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Anthony Burokas | What is the final hurdle for HD production of special events? Is it the cameras? Editing tools? authoring tools? Or delivery medium? We'll go through each of these and find out the real hurdle that event video producers must overcome to move to HD this year.
News/News Feature - Posted 27 Jan 2006 By
Glass Houses: CES 2006 and the Push for HD on Disc
Despite CES hoopla, are replicators and consumers ready for Blu-Ray and HD DVD?
News/News Feature - Posted 24 Jan 2006 By
Samsung Completes Blu-ray Disc Drive Development
Disc drives store up to 25GB on a single layer
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2006
Column/The Editor's Spin - Posted 23 Jan 2006 By
New Adobe OpenHD-certified systems based on Adobe Production Studio deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions for HDV, SD, and HD workflows
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Jan 2006
AJA and Adobe to provide certified OpenHD solutions through Adobe OpenHD Alliance
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Jan 2006
The Moving Picture | CES: Pain and Suffering in Las Vegas
Jeff Sauer | CES 2006 offered another glimpse at the future of optical media, this time the high definition-capable replacement for DVD. But that future doesn't look very bright at all.
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2006 By
Premiere 2.0, After Effects 7.0, Dynamic Link, Clip Notes highlight new Adobe suite
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Jan 2006 By
Major upgrade features new versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand and introduces iWeb
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2006
Anthony Burokas | MacWorld Expo 2005 brings the first Intel-based computers from Apple, plus new applications and promises of doubled processing speeds. Anthony Burokas takes a closer look at the Macworld announcements and what they mean to event videographers.
News/News Feature - Posted 14 Jan 2006 By
The DVD Writer: Blu-ray Disc and the Meaning of Backwards Compatibility
Hugh Bennett | The recent flurry of press releases from CES demonstrates once again that manufacturers and content publishers have yet to clearly and consistently articulate BD device compatibility with CDs and DVDs.
News/News Feature - Posted 10 Jan 2006 By
Technicolor Chooses Sonic Authoring Solutions to Power World’s First Advanced Interactive Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Titles
Titles authored with Sonic Scenarist HD DVD Edition and Scenarist Blu-ray Edition showcased at CES
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Jan 2006
InterVideo and Ulead Demonstrate Blu-ray Authoring, Burning, Navigation and Playback Solutions at CES
Deliver high-definition video quality and enhanced interactivity without the complexity
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Fujifilm Blu-ray, HD DVD Media Available Summer 2006
Company continues study of future holographic technologies
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Verbatim/MKM Readies Production of Blu-ray Recordable/Rewriteable Media for Early 2006 Launch
Verbatim initial products will include 25GB single layer media in both write-once (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2006
Pioneer Launches BDR-101A PC-Based Blu-ray Recorder
Drive will store up to 25 gigabytes of information on a single layer Blu-ray Disc, expected to begin shipping in Q1 2006
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Jan 2006
As the newest camcorders make their way onto the popular HDV stage, they are supported by a growing cast of accessories--among them, cool new super-telephoto lenses, night vision image enhancers, and 35mm film lens adaptors for HDV camcorders.
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Jan 2006 By
Anthony Burokas | With all the small HD camcorders introduced over the last few months, Government Video Expo in Washington, D.C., provided an opportunity to get my hands on several of them.
News/News Feature - Posted 22 Dec 2005 By
The DVD Writer: Socrates, Pascal, and Multilayer Blu-ray Discs
Hugh Bennett | The Blu-ray camp's latest scheme for establishing supremacy in the next-generation optical disc game--adding more layers to existing disc designs--will leave users, manufacturers, and content providers drowning in a sea of player-disc incompatibility.
