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Streaming Media
December 05, 2003

Table of Contents

Canto Cumulus 6 Now Available
Canopus Launches MVRD2200 Realtime MPEG Encoder/Decoder
Mindego Ships MPEG-4 Analyzer Software
AJA Video Systems toIntroduce Io LD and Io LA to U.S. Releases First Linux-Based Operating System for Laptops
NVIDIA Unveils Quadro FX 1100
Keep Up to 1GB of Data in Your Wallet With Freecom USB Cards
nNovia's FireSwitch Delivers Frame-Accurate DV-Format Switching

Canto Cumulus 6 Now Available

Canto announced the immediate availability of Cumulus 6. The version boasts ease-of-use by simplifying creation, management, and deployment of Digital Assets. The new server-centric concept behind the Workgroup Server Solutions and Enterprise also simplifies the users‘ daily work when managing assets.

Cumulus 6 packs a list of new features. All assets can be managed and made accessible centrally in one window, allowing the creation virtual asset repositories. Also, users can switch between different views with preconfigured View Sets, or display the information they find relevant with regard to format or task. Cumulus 6 also offers Asset Handling Sets for optimized handling of different formats. In Workgroup and Enterprise these preconfigured sets can be edited and provided centrally by the administrator. Furthermore, with Cumulus 6, Mac OS X clients and Single User version will be offered for the first time. Native support for the entire product line is an enhancement for creative professionals where Mac OSX represents the leading platform.

The release of Cumulus 6 also marks the introduction of the EJaP (Embedded Java PlugIn) technology. Both customers and system integrators can customize the available out-of-the-box solutions to meet their specific needs. In a nutshell, the administration of tailor-made solutions is now a possibility. Cumulus 6 can be integrated into any workflow, be it Enterprise Portal or Enterprise Content Management.

Cumulus 6 Single User and Workgroup are available immediately for download. Server versions for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris, and Client and Single User versions for Mac OS X and Windows are offered. Upgrades will be offered for existing installations. Users who participate in the Upgrade Advantage Program will receive this upgrade within that UAP.

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Canopus Launches MVRD2200 Realtime MPEG Encoder/Decoder

Canopus Corporation, announced MVRD2200, a professional real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding and decoding board. The MVRD2200 is the successor to the Canopus Amber and features additional analog video signal filtering, cleaning, and stabilization technology. An updated software development kit (SDK) provides full board function control and backward compatibility for Amber and MediaEdge applications.

The MVRD2200 is a high-quality professional MPEG encoder with the ability to filter, stabilize, and enhance analog source video quality prior to encoding. Powerful pre-filtering features include advanced 3D Y/C separation to reduce color noise and improve image quality, 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise in the analog video signal, a line time base corrector (LTBC) to correct jittery video images, and digital frame synchronization and auto gain controls.

The MVRD2200 delivers the MPEG-2 output required by today's video professionals when encoding using the Main Profile at Main Level (MP@ML) setting. MP@ML features true IBP frame format, providing the highest-quality video output at the lowest bandwidth. In addition, the MVRD2200's variable bitrate capabilities -- from 1Mbps to 15Mbps -- are some of the most effective techniques available for maintaining video quality while reducing the overall file size. The MVRD2200 supports both composite and S-Video inputs, and is scalable up to full-D1 resolution with NTSC and PAL format support. The MVRD2200 also supports I-frame-only MPEG-2 encoding.

The software bundle with the MVRD2200 includes MPEG Station, a capture and playback software utility, and a DV AVI-to-MPEG file conversion utility. MPEG Station provides full-resolution overlay for previewing footage during capture. It features a detailed selection of adjustable encoding settings that users can modify to meet their video quality requirements. An Adobe Premiere timeline export plug-in is included for fast, high-quality encoding directly from the timeline. An SDK is also included to let program developers create custom software that utilizes the MVRD2200 hardware for a specific encoding tasks.

THe MVRD2200 will be available this month through Canopus authorized dealers and system integrators for a suggested retail price of $1499.

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Mindego Ships MPEG-4 Analyzer Software

Mindego Inc. announced that it is now shipping the Mindego Analyzer, a software tool for examining the structure, contents, and conformance of MPEG-4 media data. The Analyzer helps MPEG technical professionals efficiently engineer, test, and identify problems with their coding systems, or interrogate streams received from external sources.

The Mindego Analyzer is Windows-based software that takes as input MPEG-4 elementary streams or files in the MP4 format. The software uses a top-down approach to stream examination and provides numerous navigation aids to enable random access at any level of the file and its video contents. Release v1.0 support the analysis of MPEG-4 video, simple and advanced profiles, and MP4 atom structure. It runs semantic and syntactic video compliance tests, and checks for conformance to MP4 metadata and ISMA v1.0 specifications where applicable. The graphical interface allows for fast, easy, and informative access to data.

The Analyzer also performs comprehensive video stream analysis, providing header data display, stream statistics, video playback, and a picture timeline feature to enable random navigation through the stream. The MA-4500 provides advanced level features such as VBV buffer analysis, macroblock distribution and bit count, peak signal to noise ratio, quantizer and motion vector values and DCT coefficients.

The software sells in the full-featured MA-4500 priced at $5,995, or the more economical MA-4000 versions, and may be acquired directly from Mindego or from a Mindego authorized international reseller. A full-featured trial version of the software may be downloaded by visiting the company website.

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AJA Video Systems toIntroduce Io LD and Io LA to U.S.

