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Streaming Media
September 26, 2003

Table of Contents

Canopus Announces Let's EDIT Real-time Editing Solutions for Video Enthusiasts
Sonic Releases RecordNow! 6
Media 100 Ships Final Effects Complete For After Effects 6.0 and Final Cut Pro 4
M-Systems' New Subsidiary Introduces Consumer Electronic Hardware Devices for Smart DiskOnKey USB Flash Drives
NTI Releases CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum, Adds DVD Menu Creation
MAGIX Announces Photostory on CD & DVD 2004
SK Telecom Adopts MPEG-4 aacPlus from Coding Technologies as Standard Format for 3G Music-On-Demand and Video-On-Demand Services
Verity Ships Artcoater Auto Inkjet Disc Coater

Canopus Announces Let's EDIT Real-time Editing Solutions for Video Enthusiasts

Canopus Corporation has released its first real-time video editing solution offering high-end features. Let's EDIT RT+ includes DV and analog input and output, movie-style effects, 2D and 3D transitions, as well as video, titles, and graphics layers. The Let's EDIT RT+ real-time editing solution pairs Let's EDIT video editing software with the only OHCI video capture card on the market that provides real-time analog and DV input and output.

The Let's EDIT software's real-time video editing and effects capabilities feature movie-style effects using the following stackable video filters: old movie, blur, pencil sketch, and color correction. It also is capable of 2D and 3D transitions, such as 3D Dissolve, cube spin and page peels. The Let's Edit software package is complete with customizable effects, such as chroma key, picture-in-picture, and speed control. Let's EDIT also offers two video tracks for real-time mixing, and simultaneous playback of up to three video clips, as well as graphics tracks moving at the same time with motion and opacity controls.

Let's EDIT software features Canopus's media technologies to provide full-quality DV and MPEG video output. User-definable presets simplify the creation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files for DVDs, SVCDs, and VCDs. Let's EDIT also includes Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE.

Let's EDIT and Let's EDIT RT+ support Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP, and will be available in October 2003 from Canopus. The suggested retail price of Let's EDIT software is $99 (requires OHCI capture card). Let's EDIT RT+ (software and capture card package) is available for a suggested retail price of $399.


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Sonic Releases RecordNow! 6

Sonic Solutions has released the newest version of its RecordNow! line of disc burning software. RecordNow! 6 allows users to burn music, photos and video to CD, as well as create backup archives and exact disc copies of CDs and DVDs. The RecordNow! product line is available through a variety of channels. It is bundled by major PC and aftermarket DVD drive manufacturers worldwide, and published through a partnership between Adaptec and Sonic.

Using noise reduction and auto-volume leveling tools, RecordNow! allows users to burn high-quality music and unlimited MP3 ripping. Advanced users can create compilation audio CDs from multiple source CDs. The included CD lookup functionality is able to add track, album or artist information, as well as save favorite jobs for quick replication. With drag and drop ease, users can automatically or manually back up and archive files to CD and DVD. RecordNow! also includes an integrated disc labeler that permits users to personalize any disc.

RecordNow! Deluxe 6 includes expanded features for creating photo slideshows and videos on CD complete with DVD menus and buttons. It also enables users to set backup reminders for archiving important data, or further automate the backup process with an auto-archive function. With the file-spanning feature, archiving is made easier. The automatic prompts to add another disc ensures the process of backing up data.

Version 6 of RecordNow! is available in two product options. RecordNow! Deluxe retails at an estimated street price of $49.99 and RecordNow! is available at an estimated street price of $29.99. Sonic RecordNow! includes support for all mainstream disc formats, full functionality in sixteen languages, and extensive operating system support including Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP (Home, Professional, and Media Center Edition).


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Media 100 Ships Final Effects Complete For After Effects 6.0 and Final Cut Pro 4

New visual effects plug-ins that support Adobe and Apple's latest releases are now available from Media 100. The developer of media systems announced the immediate availability of a new version of Final Effects Complete for Mac OS X with support for Adobe After Effects 6.0 as well as Apple Final Cut Pro 4. Final Effects Complete is a set of over 100 software plug-in filters and transitions. It generates special effects for film, video, animation, DVD and CD-ROM content. The new Version 4.0.1 release for Mac OS X is available as a free download from the company's website for any customer with a registered copy of Final Effects Complete for Mac OS X.

Media 100 also announced that Final Effects Complete for Windows, which now supports both Windows 2000 and Windows XP, is fully compatible with After Effects 6.0.

Final Effects Complete for Mac, which includes both Mac OS 9 and OS X versions, and Final Effects Complete for Windows are priced at $795. They are available through resellers as well as direct from Media 100. Customers with older copies of Final Effects Complete for Mac OS 9 can upgrade to Final Effects Complete for Mac OS X at a special price directly from Media 100 at


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M-Systems' New Subsidiary Introduces Consumer Electronic Hardware Devices for Smart DiskOnKey USB Flash Drives

The USB flash innovators, M-Systems has established the SmartCaps Ltd hardware subsidiary. The new company will create cost-effective consumer and business technology devices for partners. The subsidiary is creating hardware peripherals for consumers looking to invest in a single USB flash drive for use with SmartCaps' multiple hardware devices. A DiskOnKey storage unit will work with a myriad of SmartCaps' peripherals possibly including a digital camera, voice recorder, or MP3 player. This has initiated the need for more multiple storage solutions. The SmartCaps' peripherals also allow partners to differentiate themselves through customized options.

