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October 21, 2003

Table of Contents

Sony Launches 8X DVD+R Dual RW DVD Burners
Primera Technology Introduces the Accent Disc Laminator
Alera Announces Prosumer 52x CD Copy Tower Plus Product Family
Alias and WACOM Pair StudioTools, Software, and Cintiq Tablet and Furthers the Art of Digital Conceptualization
Ultralink/XLO Announces Premium DVI-D Cables for High Bandwidth Digital Video
Mireth Technology Has Launched version 1.1 of iVCD, Macintosh OS X Software
Condre, Inc. Announces the Release of Simple Copy CD/DVD Duplication System
Cirrus Logic Introduces New MPEG Encoding Chip Family For Cost-Reduced DVD Recording Platforms; CS9268X Family Integrates Digital Video Input Capability On-Chip
Plextor Introduces 12 New Colors for External 8X Dual-Format DVD+/-R/RW Burner
InterActual Announces License Agreement with InterVideo
DivXNetworks Licenses Industry Leading Video Compression Technology to SnapStream for PVR Software

Sony Launches 8X DVD+R Dual RW DVD Burners

Sony Electronics announced two new Dual RW DVD drives that support 8X DVD+R recording. Sony's Dual RW DVD drives, which started shipping a year ago this month, were the PC industry's first combination drives to support the DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-R formats.

Speed takes center stage with Sony's fourth-generation Dual RW drives -- the internal DRU-530A and the external DRX-530UL -- which are capable of recording to compatible DVD+R discs at speeds of up to 8X, enabling users to burn an entire 8X DVD+R disc in about ten minutes. The new drives also support up to 4X DVD+RW and DVD-R recording, as well as 2X DVD-RW, 40X CD-R and 24X CD-RW recording. The internal DRU-530A drive comes with an ATAPI interface for easy installation inside a PC, while the external DRX-530UL drive includes both an i.LINK (IEEE 1394) and a hi-speed USB 2.0 digital interface for simple set-up and maximum flexibility.

Both Dual RW drives come bundled with DVD video authoring software, as well as DVD/CD burning software for creation of data, music, and video DVDs and CDs. The full-featured software suite also includes packet-writing software for users to easily record files and folders by dragging to the icon of a DVD+RW/CD-RW disc. The software suite includes Sonic RecordNow, Sonic DLA, Sonic MyDVD, CyberLink PowerDVD and Musicmatch.

The internal DRU-530A Dual RW drive will be available in December, and the external DRX-530UL model will be available in January. Prices are to be announced.

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Primera Technology Introduces the Accent Disc Laminator

Primera Technology, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of CD/DVD disc duplication and printing equipment, announced its new Accent Disc Laminator at the MediaTech Showcase being held October 21-22 in Frankfurt, Germany. Accent lays down a thin layer of transparent or holographic film over inkjet printed CDs and DVDs. Accent's overlaminates protect inkjet printed discs from water, scratching, sunlight, smudging and rough handling.

Two types of overlaminates are available: ClearCoat Overlaminate Film Accent's ClearCoat overlaminate film protects discs with a clear laminate that is highly water and scratch-resistant. With ClearCoat, printed colors become brighter, more vibrant and have a professional-looking, high-gloss finish. AuthentiCoat Overlaminate Film Primera's exclusive AuthentiCoat overlaminate film provides the same environmental protection as ClearCoat, but also includes holographic images embedded in the film substrate that are transferred to the surface of the discs. Both standard and custom holographic patterns are available. Custom holograms can include company logos, product logos, graphics and text for authentic discs. Holographic images not only impart a unique, high-end decorative feature to the discs, but also confirm that the disc is an original or an authorized copy. This helps to prevent and discourage theft of content.

An additional UV security feature is also available with either ClearCoat or AuthentiCoat films. It provides invisible text or graphics under the surface of the overlaminate film that is viewable only with black light. This feature can be used to covertly display words such as "Authentic" or "Authorized Content."