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Dec 2005 By
HP to Support HD-DVD High-definition DVD Format and Join HD-DVD Promotions Group
Company to maintain neutrality in disc format debate
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Dec 2005
Sigma Designs to Work on Full-Featured Blu-ray Player with Pioneer
New player utilizes Sigma's SMP8630 family of media processors
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2005
DVD Disc Sales Value Slows, But New Technologies Will Spur International Growth, Report Says
New Research and Markets report, The Changing Face of Studio Video Sales: Grow New Markets, Push High Definition, Get Interactive
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2005
Offers HD And SD recording, From DVCPRO HD To DV, and variable frame rates for creating slow- and fast-motion effects
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Dec 2005
FireStore FS-100 Supports Panasonic’s DVCPRO HD Format, Records Streams Up to 100Mbps Directly from HVX-200 Camera
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Dec 2005
Doug Graham | Why on earth would an event videographer spend three days at a convention aimed at video production and distribution for government agencies? Read on...
Editorial/Feature - Posted 06 Dec 2005 By
Intends to launch public tender offer to acquire remaining shares
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Dec 2005
For many of us—early adopters or not—2005 was the Year of HDV. But there was much more to 2005 than HDV. We saw scads of significant products released that had nothing to do with HDV and of course, event and corporate videographers the world over continuing to do dazzling, innovative, and effective everyday work with or without HDV. To provide readers with a highly subjective “Year in Review” report, we asked EventDV’s many esteemed and opinionated columnists and contributing editors to reflect on the new products they saw in 2005 and tell us what struck them as the most exciting, and the biggest boon to their own work.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2005
Lee Rickwood | In this first installment of a two-part report, we'll reach into a mixed bag of DV gadgets and accessories that have been updated for the latest HDV models as well. In Part Two, we'll look through the new lenses and filters available specifically for HDV camcorders.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2005 By
Jan Ozer | In designing MediaStudio 8, Ulead obviously decided to pick their markets, not directly facing off against the 800-pound gorillas, but carving out unique pockets of utility, like proxy editing for those editing HDV on underpowered computers and the Smart Compositor for those needing some design assistance. Overall, the product is competent to above-average in most important features, and its friendly interface should be easy for editors navigating upwards from consumer programs, especially compared to the cryptic Pinnacle Liquid Edition and Avid Xpress DV.
Editorial/Product Review - Posted 01 Dec 2005 By
12 Columnists and Contributing Editors choose 17 essential products for videographers released in 2005
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Nov 2005
Anthony Burokas | There are some who have jumped from DV to HDV for event video. Having made the transition to HDV myself, I’ll tell you about the view from over here.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 14 Nov 2005 By
Imation Readies HD DVD and Blu-ray Optical Media Formats
Company will deliver both formats with scratch-resistant protective coating
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2005
Company re-brands products from Pinnacle acquisition; introduces new version of flagship all-in-one video solution
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Nov 2005
InterVideo and Ulead Enhance HD DVD Playback and Authoring Products With DTS-HD Audio Support
Provides up to 7.1 channel lossless sound
News/Breaking News - Posted 31 Oct 2005
The DVD Writer: HD Camcorders--Writable Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD
Hugh Bennett | Does Blu-ray's capacity advantage over HD DVD really matter? When it comes to employing blue-laser discs in next-generation high-definition (HD) camcorders, it certainly does.
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Oct 2005 By
New FireStore FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD DTE recorders optimize HD and DV video production for field videographers
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2005
Anthony Burokas | Now that we have a genuinely reshaped HDV landscape, with most of the major manufacturers accounted for, here’s an updated look at the various HDV—and accessibly priced “true” HD--camcorder options that are currently available.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 03 Oct 2005 By
Major upgrade to Editor's Choice-winning media suite features new music capabilities, media sharing, HDV support, and more
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Oct 2005
AudioDev unveils HD DVD analyzer
Pre-release version of the CATS HD DVD analyzer to be on display at Mediatech in Frankfurt
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Sep 2005
Offers high-definition video support, enables "precise and easy" frame-level editing
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Sep 2005
Optional software provides extensive remote control of camera features, settings, and recording functions to tape or hard drive
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Sep 2005
Microsoft and Intel Back HD DVD as Next-Generation High-Definition DVD Format of Choice
Companies cite key criteria for consumer and industry success, join HD DVD Promotion Group
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Sep 2005
Anthony Burokas | Before you buy into HD--and HDV--do the math, and consider the resolution that "hi-def" image is really delivering.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 23 Sep 2005 By
New version of prosumer NLE offers extensive HDV support, a streamlined workflow, and new Smart Compositor
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Sep 2005
Hugh Bennett | How long will it take to record a BD disc? How much will its writing speeds increase in the future? How quickly will it get there? Will the industry to avoid past problems and intelligently ramp up to these speeds?
