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Streaming Media
September 23, 2003

Table of Contents

InterVideo WinDVD Creator Provides HP Notebook PCs with a Single, Integrated Solution for Video Capture, Editing and Sharing
321 Studios Announces Release of DVD X Copy Platinum with New TDF Technology
Sunland Bundles Digistor DVD Burners with Ulead Video Editing Tools
Zix Corporation Offers Protection for Organizations at Risk of Lawsuits by Recording Industry
M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey Platform Now Offers CD-R Functionality with New Autorun and Read-Only Features
Infortrend Ships High-Capacity Serial ATA RAID Subsystems
ARCHOS Announces Small and Light Portable Hard Drive with the ARCDisk
MPEG Industry Forum Takes on AVC Interoperability, Announces Logo Program

InterVideo WinDVD Creator Provides HP Notebook PCs with a Single, Integrated Solution for Video Capture, Editing and Sharing

InterVideo, Inc. announced that its WinDVD Creator entry-level DVD authoring software, will be bundled with all new HP notebook PCs. The first system shipping with WinDVD Creator is the new HP Pavilion zd7000 Series Widescreen Notebook PC, available with a DVD+RW drive.

The recorded videos can be played back on the notebook's high-resolution 17-inch widescreen display and TVs equipped with a DVD player or DVD recorder. Designed to enable hassle-free video sharing, WinDVD Creator supports all of the DVD recording formats, including the DVD+/-VR, DVD-Video and CD formats.

By connecting a camcorder or VCR to the notebook PC's IEEE 1394 port or one of the USB 2.0 ports, raw video footage can be captured to the notebook's high-capacity hard drive for editing. Using WinDVD Creator's editing tools, users can then remove unwanted scenes and enhance the video with titles, transitions, effects, background music, or DVD menus before burning a disc. With the software's Designer Menu Templates, even inexperienced users can create videos.  The software also includes Instant Playback of edits in which users can preview their changes without having to wait while the video is rendered.

Consumers who want additional CD and DVD burning capabilities can upgrade to WinDVD Creator Platinum 2 direct from InterVideo.


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321 Studios Announces Release of DVD X Copy Platinum with New TDF Technology

321 Studios has announced the release of DVD X Copy Platinum, the latest version of its DVD backup software. All features and capabilities of DVD X Copy, DVD X Copy Xpress, and DVD X Copy Gold are combined in DVD X Copy Platinum.

DVD X Copy Platinum's TDF backup technology allows users complete customization and control over movie backups. For example, now subject to the user, a three-hour movie can fit on one or two DVDs. In addition, they can decide what to compress.

In addition, 321 Studios provides 321 Live!, a network community that allows users to share TDF files and access an entire library made by other movie enthusiasts. With 321 Live!, the company is providing its customers the freedom of file sharing non-copyrighted TDF files that customers create, extending its commitment to digital rights.

DVDX Copy Platinum is available for immediate purchase for $149.99.  It is currently offered with a $30 mail-in rebate.


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Sunland Bundles Digistor DVD Burners with Ulead Video Editing Tools

Sunland International, a storage solutions provider, has signed a software licensing agreement for the Ulead Systems, Inc. Under the agreement, SLI will include Ulead software with its Digistor internal and external DVD burners. This combination of half-height and slim burners will provide consumers with a fully integrated, multi-format DVD/CD solution for creating professional-quality videos and slideshows able to be written to any CD or DVD format.

The Digistor product line includes a complete family of internal 4x multi (DVD-R/RW/RAM), 4x dual (DVD+/-R/RW) drives, as well as external DVD burners with combination USB 2.0/FireWire connectivity.  With Ulead's digital media software and the Digistor drives, consumers have the capacity for editing video content, transforming video into professional-looking DVDs, and creating entertaining digital image slideshows.  The application suite also includes burning and playback software.

A Digistor DVD burner bundled with Ulead software also provides a business solution because it enables them to produce timely sales demonstration videos and slide presentations.  Salesmen and other mobile users who don't want to take their computer with them can connect a Digistor UltraSlim burner to any PC FireWire or USB port.

Available with a variety of speeds, formats and software bundles, Digistor DVD
Burners provide solutions for video, audio, data backup, and digital content archiving. Digistor DVD burners can be purchased from authorized Digistor retailers.  While pricing depends upon the configuration selected, Digistor DVD burners are all priced under $400 MSRP.


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Zix Corporation Offers Protection for Organizations at Risk of Lawsuits by Recording Industry

Zix Corporation a provider of protection, management, and delivery solutions for electronic communications, offers a Web access control solution that companies can use to enforce appropriate Internet usage policies. Upon the Recording Industry Association of America's filing of 261 lawsuits against individual users for illegal downloading and file sharing, corporations are concerned about the vulnerability of their corporate networks.

Web Inspector helps companies protect themselves against this growing exposure to potential legal action caused by illegal downloads by employees. Web Inspector monitors, manages and, if necessary, blocks access to inappropriate sites, based upon an organization's acceptable Internet use policy. In addition to monitoring HTTP traffic, the next version of Web Inspector--scheduled to be released in October--will have the ability to control Web usage by file type (mp3, exe, wav, zip, etc.), number of bytes downloaded, and the capability to set surf time quotas by category and bandwidth usage with reporting and real-time alerting capabilities.