Accent can be used as a stand-alone laminator or connected with Primera's new ADL-100 High-Speed Autoloader. The ADL-100 loads and unloads up to 100 preprinted and prerecorded discs. ADL-100's unique, dual-picker mechanism automatically laminates up to 225 discs per hour. Accent laminates each disc in just 10 seconds each. For completely automatic burn, print, and laminate operation, Accent easily attaches to Primera's Composer XL, ComposerPro or ComposerMAX Optical Disc Duplicators. Accent is priced at $3495. The ADL-100 High-Speed Autoloader is priced at $1395 MSRP. Lamination film pricing varies depending upon the type selected and ranges from US $0.10 per disc to US $0.25 per disc.

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Alera Announces Prosumer 52x CD Copy Tower Plus Product Family

Alera Technologies, developer and manufacturer of DVD and CD recording solutions debuts its new CD Copy Tower Plus CD Duplicators with advanced duplicator process control. The new CD duplicator towers are equipped with Cruise Control, the new
Alera Technologies duplicator controller, that provides the choice of quick, easy, one-touch copies or comprehensive professional control features. The 1:3 CD Copy Tower Plus and the 1:7 CD Copy Tower Plus are 52x stand alone CD duplicators. They can make up to 3 or 7 simultaneous copies of a typical 650MB data CD in about 2 minutes. The duplicator towers combine ease of operation with true production output and process control.

The duplicator tower features provide users with a variety of options.  By pressing the Copy key a number of copies can be made.  Users can select multiple speeds for both read and write processes.  They can also prescan their source CDs for optimum copy speeds, analyze CDs showing the size and number of tracks and sessions, and use "Edit Track" to select audio tracks from several source CDs, and copy to many CDs.

The backlit LCD display reports the % complete and other status elements of each duplicator function.  The display indicates when a process will be completed, which is particularly useful in copying difficult to duplicate CDs that cannot be copied at full speed.

The new 1:3 CD Copy Tower Plus has an estimated price of $799, while the 1:7 CD Copy Tower Plus is $1,299.  


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Alias and WACOM Pair StudioTools, Software, and Cintiq Tablet and Furthers the Art of Digital Conceptualization

Alias Systems, a Silicon Graphics, Inc. company, has joined with WACOM Technology Corporation and WACOM Europe GmbH, to offer a special promotion of Alias StudioTools software and the Wacom Cintiq 18SX Interactive Pen Display. The design duo brings the power and accuracy of 3D modeling to a sketching medium that provides nearly the same experience as drawing ideas on paper.

The offer includes one seat of either Alias DesignStudio or Alias Studio, one Cintiq 18SX Interactive Pen Display, and the Alias Learning Tool, "StudioTools Techniques: Painting and Sketching for Design." Aimed at the designer with no prior knowledge of computer sketching, the DVD teaching tool explains how to convey computer-based design concepts and how to apply 2D design principles in the 3D modeling process.  

StudioTools 11, just released last month, provides enhancements in modeling, sketching, image manipulation, and data handling, all developed to accelerate the design workflow. The new Wacom Cintiq 18SX enables a designer to take advantage of hand-eye coordination while working with a pressure sensitive pen directly on the LCD screen for pixel-level accuracy. The cushioned Cintiq Grip Pen reduces grip effort up to 40 percent, allowing designers to work more comfortably on screen. To accommodate natural sketching the screen can be rotated, inclined and even used on a lap. The Cintiq features an 18.1" screen with SXGA resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.  

The Alias-Wacom package is available for the Windows platform and all new and existing Alias customers. Current owners of DesignStudio may upgrade to Alias StudioTM under the terms of this promotion. The offer is available in the USA, Canada, Mexico and participating countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Regional pricing and availability may vary.


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Ultralink/XLO Announces Premium DVI-D Cables for High Bandwidth Digital Video

Ultralink, a division of Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc., is now shipping its Videophile Pro DVI-D dual-link digital video interface cable. The 24-pin male to 24-pin female cable includes a connector and cable solution for pure digital video transfers.

An injection-molded connector designed by Ultralink, as well as a termination method was developed for this complicated interface. The connector can support ATSC resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, as well as vivid 24-bit color. Micro-welding technology is used for the fine conductors, with no foreign metal usage, to improve both performance and reliability. Contacts are 24K gold-plated directly to the conductor and are provided on all 24 pins of the dual-link interface reliable signal transfers.