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Sep 2005 By
New 3CCD camcorder features native 16:9 HD 1080i, adjustable frame Rates of 60i, 30F, and 24F
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Sep 2005
Jan Ozer | In August we kicked off a four-part series comparing five leading NLEs--Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, and Sony Vegas--based on key aspects of their performance in pro postproduction. Here we explore how they fare when editing what's arguably the hottest technology in videography today: HDV.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 15 Sep 2005 By
Jan Ozer | If your projects vary in terms of artistic and design complexity, you may find it worth investing in additional tools to improve efficiency and quality. Here are the programs that I use, and why--and when--I use them.
News/News Feature - Posted 13 Sep 2005
Adds native HDV editing and workflow support in its PC-based Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer Adrenaline products
News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Sep 2005 By
TDK Shipping Blue Laser Professional Discs
Features Durabis Pro coating for Sony Professional Disc System
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
Universal Music Group Joins Blu-ray Disc Association
Brings total members to more than 140
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Aug 2005
Version 9.1 of VelocityHD and VelocityQ offers direct real-time playback of DVCPRO50 files from Panasonic's P2 series
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Aug 2005
Capture, manage, convert HDV media with GearShift
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2005
Avid Xpress Studio HD is far more expensive than the competition. That will and should dissuade some potential users, as will the somewhat steeper learning curve for most of the tools compared to Apple, Adobe, or Ulead. But consider what you’re getting: three industry-standard, time-proven editing interfaces in Xpress Pro, Pro Tools LE, and Avid 3D, and solid DVD authoring technology from Sonic in Avid DVD, that are continuing to evolve and grab features from their high-end siblings.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 08 Aug 2005 By
We’ve already reviewed the FX1 and found it to be a darling of a camcorder, as has the most of the rest of the world. Since you can expect the same audio/video quality from the Z1U, the $1,400 price disparity raises the inevitable question: when should you spend the extra dough and buy the professional version? In addition to producing outstanding quality in both DV and HDV modes, key advantages of the Z1U include DVCAM support, professional audio support, and new image adjustment capabilities like skin detail, black stretch, hypergain, and enhanced color correction.
Editorial/Product Review - Posted 04 Aug 2005 By
Jeff Sauer | To avoid the return of open-system horror stories, several open-system partners led by Adobe have introduced OpenHD Certification, a joint effort to offer pre-tested configurations of HD-capable editing workstations.
News/News Feature - Posted 02 Aug 2005 By
Jan Ozer | While the theory of panning and zooming within HDV video holds reasonably true in practice, that doesn’t mean it’s actually practical.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 29 Jul 2005 By
Glass Houses: Let's Work Together
Debbie Galante Block | The High Definition Authoring Alliance announced by Sonic last week could be exactly what's needed to get both HD-DVD and Blu-ray off the ground.
News/News Feature - Posted 19 Jul 2005 By
Blu-ray Disc Leads in Early Format Match-up, According to Survey
Preferred by Consumers 4-to-1 Over HD-DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Jul 2005
Lee Rickwood | A recent performance art event at the Art Gallery of Ontario, captured by eight video cameras, has given the phrase "video shoot" a whole new meaning.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 13 Jul 2005 By
25 Media Creation Companies Join Forces with Sonic Solutions to Form High-Definition Authoring Alliance (HDAA)
New effort to jump start HD title development for HD DVD and Blu-ray disc formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Jul 2005
Should you run out and buy a load of HDV equipment, or sit tight and wait a while? The decision you make will depend on several factors, many of them specific to your business, its clients, and its competitors. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 08 Jul 2005 By
Digigami Ships MPressionist HDTV 3.0: Testing and Analysis for HDV, ATSC HDTV, DVB and HD-DVD MPEG-2 Video
Combines bitstream syntax analysis, bitstream standards conformance, encoder performance feedback, statistical bitrate/compression diagnostics and comparative picture analysis tools
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Jun 2005
Sonic Brings Next Generation HD Interactivity to DVD with the Release of eDVD 4
Alolws authors to enhance standard DVD titles with interactive features for next-generation high-definition (HD) disc formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jun 2005
Glass Houses: Is There a Future for Holographic Discs?