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M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey Platform Now Offers CD-R Functionality with New Autorun and Read-Only Features

M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey platform now includes additional functionality with the introduction of new autorun and read-only features.  These features allow the DiskOnKey device to emulate CD-R capability, while improving the portability and ruggedness CDs lack.

Once the device is inserted in the USB port, autorun formats the DiskOnKey to automatically execute files.  Examples include launching a Web site, demonstration application, such as a flash presentation, or a sales tool that initializes when the device is plugged in.  Uses for the read-only partition include eBooks or instruction and installation manuals for products and services.  Files stored on the read-only partition are protected against accidental or intentional deletion.

Content for both features is provided by M-Systems' partners. They may be installed either by the partner, or pre-installed by M-Systems during the manufacturing process.  Both functions are supported by current versions of the Windows operating system including 2000, XP, and ME.  Read-only files can also be read with Mac operating systems.  The capabilities will be available beginning November 2003.


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Infortrend Ships High-Capacity Serial ATA RAID Subsystems

RAID storage producer Infortrend is now shipping dual host models of its EonStor Serial ATA (SATA) RAID subsystems in both fibre channel (A16F) and SCSI (A16U) host versions. The first of several high-capacity RAID storage enclosures, the new 16-bay EonStor SATA subsystem can support up to four terabytes of data using sixteen 250GB drives.

The EonStor Fibre-to-SATA RAID subsystem offers performance of over 250MB/sec, RAID 5 sustained reads, and 160MB/sec sustained writes. The EonStor product line is built around Infortrend's RAID controller architecture. It features its own custom ASIC, and supports up to 1GB/sec bandwidth, or 2GB/sec for redundant controller designs.

Each controller supports up to 1GB cache memory, has an IBM PowerPC 750Cxe processor with both level one and 256KB of level two internal cache, one Ethernet LAN port, and two RS232 ports, for out-of-band management and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) support. The EonStor SATA subsystems can also support the use of parallel ATA hard disk drives through the use of optional dongle boards.

Infortrend RAID controllers and subsystems offer flexibility with up to 1024 LUNs for host connection, 64TB capacity per logical drive (LD), multiple logical drive configurations with a different RAID level, online expansion for adding, copying and replacing drives, configurable optimization mode, and background LD initialization and multi-host support. Broad RAID level support includes 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD, and NRAID.

Providing network-wide RAID management, Java-based RAIDWatch offers centralized issue notification and enables administration of all RAID arrays from a single screen for Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Out-of-band support for these and other operating systems such as Mac OS X, Unix, and its variants, is available via web browser using an onboard Ethernet port. Event notification can be provided via email, broadcast, and SNMP traps.

The EonStor RAID subsystem has been designed for maximum storage density while minimizing the dollar per GB ratio for end users. The enclosure provides simplified access to all hot-swappable active components and drive trays. The EonStor A16F-G Fibre-to-SATA and A16U-G SCSI-to-SATA single controller RAID subsystems began shipping in August through Infortrend's worldwide network of OEMs, distributors and storage integrators. The Fibre-to-SATA EonStor A16F-R with dual, redundant controllers will begin shipping in October.


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ARCHOS Announces Small and Light Portable Hard Drive with the ARCDisk

The ARCDisk, ARCHOS' smallest and lightest 20GB external hard drive is now available. The ARCDisk, also available in a 40GB drive, costs $.12 per megabyte.
Smaller than a floppy disk and weighing 2.7 ounces, the ARCDisk can fit in a shirt pocket and is easily transported. The ARCDisk also uses a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, allowing for fast file transfers with no power cord or external power supply. Based on the new-generation 1.8-inch hard disk from Hitachi, the ARCDisk offers extreme portability of thousands of documents and more than 5,000 songs. It is compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP as well as with an Pentium 233mHz or higher.  The total package includes the following:  a USB 2.0 cable, AC power adapter, drivers, and a six-language installation guide.

The ARCDisk is the latest release to ARCHOS' line of storage peripherals and is immediately available for $249.95.


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MPEG Industry Forum Takes on AVC Interoperability, Announces Logo Program

The MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) has announced two MPEG-4 interoperability initiatives as a continuation of past work. First, it announced the start of the fifth round of interoperability tests, which now include Advanced Video Coding (AVC) and High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE AAC). Second, and linked to the interoperability effort, MPEGIF is finalizing an MPEG-4 Logo Certification Program for launch in Q4 2003.

As in similar programs, the Forum will award vendors the right to use its MP4 logo if their products have passed all interoperability tests in a controlled environment. The logo program will cover all popular profiles as they are tested in the interoperability work, including AVC and (High Efficiency) AAC products.

Members of the Forum who successfully pass interoperability tests receive the right to use the logo on products and in product marketing. The program covers encoders and decoders, and products that contain them. Certification is also being defined for other applications such as testing equipment. Participation in both programs is open to members of the Forum.

A total of 35 companies have participated in the first 4 rounds of testing. MPEGIF includes at least 15 AVC technology providers.

(, (

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