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Streaming Media
November 14, 2003

Table of Contents

New Advances Speed CyberLink PowerDirector 3
3Dlabs Wildcat VP Accelerates Hardware Shading with Maya 5
Canopus Announces TwinPact100 and ADVC300
Memorex Introduces 8X Dual-Format DVD Drive
321 Studios Offers DVD Burner for $20
Pioneer Introduces 8X Dual-Format Writer
Toshiba to Double Production of 1.8-inch HDD
New Digital Photo Copy Cruiser from Alera Technologies

New Advances Speed CyberLink PowerDirector 3

CyberLink PowerDirector 3 is complete with technologies including: SVRT II, which reduces rendering time; DVQuickScan, enables users to preview, select, and capture video segments without manually positioning the tape; Fast Preview locates video sections during long edits; InstantMPEG transfers DV files right into MPEG without AVI; and Right-to-Disc Recording allows users to burn from a DV camcorder to a DVD.

CyberLink's MPEG Engine is based upon a constant variable bit rate encoder and optimized for interlaced video. The video being captured on the hard disk is buffered to ensure no frame drops. Furthermore, a new interface permits editing in dual modes, timeline, and storyboard, suitable for users of all levels. PowerDirector 3 has also incorporated the authoring and burning features from its sister product PowerProducer. It include features such as Disc Defragmentation to optimize space and improve playback performance. Upgrade offers of PowerDirector3 will also be released to PowerDirector users. Retail products will be available in December for US and Asian markets, and early January for the European market.

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3Dlabs Wildcat VP Accelerates Hardware Shading with Maya 5

3Dlabs Inc., Ltd., an innovator in professional visual processing, announced the implementation of accelerated hardware rendering for Maya 5 3D animation and effects software. The entire family of Wildcat VP professional graphics accelerators based on 3Dlabs programmable Visual Processing Unit (VPU) technology, powers the improved hardware rendering feature of the new version of Maya 5 software.

The new Wildcat VP Acuity driver supports Maya 5 software. Together they deliver realistic imagery with hardware rendering, while reducing the overall rendering time. The 3Dlabs Wildcat VP driver is available for free download at the 3dlabs website.

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Canopus Announces TwinPact100 and ADVC300

Canopus Corporation announced TwinPact100, the first multifunctional video converter to combine the following in one unit: on-screen graphics-to-analog and DV scan conversion, and a bi-directional analog/DV converter. TwinPact100 supports Windows and Mac OS and combines Canopus's DV codec, and Track and Zoom technologies with advanced image enhancement features. With this relationship Canopus boasts the highest-quality video conversion and unmatched functionality. TwinPact is a flexible and affordable solution for the various markets.

The TwinPact100's Smart Scan Conversion capabilities allows users to capture what is on their computer monitor and convert it to both analog and DV format. The TwinPact100 supports screen resolution sizes up to 1600x1200, and features Canopus's Track and Zoom technology, which provides the ability to track, zoom and output any application window or desktop area to a television, VCR or monitor. The TwinPact100 is also a high-quality, bidirectional analog/DV converter.

TwinPact100 can be used with a DV-enabled video editing system or as a stand-alone converter that lets users transfer analog video directly to a DV deck without using a computer. It supports video editing applications for Windows and Mac OS, including Canopus EDIUS, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV and Adobe Premiere Pro. At the heart of the TwinPact100 is the Canopus DV codec, which provides the highest-quality image output possible during analog-to-DV and DV-to-analog conversion. 

Canopus also announced the ADVC300, bi-directional analog/DV converter for Mac OS and Windows-based computers that features component video output and advanced image enhancement technology. The ADVC300 has the ability to filter and stabilize analog source video prior to DV conversion to enhance image quality. The ADVC300's pre-filtering features include 3D Y/C separation to reduce color noise and improve image quality, 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise in the analog video signal, a line time base corrector (LTBC) to correct video images that jitter, as well as frame synchronization and auto gain control. The ADVC300 also features color bar reference signal output and advanced analog input control software for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.

The ADVC300 can be used with a DV-enabled video editing system or as a stand- alone converter that lets users transfer analog video directly to a DV deck without using a computer. The ADVC300 supports leading video editing applications for both Windows and Mac OS, including Canopus EDIUS, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV and Adobe Premiere Pro. ADVC300 also contains Canopus DV codec. The TwinPact100 and the ADVC300 will be available in December 2003 through Canopus and its authorized dealers. Both have a suggested retail price of $549.