Debbie Galante Block | The more new physical media formats we have, the more the world will need physical media manufacturers, but are new formats aimed at keeping physical media alive, or are they actually shooting the industry in the foot?
News/News Feature - Posted 21 Jun 2005
Digigami Ships Statistical and Comparative Picture Quality Analysis Software for Standard and HD-DVD
Mpressionist.X Pro HD 3 gives users “reliable and scientific approach to DVD picture quality”
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jun 2005
HDV add-on enables current users to acquire HDV footage natively
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Jun 2005
Jeff Sauer | The two new bundles from Avid and Apple are non-linear editing collections that include an NLE interface (Avid Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro), as well as audio editing software, DVD authoring software, and other creation tools--Avid FX and Avid 3D in Avid Xpress Studio and Apple’s Motion 2 motion graphics application in Final Cut Studio.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 14 Jun 2005 By
TDK Announces 100GB Blue Laser Disc Technology
Prototype doubles current Blu-ray storage capacity by adding two 25GB layers
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jun 2005
Blu-ray and HD-DVD: Compromising Positions?
With some technologies, protracted delays can turn out to be good news. Case in point: Blu-ray and HD-DVD.
News/News Feature - Posted 10 Jun 2005 By
The DVD Writer: Writable DVDs for Blu-ray and HD DVD Video
Hugh Bennett | Using MPEG-4 AVC or VC-1 compression (both required by BD and HD DVD specifications) and makes current writable DVDs practical vehicles for many HD tasks. But BD and HD DVD drives need to play writable DVD discs to reap their benefits.
News/News Feature - Posted 07 Jun 2005 By
Programs extract 24 fps progressive sequences from Sony CineFrame modes
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Jun 2005
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen | Bundled with Soundtrack and LiveType, Final Cut Express HD ($299) is a significantly better value now than its predecessors, and not just for the HD capability. But if it’s HD you want, at an attractive price point, you won’t be disappointed.
Editorial/Product Review - Posted 06 Jun 2005 By
InterVideo and Ulead Unveil Next-generation DVD Technologies at Computex 2005
New HD-DVD and Blu-ray products
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2005
Ulead Gains Toshiba Endorsement for HD DVD Technology
Recognized as first vendor to develop HD DVD Standard and Advanced Content
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2005
Flip4Mac MXF Import Component converts XDCAM files to native MPEG IMX for editing
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2005
Flip4Mac MXF Import Component converts XDCAM files to native MPEG IMX for editing
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jun 2005
Package now offers broader range of tools that deliver HD support, real-time multicam editing, DVD authoring, and dual-platform compatibility
News/Breaking News - Posted 31 May 2005
1.5lb. HDR-HC1 features 1080i HDV
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 May 2005
Transforms Sony’s HDC-F950 4:4:4 HD camera into a compact, lightweight system
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 May 2005
The Network Observer: Kinds of Blue
David Doering | Just when we have a viable archive media suitable for video content in blue laser, we get four competing recordable standards—two from the same vendor!
News/News Feature - Posted 17 May 2005 By
New model features first professional HD application of Sony's CMOS-based Enhanced Imaging Processor Technology
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 May 2005
Company to give away free Avid Xpress Studio HD Complete system
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2005
Toshiba Unveils 45GB HD DVD-ROM Disc and Double-Sided Hybrid Disc
Disc helps transition from DVD to HD DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2005
Singulus Technologies Announces the Blu-Line
New replication system for third-generation Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2005
New version includes time stretching capabilities
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2005
Panasonic to open full-scale production facility for Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2005
New recorder can hold 40 hours of digital video
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 May 2005
HDV: What You Need to Know (VASST/Sundance, $24.99) will get you up to speed on the new format, and—at least for the time being—provide a timely overview of what’s on the market today.