SmartCaps' products are expected to ship later this year. The SmartCaps peripherals are sold separately or with Smart DiskOnKey platform devices.

(, (

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NTI Releases CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum, Adds DVD Menu Creation

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. has introduced CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum, a solution for recording data, audio, photos, and video on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW discs. It contains NTI's integrated EasySteps interface, complete with a set of CD and DVD burning features. CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum is a tool designed for both novices and experienced users.

New features with CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum include: automated audio track volume balancing, he ability to turn digital photos into a slideshow VCD or SVCD with background music, DivX AVI to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 encoders, VCD and SVCD menu creation, DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW support for DVD Data, DVD Copy and DVD packet writing, and an enhanced Fraunnhofer MP3 decoder.

By storing files on CDs or DVDs, users can free up their hard drive's capacity, protect critical files, and share videos and photo albums. CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum also features NTI's Dynamic Drive Support (DDS) and Live Update technology. DDS eliminates time-consuming software/hardware compatibility issues. Live Update optimizes software compatibility with the user's burner. Other features that are included to simplify the user's recording experience include: media sensing, smart decision support, session explorer, overburn support, Buffer UnderRun support, and built-in caching.

CD & DVD-Maker 6.5 Platinum can be used with any PC running Windows 9x, NT, Me, 2000, or XP. It is currently available with an introductory price of $55.99, compared to the suggested retail price of $69.99.


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MAGIX Announces Photostory on CD & DVD 2004

Personal photos can be transformed into a theatrical slideshow experience with the release of MAGIX's new PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004. The CD and DVD slideshows can be viewed on TV.

MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004 works with personal photos from digital cameras and scanners, and a wide variety of image, video, and sound files. It captures photos directly from digital cameras and scanners and then automatically restores picture and sound quality. Consumers can select photos, drag and drop to arrange; then click to burn CDs and DVDs. They can create streaming videos for the Internet, or save as an .AVI movie for use in other projects. Transitions, effects, music and recorded narration can be added. PhotoStory also contains a library of creative touches, such as virtual camera movements, images, music, text styles, special FX, cross fades, zooms, subtitles, video clips, close-ups, and panorama movements.

The bonus MAGIX Photo Clinic 2.0, a 24-bit image editor, enables users to adjust brightness, sharpness, color, focus, and red-eye to obtain a desirable image. The images are resized according to the set of pictures, but the software edits non-destructively so the original image is preserved. PhotoStory on CD & DVD supports a variety of disc formats from VCD to DVD, and ships with the Ligos GoMotion MPEG-2 encoder. It is available for Windows for $39.99.


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SK Telecom Adopts MPEG-4 aacPlus from Coding Technologies as Standard Format for 3G Music-On-Demand and Video-On-Demand Services

SK Telecom and Coding Technologies are collaborating to update mobile services and reduce download costs to subscribers. SK Telecom is adopting aacPlus, and plans to deploy the codec into its 3G content service offerings. SK Telecom already provides Music ON Demand (MOD) and Video On Demand (VOD) to over 1 million 3G subscribers in Korea. With the addition of MPEG-4 aacPlus, download costs for subscribers as well as operating costs for SK Telecom will decrease.

Along with its core technology SBR, aacPlus is already widely adopted for digital broadcasting in Europe, North America, and Asia. The announcement by SK Telcom and Coding Technologies marks the first commercial deployment of MPEG-4 aacPlus into the mobile space. SK Telecom decided to move ahead with aacPlus based upon MPEG standardization, coupled with thecost savings and increased audio quality that aacPlus offers to the consumer.

Handsets including aacPlus support are already in development with the first units shipping concurrent with the updated service rollout. This licensing deal was done in conjunction with Coding Technologies marketing partner Ezuz Japan K.K.


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Verity Ships Artcoater Auto Inkjet Disc Coater

Verity Systems is now shipping the Artcoater Auto, a desktop, automated coating station for inkjet-printed discs. Following on from the launch of the manual Artcoater, this much automatic version allows users to coat up to 250 discs per session. It is designed for use with professional CD or DVD duplicators and printers.

The Artcoater Auto coating process starts with loading inkjet-printed discs into the input hopper. The internal robotics then selects, and places each disc individually from the top of the hopper onto the waiting turntable. The protective lacquer is evenly applied, and the surface of the disc is cured with U.V. light. Finished discs are lifted from the turntable and placed onto the output spindle.

Coating the surface of discs with a protective lacquer not only protects them from moisture, sunlight, and everyday handling; it also enhances and enriches the colors printed onto them. Furthermore, the discs can be packaged immediately because the Artcoater Auto's U.V. curing systems ensure that they dry instantly. The Artcoater Auto is designed to be clean and environmentally friendly. This combined with its unique and compact extraction, results in virtually zero production of emissions.


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