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Streaming Media
September 30, 2003

Table of Contents

Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Mojo Now Available
InterVideo Launches Platinum Version of DVD Copy with New Multiple DVD Merging Feature
AccentSoft Utilites Releases SnapTouch
Matrox Introduces New Pahelia and Millennium P-Series Driver
PalickSoft Launches Hard Drive Temperature Utility PalickSoft Launches Hard Drive Temperature Utility
MacCaption Offers Complete Captioning System on CD
TechSmith Introduces EnSharpen Video Codec for QuickTime
Verbatim Unveils DVD/CD Label Kit with Touchless, Non-curl Application System

Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Mojo Now Available

Avid Technology, Inc. has announced that Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) are now available worldwide.

As standalone software, Avid Xpress Pro offers Film Composer technology, which includes 24p film editing capabilities and support for the Panasonic AG-DVX100 24p camera, as well as support for various offline formats, including 15:1s, 35:1p, 28:1p, and 14:1p. The software also offers automatic expert color correction and advanced 2D and 3D OpenGL technology-based effects. When paired with the portable Avid Mojo accelerator, Avid Xpress Pro software benefits from the industry's only hybrid architecture designed to leverage the power of both host-based CPU processing and hardware-based acceleration. Together, Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo accelerator deliver professional video, film, and audio editing capabilities, including true real-time digital and analog output. Both products are qualified to run on a wide range of Windows-based CPUs as well as on the Power Mac G5.

The Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Mojo products are now available through Avid's
worldwide reseller channel. Pricing for the Avid Xpress Pro software is $1,695, with Windows XP and Macintosh OS X versions included in one box. Pricing for Avid Mojo, which is sold separately, is $1,695.


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InterVideo Launches Platinum Version of DVD Copy with New Multiple DVD Merging Feature

InterVideo, Inc. has announced the Platinum version of DVD Copy. The new version adds a multiple DVD merging  feature (M-DVD) and features InterVideo's Balanced Bitrate Profile (IBBP) to ensure that duplicated DVDs match the quality of the original. InterVideo DVD Copy Platinum can be used to copy any video, audio, photo, game and data disc that is not encrypted.

Like DVD Copy, the new Platinum version includes InterVideo's UniPass  technology and direct recording technology. With these time savers, users can create direct, disc-to-disc copies in a single pass, without having to buffer content to the hard drive. As a result, DVD Copy makes DVD duplicates in about half the time required by other copy programs.

InterVideo's new M-DVD feature and IBBP leverage the technologies that enabled DVD Copy to be among the first to copy a dual-layer 9.4GB DVD with all of its features to a 4.7GB DVD or to a 700MB DivXÒ CD with no change in visual quality.

Exclusive to DVD Copy Platinum, the multiple DVD merging feature lets users combine  multiple DVD movies onto a single DVD disc. After selecting DVD titles from their DVD drive and/or their hard drive, the titles are merged together to create a  single DVD disc. A DVD menu is automatically created from each title included  on the disc for easy access. InterVideo's unique M-DVD feature provides consumers  and businesses with the ability to organize their video collections by categories such as events, individuals featured and by spans of time. Businesses can distribute and archive videos of staff meetings, conferences, marketing and training videos, all sorted by date.  Consumers can organize create a single video for each child that includes videos of their first steps, recitals, graduations and other events in chronological order.  

DVD Copy Platinum also gives users the flexibility to edit their DVD or CD by  clicking on the "Customize" Button to remove subtitles, unwanted segments, or some of the chapters. However, unlike similar DVD copy programs, DVD Copy Platinum users don't have to choose between deleting DVD features or spanning the content over several discs when copying to a VCD, SCVD or DivX CD.


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AccentSoft Utilites Releases SnapTouch

Can't make sense of your digital photographs collection?  Label it with SnapTouch! SnapTouch is a digital images organizing software that lets people quickly sort out and properly label digital photographs. The program's most prominent feature is a capability to instantly create photo albums (collection of photographs combined by a common theme, place or date).