Analog video will still produce a picture, but one with loss of detail and resolution, after significant signal degradation. But DVI's digital video format will first show "sparkles" or sample fall-out, and then, when dropped below a certain point, no image at all at the display. To insure the longest signal transfer, an ultra low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric has been specified for the cable. This ensures the longest signal transfer without signal loss. Ultralink's 100 Ohm DVI cable systems are also quad-shielded for maximum protection from EM and RF interference. A virgin PVC outer casing, not only protects the cable, but also facilitates in-wall and conduit installations. As with all Ultralink interconnects, Laboratory Grade 6N (99.99997%) purity copper is used in both conductors and shield for improved performance in all areas.

Responsibly engineered for UL/CSA listing, the Videophile Pro DVI-D cables are CL-2/FT-4 rated for the custom installation applications. Standard with all Ultralink cables, a lifetime guarantee is included.  Ultralink's DVI-D solutions are now shipping in pre-determined lengths from - to 10 meters with suggested retail prices from $80 to $220.


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Mireth Technology Has Launched version 1.1 of iVCD, Macintosh OS X Software

Mireth Technology's newest version of Macintosh OS X software, iVCD allows users to make Video CDs and Super Video CDs.  This release adds support for AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 input. AVI requires the divx component, and may require the AC3 Codec. MPEG-4 requires the Apple MPEG-2 playback components. Also new to this release is the user selectable encoding quality feature, allowing the user to reduce VCD authoring time by selecting a lower output quality.

Using the bundled command line tools, iVCD creates Video CDs from a variety of input files. The software can be used to author Video CDs (MPEG-1) or Super Video CDs (MPEG-2), and supports both NTSC and PAL output formats.  With iVCD, each movie you make is stored in a separate project folder, so you can easily make additional copies. As added conveniences, it also plays .mov files, erases CD-RWs, and can be used to automatically launch third-party CD burning software.  

Key features of the iVCD software include: authors Video CD or Super Video CD,  works with iMovie, Quicktime Movie, AVI,  MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4  input, converts to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 output, user selectable output quality, works with G3 and G4 CPUs, erases CD-RWs and can automatically launch third party CD burning software.

The iVCD for Mac OS X costs $29.95 and can be ordered from Mireth's web site at There is a free upgrade for existing iVCD users.  


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Condre, Inc. Announces the Release of Simple Copy CD/DVD Duplication System

Condre, Inc., a manufacturer of storage and interchange systems for audio, video and data applications, announced the release of Simple Copy, a CD / DVD duplication solution. It is designed for the novice user and features a "plug and play" operation. The Simple Copy System was created with a GUI interface that allows for the fast creation of multiple CDs or DVDs (+R or -R). The tower unit connects to a PC via a single USB 2.0 interface, and the software bundled with the system is easily installed and utilized on a Windows based platform.

The Simple Copy System is available with either four 52X CD R recorders or 4X/16X Dual Format DVD recorders. Included in the package is a six-foot USB 2.0 cable, and the Simple Copy software supporting Windows XP and server 2003.

The price of the four drive system, including software is $749.00, and is available from a Condre authorized VAR or Dealer partner.


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Cirrus Logic Introduces New MPEG Encoding Chip Family For Cost-Reduced DVD Recording Platforms; CS9268X Family Integrates Digital Video Input Capability On-Chip

Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced a new family of MPEG encoding chips, the CS9268X family, the successor to Cirrus' CS92288 chip. With optical and hard-disk-drive storage capabilities, the new family of chips including the CS92688 and CS92689 offer solutions for manufacturers of combination and DVD recorders.

The CS92688 includes built-in digital video and 1394 media access controller support, which was previously available on a separate board design for low-cost camcorder input. The chip also offers integrated VBI processing for closed-caption and EPG support, as well as hardware support for CPRM (copy protection for recorded media) to protect the rights of content holders. The CS98200 series of Cirrus DVD processors also have a glueless interface. The CS92689 adds an IDE interface to the CS92688 feature set in order to enable digital video and audio recording, as well storage to a hard disk or optical drive.

