005
Company will deliver both formats with scratch-resistant protective coating
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2005
Hugh Bennett | Does Blu-ray's capacity advantage over HD DVD really matter? When it comes to employing blue-laser discs in next-generation high-definition (HD) camcorders, it certainly does.
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Oct 2005 By
Hugh Bennett | How long will it take to record a BD disc? How much will its writing speeds increase in the future? How quickly will it get there? Will the industry to avoid past problems and intelligently ramp up to these speeds?
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Sep 2005 By
Features Durabis Pro coating for Sony Professional Disc System
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
Brings total members to more than 140
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
Debbie Galante Block | The High Definition Authoring Alliance announced by Sonic last week could be exactly what's needed to get both HD-DVD and Blu-ray off the ground.
News/News Feature - Posted 19 Jul 2005 By
Preferred by Consumers 4-to-1 Over HD-DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Jul 2005
New effort to jump start HD title development for HD DVD and Blu-ray disc formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Jul 2005
Alolws authors to enhance standard DVD titles with interactive features for next-generation high-definition (HD) disc formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2005
Prototype doubles current Blu-ray storage capacity by adding two 25GB layers
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jun 2005
With some technologies, protracted delays can turn out to be good news. Case in point: Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
News/News Feature - Posted 10 Jun 2005 By
Hugh Bennett | Using MPEG-4 AVC or VC-1 compression (both required by BD and HD DVD specifications) and makes current writable DVDs practical vehicles for many HD tasks. But BD and HD DVD drives need to play writable DVD discs to reap their benefits.
News/News Feature - Posted 07 Jun 2005 By
New HD-DVD and Blu-ray products
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2005
David Doering | Just when we have a viable archive media suitable for video content in blue laser, we get four competing recordable standards—two from the same vendor!
News/News Feature - Posted 17 May 2005 By
New replication system for third-generation Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2005
Panasonic to open full-scale production facility for Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2005
Solution can record data and video onto Blu-ray media
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Apr 2005
Solution provides video playback and navigation
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Apr 2005
Authoring system enables title production for Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Apr 2005
Record Now and CinePlayer showcase new BD format
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
New QuickTime software will feature H.264 AVC
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Mar 2005
Toho and Toei Video are latest to join association
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2005
First Optical Disc Recorder Able to Record and Playback Blu-ray, DVD, and CD Formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jan 2005
Also plans to support HD-DVD and DualDisc
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jan 2005
All signs point to a hi-def future as long as we're still delivering content on shiny discs, we'll need a DVD-or worthy successor-that can handle hi-def content. Two blue laser-based formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, suggest different, equally likely roads to the same destination. Both have powerful backing, with NEC, Sanyo, and Toshiba on the HD-DVD side and Sony, Philips, and Pioneer on the Blu-ray side. Many questions remain: How do the formats differ? Which one will win out? And who will decide?
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - December 2004 By
DVD Forum selects Dolby as mandatory audio format for HD DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Sep 2004


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