News/News Feature - Posted 02 May 2005 By
Nero Showcases Blu-ray Disc Burning with Nero 6.6 and Video Playback with Nero ShowTime
Solution can record data and video onto Blu-ray media
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Apr 2005
CyberLink Previews Blu-ray Disc Rewritable Format
Solution provides video playback and navigation
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Apr 2005
HD-Series AVC Encoder supports Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Apr 2005
Major upgrades to Final Cut Pro, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Apr 2005
New Avid Xpress Studio HD and Avid Xpress Pro HD PowerPack provide integrated content creation tools
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Apr 2005
Sonic Introduces Blu-ray Creator
Authoring system enables title production for Blu-ray discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Apr 2005
Sonic Debuts Scenarist HD
HD-DVD authoring system enables studios to begin HD title development
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Apr 2005
Editorial/Product Review - Posted 18 Apr 2005 By
Full-step Vegas upgrade includes native HDV support, nested projects; DVD Architect 3 also available with DVD+R DL support and Smart Rendering
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Apr 2005 By
New HD world yields Final Cut Studio, Xpress Studio HD, new Panasonic camcorder with eye-popping price
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Apr 2005 By
HD and sw to run Apple's new operating system and QuickTime 7
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Apr 2005
New components allow Mac users to utilize QuickTime and Windows Media
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Apr 2005
Update includes new format-support modules
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Apr 2005
Encoding solution supports Canopus DV and MPEG-2 codecs
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Apr 2005
Thomas Bartlett | One forthcoming indie film that's giving big-budget Hollywood a run for its money in the hi-def domain is Dust to Glory, a new action-packed documentary from the makers of Step into Liquid that was post-produced with some very familiar equipment.
News/News Feature - Posted 08 Apr 2005 By
Encoding board will provide real-time HD encoding for post production/DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Apr 2005
New Direct To Edit disk recorder for DV camcorders with support for Avid and Pinnacle
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Apr 2005
ADI's video filters simplify video signal conditioning design challenges
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Apr 2005
U320S and U320RX storage arrays now sold with VelocityHD turnkey editing systems
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Apr 2005
Solutions offer a variety of storage features
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Apr 2005
New 3-chip model with 4-channel audio and "true" 24p
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Apr 2005 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Apr 2005 By
New video edition features an HD video breakout box
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Apr 2005
Sonic Debuts Blu-ray Disc Burning and Playback Software at CeBIT 2005
Record Now and CinePlayer showcase new BD format
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
10-Bit uncompressed HD and SD editing system adds new codec
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
Storage system provides realtime editing for HD and SD
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
Includes deck and device support for Sony HDV cameras and decks
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
Site will help professionals with transition from SD to HDV
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2005
Featuring Direct To Edit Technology, FireStore FS-4 HD maintains an HD signal from acquisition and editing to distribution and broadcast
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Mar 2005
Blu-ray Disc Association Welcomes Apple to Its Board of Directors
New QuickTime software will feature H.264 AVC
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Mar 2005
Adobe Premiere Pro HDV plug-in extends HD editing features
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Mar 2005
HD Radio to be available in August
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Mar 2005
Provides broadcasters with a "cost-effective, real-time" HD graphics solution
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Mar 2005
New software update promises real-time HDV editing and support for latest HDV cameras from Sony and JVC
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Mar 2005
Software comes with HD support and integrated DVD authoring
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2005
Software integrates 18 After Effects plug-ins
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2005
Blu-ray Disc Association Surpasses 100th Member Milestone
Toho and Toei Video are latest to join association
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2005
Jan Ozer|After testing Sony's HDR-FX1, I’m an HDV believer. It’s not the second coming of DV, but it can be extremely useful in a number of circumstances, including when you need to down-sample the results to SD formats.
News/News Feature - Posted 15 Feb 2005 By
Processor features Windows Media Video 9 HD support
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Feb 2005
Leitch Technology Corporation announced a special limited-time offer for editors to upgrade to the VelocityHD non-linear editing system.