Both chips are now available to manufacturers as part of Cirrus' next-generation DVD recording reference design. This new reference design uses the same CS98200 DVD processor, enabling a quick and easy upgrade path for existing customers of Cirrus' DVD recording platforms. The chip family gives manufacturers very high video recording quality even at low-bit compression rates, enabling users up to eight hours of high quality recorded content onto standard DVD disc media.

The CS9268X family will be sampling in October 2003 to Cirrus customers, and volume production is expected in the first quarter of 2004. Pricing and volume pricing information is available to OEMs by contacting any Cirrus Logic representative.  


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Plextor Introduces 12 New Colors for External 8X Dual-Format DVD+/-R/RW Burner

Offering a rainbow of colors that go beyond traditional computer color tones, Plextor Corp., a developer and manufacturer of DVD and CD recording equipment, announced that the new Spectrum DVD+/-R/RW drive is available in 12 colors. Now Plextor customers can tailor their Plextor burner to match their personal taste.

The external Spectrum PX-708UF DVD+/-R/RW drive is available in the following new colors: Ballistic Black, Baby Blue, Ultimate Blue, Granny Apple Green, Precious Pale Green, Lavish Lavender, Outrageous Orange, Pretty Pink, Radical Red, Sterling Silver, Wicked White, and Yummy Yellow. The new drive is available exclusively from Plextor distributor Tech Data and authorized Plextor resellers.

The Spectrum PX-708UF is a solution for recording DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and CD-R/RW discs. It gives users the ability to create, edit, and share customized DVDs and CDs using video, photos, audio, and data.

The PX-708UF supports 8X DVD+R and 4X DVD-R writing, 4X DVD+RW and 2X DVD-RW rewriting, and 12X max DVD-reading. The DVD/CD burner also boasts high-speed 40X CD-R writing, 24X CD-RW rewriting, and 40X max CD-reading. The unit features a 2MB data buffer and burst data transfer rates of 480 Mbps (Hi-Speed USB 2.0) or 400 Mbps (IEEE 1394 FireWire), allowing users to burn a 4.7GB DVD+R disc in approximately eight minutes.

The Spectrum PX-708UF drive comes with a bundle of digital media software from Roxio, including Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 DVD Edition, Toast 5 Lite, and PhotoSuite 5 SE. The Spectrum drive also includes a 30-day trial version of Dantz Retrospect data backup software.

The retail package includes drive stand, manual, quick reference guide, Plextor software, USB 2.0 cable, IEEE 1394 cable, AC adaptor, power cord, 1 piece DVD+R media, and eject tool. Plextor's Spectrum PX-708UF DVD+/-R/RW drive is available through Tech Data and authorized Plextor resellers starting in November 2003 for $359.00.


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InterActual Announces License Agreement with InterVideo

InterActual Technologies, Inc. announced a license agreement with InterVideo, integrate InterActual's proprietary DVD technology as an optional new feature of InterVideo's WinDVD products. This collaboration combines InterActual's experience in DVD-ROM and interactive web features with the DVD player, WinDVD.

Under the terms of the agreement, InterVideo has been granted the non-exclusive right, including related intellectual property rights, to integrate InterActual's proprietary technology with all of its WinDVD products.  


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DivXNetworks Licenses Industry Leading Video Compression Technology to SnapStream for PVR Software

DivXNetworks, Inc., the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and SnapStream Media Inc., a developer of digital entertainment products, announced a technology licensing and marketing partnership.  This partnership is set to bring DivX video to SnapStream Personal Video Station, personal video recording software enabling users to compress and playback television content in DivX Video directly on their PCs.

Additionally, the two companies will work together to market the DivX-powered Personal Video Station to the global community of DivX users. DivX video compression technology as a video encoder / decoder reduces encoded video file size with hardly any loss of picture quality.

Personal Video Station 3 is a PVR/DVR that allows PC users to record, watch, and playback television broadcasts on a variety of devices. A free electronic programming guide (EPG) also lets users schedule recordings, even when they are away from home. The recorded shows can then be viewed on any PC via the home network, downloaded onto handheld Pocket PCs, or streamed through the Internet. Personal Video Station software competes with products such as Windows XP Media Center Edition and TiVo.

(, (

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