Another great feature is a batch-processing option that automatically resizes all selected images to a set standard while keeping the same aspect ratio.  There also is a built-in framing feature that lets people to easily "cut out" the desired portion of an image. SnapTouch works with all common image formats.

Users can apply SnapTouch to add a comment or a date to a digital photograph, thus making sure that the time or the place where the picture was taken, as well as other important information, will not be forgotten. In addition, the program comes with an internal editor that can apply special effects to images, rotate and mirror them, as well as has a handy full-screen preview option.

ShapTouch is distributed electronically over the Internet. A free demo version is available at for evaluation.  


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Matrox Introduces New Pahelia and Millennium P-Series Driver

Matrox Graphics has released a new Microsoft Windows XPand Windows 2000 driver for the Parhelia Series and Millennium P-Series. This driver enables Parhelia support for hardware accelerated OpenGL shadows with Adobe After Effects 6.0, as well as What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) TV preview functionality with Boris RED 3GL. The 1.05 driver is available for download in the latest drivers section at the following link:


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PalickSoft Launches Hard Drive Temperature Utility PalickSoft Launches Hard Drive Temperature Utility

PalickSoft Ltd. announced the release of Hard Drive Temperature (HDD Temperature) v. 1.2, a disk utility which allows computer users check the temperature of their hard drives and prevent data loss caused by overheating.

There are many reasons why hard-drives get damaged, and overheating is probably the most common one. If you remember your physics lessons well, you know that spinning something at several thousand revolutions per minute causes heat, plenty of heat.  That is why servers and computers have coolers, fans and other gadgets that prevent overheating.   But as fans get plugged, coolers stop working, or too many hard drives get added, the risk of "frying" your HDDs and losing data increases drastically.  So how do you monitor your HDD temperature to make sure you data is always save?  Simply download HDD Temperature from PalickSoft.

This utility comes in two versions - regular and pro.  The regular, free version is intended for home users who have only a single hard-drive. Using S.M.A.R.T. technology included in all modern HDDs, HDD Temperature checks and monitors the temperature of your hard drives; you can also set the maximum value of drive temperature so that you will be warned should this temperature be exceeded.

Version 1.2 of the program comes with a new important feature - a protective hibernation system that is activated automatically when the hard drive overheats.  Should this happen, all your data (including unsaved files!) will be kept and restored after your hard drive has cooled.

HDD Temperature Pro is created specially for small and large companies that have many computers and need to monitor multiple hard-drives. This "beefed up" version has several features that the regular version does not.  For example, it can monitor several HDDs simultaneously and can send warning messages to a specified e-mail address or certain computer in the network. Importantly, it can automatically force overheated system to hibernate, protecting both HDD and unsaved data.  You also can run this application as network service, making this tool is ideal for corporate networks.

System requirements: HDD Temperature requires Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP, 16MB RAM, hard drive with 1 MB of hard disk space.


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MacCaption Offers Complete Captioning System on CD

MacCaption is a captioning software that not only imports, formats and time stamps caption text, but also encodes the text as closed captions onto all video formats using software only. MacCaption does not require a hardware encoder which means you do not go down a generation when encoding captions.

MacCaption not only formats and synchronizes captions with the video, but also encodes the captions onto the video, so that you do not lose a generation in the encoding process. Going down a generation is an inherent problem with hardware encoders. Our clients also save money because they do not have to purchase a costly hardware closed caption encoder. Plus, the MacCaption software encoder is compatible with more video formats than almost any hardware encoder.  

Over the summer CPC enhanced virtually all other capabilities of MacCaption by taking almost all features of its industry leading Windows-based CaptionMaker software, and incorporating them into MacCaption. The MacCaption icon-driven software is so intuitive that it lets even first time users caption videos within an hour of installing the software. Plus, experienced captioners will find that their efficiency soars due to the elegantly simple user interface.