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Feb 2005
Zoran HD Display Processor Used in Samsung Blu-ray Disc recorder
First Optical Disc Recorder Able to Record and Playback Blu-ray, DVD, and CD Formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jan 2005
Inlet Fathom featured in Microsoft showcase of WMV HD solutions
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jan 2005
Many CES 2005 exhibitors used Nero Digital to encode HD Video on HD-DVD devices
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Jan 2005
Among other MIPS affiliates, Digital 5, GoVideo, and Sony showcase new developments
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jan 2005
Sonopress Joins Blu-ray Disc Association
Also plans to support HD-DVD and DualDisc
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jan 2005
Mobility Radeon X700 introduces new options for thin-and-light notebook users
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jan 2005
Anthony Burokas|You can shoot and edit HD today. But how can you deliver it?
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Jan 2005 By
Jeff Sauer|When the digital video industry was born roughly a decade and a half ago, it was really more like the birth of twins--fraternal twins, to be sure.
News/News Feature - Posted 17 Jan 2005 By
Includes AAC Plus audio and compatibility with Flip4Mac Windows Media encoding on the Macintosh
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2005
New 1080i DVCPRO HD camcorder
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2005
Support in future versions of Toast Titanium to allow anamorphic DVD creation
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2005
Adds support for Sony HDR-FX 1
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2005
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen|The Apple CEO announces new HD-compatible versions of Final Cut Express and iMovie at a Macworld that is otherwise light on video-related product announcements.
News/News Feature - Posted 11 Jan 2005 By
In December 2004, Sony announced the first HDV camcorder both positioned as a pro product and fully equipped with the capabilities pro shooters expect.
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Jan 2005 By
NEC Showcases New DVD Recorder, Monitors, and HD-DVD Drives at CES 2005
NEC unveils extensive portfolio of consumer offerings and demos "first three-generation" HD-DVD drive
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Dec 2004
10-Bit editing system enables mixing of HD and SD formats
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Dec 2004
Shipping at new price of $499
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Dec 2004
HD Plug-in 2.0 natively captures, edits, and writes to HDV 1080i
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Dec 2004
Blue Highways
All signs point to a hi-def future as long as we're still delivering content on shiny discs, we'll need a DVD-or worthy successor-that can handle hi-def content. Two blue laser-based formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, suggest different, equally likely roads to the same destination. Both have powerful backing, with NEC, Sanyo, and Toshiba on the HD-DVD side and Sony, Philips, and Pioneer on the Blu-ray side. Many questions remain: How do the formats differ? Which one will win out? And who will decide?
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Dec 2004 - December 2004 By
Digital mixer includes built-in graphics store
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Nov 2004
Macintosh- compatible recorder produced from partnership with Elgato
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Nov 2004
Pro 1080i Camcorder and VTR, advanced professional media combine with broad NLE software compatibility to create entry-level HD production workflow
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Nov 2004
Worksatation compliments HDV editing solution for transition from SD to HD video
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Nov 2004
Update provides many new features, including frame-by-frame analysis and adaptive de-interlacing
News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Nov 2004
Offers real-time, uncompressed video playback at 900MB/sec
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Nov 2004
Update includes two new applications; H.264/AVC support to come in late November
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
A combination of hardware processing boards, external I/O units, and application software
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Oct 2004
Duet HyperX HD/SD platform offers flexibility for real-time effects, 3D, and clipstore with key channel
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Oct 2004
Ulead’s StudioQuartet included in DV411's HDV editing studio
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
Formac Electronic refurbishing and selling digital media products
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
At this year’s NAB, there was a lot of talk about HDV, but not much action. But with plenty of new editing options and a 3-CCD camera from Sony, now’s the time to give HDV a serious look.
News/News Feature - Posted 06 Oct 2004 - October 2004 By
DVD Forum selects Dolby as mandatory audio format for HD DVD
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Sep 2004
Dedicated WMV HD-DVD authoring workstation announced
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Sep 2004
Broadcast editing solutions provide native DVCPRO HD nonlinear editing support in collaboration with Panasonic
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Sep 2004
Leitch’s Technology Corporations’s VelocityHD extends Velocity's editing power
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Sep 2004
New native-HD implementation of real-time professional editing/compositing system
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2004
New real-time online content creation workstration targeting post studios
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Sep 2004


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