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Comments Posted On :DVD Between the Lines: The Sound of DVD: 5.1 Mixing Opinions Part I


Posted By Neil Wilkes on 8/31/2005 5:53:04 AM
Sounds to me like the old Quad system. And there is nothing wrong with that - some of the vintage Quad material I have is better mixed by a long way than some of todays dreadful Pseudo-surround attempts, especially those where there has been an algorithm used to "extract" a fake 5.1 signal from a stereo version. The centre channel in 5.1 can be very useful, as it can be used to Anchor a central image, leaving space in the L/R for other material. As for vocals straight down the middle being isolated, yes - if there are no stereo/surround FX such as a multichannel 'verb or chorus type effect. Then removing the centre will leave a "ghost" of the original. As for 10.2, personally this is overkill, and for cinematic/theatrical use. Never in the home.

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