Software enhancements include:

-Caption preparation time has been cut down by 33%.
-Caption positioning and synchronization with dialogue has been vastly improved.
-Drag and drop DV and MPEG closed caption encoding is better than ever.
-The unique push pull caption formatting feature that users of CPC s Windows CaptionMaker software rave about has been incorporated into MacCaption.

Since 1986 CPC has been the leader in closed caption software development; and since 1989 CPC has operated an award winning captioning service.


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TechSmith Introduces EnSharpen Video Codec for QuickTime

TechSmith Corp., a leading provider of screen capture and recording solutions for consumers and business professionals, has introduced EnSharpen, a lossless video codec for QuickTime that offers Macintosh and Windows users a compression solution that enables high-quality, small-file video playback.

Content professionals and software developers can now compress their tutorials, multimedia presentations and animated content with the EnSharpen codec for easy viewing in the QuickTime Player on Macintosh and Windows platforms. EnSharpen is based on the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) in the company's market leading Camtasia Studio desktop recorder. EnSharpen is the first delivery codec that provides Macintosh users with lossless quality and a high compression ratio.

Once downloaded, EnSharpen integrates with Camtasia Studio, QuickTime Pro, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and all other Macintosh and Windows authoring and editing tools that allow access to third-party video codecs for QuickTime Movie files. In addition, EnSharpen enables all AVI video files encoded with the original TSCC codec to play in the QuickTime Player on the Macintosh and PC platforms.

Internal company tests at TechSmith have shown EnSharpen delivers exceptional lossless compression results. For example, a 280MB file of screen recordings and animated video can be compressed to 1.8MB. EnSharpen has a 1:1 compression process, meaning that a 1-minute long video will take one minute to compress.

EnSharpen supports Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, and Macintosh OS 9/OS X. The suggested retail price is $149.00 for a single license.


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Verbatim Unveils DVD/CD Label Kit with Touchless, Non-curl Application System

Verbatim Corporation announced a new DVD/CD Label Kit and a selection of Label Refill Packs. Unique to the Label Kit is Verbatim's proprietary Touch-Less Application System, which enables users to neatly and securely label their CDs and DVDs without touching the label adhesive. In addition to the Touch-Less system, the kit includes a total of 105 labels for a variety of different media formats and cases, Label Design Software, and more than 1,500 background images and clipart images that make creating and printing personalized disc labels fast and easy.

A key component in the kit's system is Verbatim's exact-fit, multi-purpose applicator. Designed to ensure that the label is centered every time, consumers can quickly customize a variety of different media formats and cases with professional-looking labels in just minutes. Formats supported include: DVDs and CDs, Digital Vinyl CD-Rs, and 8cm Pocket CD-Rs as well as the spines of slim cases and jewel cases.

The Label Kit provides everything consumers and businesses need to immediately begin organizing and personalizing their CDs and DVDs, including a total of 105 labels and Label Design Software that offers more than 1,500 background images and clipart files to speed-up the design process. The software also gives users the flexibility to unleash their creativity with advanced features such as the Playlist Manager, which allows them to create playlist databases of their favorite albums and audio tracks; and Track Listing, which enables them to import song titles and the artist's name from a CD Audio disc directly to their label design. DVD Video templates are also included to help users customize their DVD media using pre-designed templates for video labeling.

The Premium Matte White DVD/CD disc labels that are included in Verbatim's new Label Kit are full-face format labels that cover the entire surface of the disc. Verbatim full-face labels provide 10 percent additional design space, compared to standard-face labels. The Verbatim Label Kit also includes a selection of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels, Spine labels and DVD/CD Inserts.

In addition to the labels supplied with the DVD/CD Labeling System, Verbatim will offer two label refill packs -- a 100-pack of DVD/CD full-face labels and a 40-pack of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels.

Packs are $19.99 for the 100-pack of DVD/CD full-face labels and $9.99 for the 40-pack of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels.


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