AJA Video Systems announced that it will introduce Io LD and Io LA to the U.S. professional video production industry with their first appearance in the U.S at the Government Video Technology Expo. The two newest members of AJA's Io family, Io LD and Io LA support the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed video available. Selling in both the digital and analog inputs and outputs, these smaller and lower cost relatives of Io are application specific. Io LD is designed to work with SDI digital systems, and Io LA is for analog component or composite systems. At GV Expo, AJA will be in Apple's booth # 412.

Io LD and Io LA made their first worldwide appearance at InterBEE in Japan last week. At InterBEE, AJA's Io and PCI technology were in nine exhibitors' booths. AJA boasts that they are quickly become the de-facto standard for high end uncompressed video solutions for the Mac platform. Both Io LD and Io LA work with Final Cut Pro 4 and connect to the Apple Power Mac with a single 400mb FireWire cable. Like Io, Io LD and LA have multi-channel 24-bit audio, RS-422 machine control, and Genlock. Because of their small size, Io LD and Io LA can be used in either a desktop configuration or be mounted in an optional 1 RU mounting bracket, also available from AJA.

Io LD and Io LA will begin shipping in January, 2004. Suggested retail price is $1,190.

Back to Contents... Releases First Linux-Based Operating System for Laptops

LindowsOS Laptop Edition, The first Linux-based operating system tailored specifically for laptops was launched by LindowsOS Laptop Edition includes improved power management, high compatibility with WiFi cards, and the ability to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to browsers and email programs. This specialized version of Desktop Linux for laptops has been designed to require only minimal configuration whenever a WiFi card is inserted, limited to two steps to switch from an Ethernet connection to a wireless.

Many newer laptop models feature "Net keys" to make accessing the web browser or email application quick and easy. LindowsOS Laptop Edition has been tailored to work seamlessly with laptops featuring these keys.

LindowsOS Laptop Edition is available now from a wide range of retailers, pre-loaded on a full range of models, which have been rigorously tested to ensure compatibility the factory forward. The Olympic Athena ( is designed for mobility, at only 5.5 pounds and starting at $899; the Olympic Spartan ( features powerful computing abilities and is designed to replace desktop computers at $959.

LindowsOS Laptop Edition can also be downloaded digitally from the CNR Warehouse, at no charge for members, or $49.95 for non-members. Physical versions of LindowsOS Laptop Edition can be ordered through the

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NVIDIA Unveils Quadro FX 1100

PNY Technologies introduces the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 by PNY, a mid-range professional graphics solution that out-performs competitors on key new industry-standard SPECviewperf 7.1.1 3dsmax-02, ProE-02, and Ugs-03 tests. Engineered to deliver unprecedented graphics performance, precision, and programmability, the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 by PNY will serve graphics and engineering professionals in computer-aided design, digital content creation, and scientific visualization markets.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 by PNY is armed with architecture that allows developers to interactively simulate a virtually unlimited range of real-world properties. Features and benefits of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 by PNY include the following: 128-bit floating-point graphics pipeline, 12 bits of subpixel precision for geometric accuracy and rasterization anomalies, third generation vertex and pixel programmability, 128MB graphics memory to power high resolution digital and analog displays, and 0.13 micron graphics processing unit.

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Keep Up to 1GB of Data in Your Wallet With Freecom USB Cards

Freecom Technologies, a European manufacturer of multimedia storage solutions, announced the launch of the Freecom USBCard to the North and South American markets. Freecom also offers its revolutionary USBCard in a personalized form, featuring company logos and applications!

The size of a credit card, Freecom USBcard enables important private and business data to be carried in any wallet. The card is easily connected to a PC, laptop, running Widows 2000 or higher, Mac or Linux computer through the integrated and extremely slim, USB-2.0 connection cable without any driver installation (Windows 98 requires driver installation).

The USBCard can store up to 1 GB of data despite its small form factor. It can also be used as a powerful, innovative advertising and branding tool. Freecom offers the ability to customize its new USBCard, turning it into a personal 'My Card'. Personalized USBCards are tailored to corporate situations such as an external sales force. > Freecom offers the 'My Card' service in small quantities; as few as 250 cards. You can choose a color, add printed text and even company logos. The cards can also be pre-loaded with presentations and critical applications. You can create your own personal USBCard online at

MSRP on the basic USBCards is: 128MB -- $99.99; 256MB -- $139.99; 512MB $22999. Prices for My Card, custom USBCards, vary depending on the memory capacity, customization and the quantity ordered. 

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nNovia's FireSwitch Delivers Frame-Accurate DV-Format Switching

nNovia Inc., OEM manufacturer of professional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and other complementary DV products, announced today that it is shipping FireSwitch. It is a frame accurate, 4x1 DV switcher that allows up to 4 independent, non-synchronized, DV sources to be connected and switched "glitch-free" for multicamera live video production.

Based on nNovia's patent-pending DV switching technology, FireSwitch is an asynchronous, IEEE-1394 DV 4x1 switch that provides two key features necessary for live production: frame rate synchronization and accurate frame boundary switching. FireSwitch automatically adjusts its output rate to match the selected input source. It also prevents the display of partial video frame data ("glitches"), as well as video data loss, by switching exactly at the frame boundary. As a result, DV-based live production can be used in place of the traditional, genlock-based analog alternative.

FireSwitch appears to other 1394 devices as a camera, making it easy to connect to any DV environment. It can be operated from GPI or RS-232 control interfaces, or through its front panel. Multiple units can be controlled through a single serial interface, providing access to a larger network of DV devices.

FireSwitch is priced at $999 and is available for immediate delivery.

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