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Memorex Introduces 8X Dual-Format DVD Drive

Memorex announces the launch of its new internal Dual Format DVD drive, which provides a host of precision recording technologies designed to enhance reliability during high-speed burns. The new drive writes to DVD+R discs at 8X, DVD-R discs at 4X, and CD-R discs at 40X. It also rewrites DVD+RW discs at 4X, DVD-RW discs at 4X, and CD-RW discs at 24X; Read speeds are 12 X for DVD-ROM and 40 X for CD-ROM.

Memorex bundles Roxio's digital media software suite with every Dual-X DVD Recorder. The suite includes Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6; full versions of Roxio's PhotoSuite 5 SE and VideoWave Movie Creator; and the DVDMax Player software. The Memorex 8X Dual Format DVD Recorder will be in stores this month at a suggested retail price of $229.99.

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321 Studios Offers DVD Burner for $20

321 Studios, a producer of DVD backup, recovery, and creation software, is offering a Lite-On DVD/CD burner for just $20 to all customers who purchase DVD X Copy Platinum software, plus any other 321 Studios software title. The burner is an internal Lite-On DVD+R/RW DVD/CD ReWritable Drive, and $149.99 value.

For each bundle sold, 321 Studios will donate $25 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization of lawyers, volunteers, and visionaries working together to protect digital rights. This bundle will only be sold through 321's website and the company's new St. Louis Touch Point Customer Service Center at the St. Louis Galleria Mall.

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Pioneer Introduces 8X Dual-Format Writer

Pioneer Electronics Inc. announced the DVR-A07, a new dual-format DVD/CD internal writer. The DVR-A07 writes DVD-R discs at 8X, and writes DVD-RW and +RW discs at up to 4X speed. The drive also records CD-R and CD-RW discs at up to 24X. By supporting the DVD Forum's DVD-R and DVD-RW disc formats as well as the +R and +RW formats, Pioneer is helping to eliminate format confusion. Pioneer engineers also focused on improving the writing/recording quality and reliability for high-speed writing. New technology accommodates for variances in blank media.

It is expected to be available in December pending the DVD Forum's approval of 8X write speed for DVD-R and 4X write speed for DVD-RW.

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Toshiba to Double Production of 1.8-inch HDD

To meet a fast increasing demand for its 1.8-inch hard disk drives (HDD), Toshiba Corporation announced it would double production to 600,000 units a month by March 2004. The drive delivers high-performance, high-capacity storage in a small form factor. Toshiba will support increased production by expanding outsourcing, including manufacturing at Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Ltd. Toshiba's 1.8-inch HDD has supported manufacturers in delivering functionality to new mobile entertainment products. Hand

held computers, ultraportable notebooks, portable handheld GPS units, MP3 players and automotive MP3 jukebox systems are just a few of the specialized digital devices that useToshiba's 1.8-inch HDD. Toshiba's created the 1.8-inch HDD market in 2000, when it started mass production of a PC-Card-type removable 1.8-inch HDD with a 2GB capacity. Toshiba's latest 1.8-inch embedded HDD offers a capacity of 40GB with 8mm height and a 20GB capacity with 5mm height.

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New Digital Photo Copy Cruiser from Alera Technologies

Alera Technologies' new Digital Photo Copy Cruiser copies digital photos directly from camera memory cards to CD without a computer. Compact and transportable, the Digital Photo Copy Cruiser enables users to copy digital photos to CD instantly, for quick distribution.

The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and can be connected to a computer and used as a CD Recorder. A Software Suite is included free with purchase featuring Ahead Nero with a new wizard that simplifies the CD recording process. The incorporation of Ulead Photo Explorer provides a way to transfer, browse, modify and distribute digital media. When copying flash memory cards, users can copy up to twenty-one 32MB flash memory cards to a 700MB CD. Photos from each card can be added to the CD in multi-session format so the entire 700MB storage capacity of the CD can be used.

The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser supports the following Digital Memory Card formats: CF Type I and II, SD, MMC, SM, MS, MS Pro, and Micro Drive. Each package contains the Software Suite, a USB cable, a 100-240v, 50-60Hz power adapter, a Quick Start Guide and Users Guide. The new Digital Photo Copy will sell for $229.

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