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Streaming Media
December 09, 2003

Table of Contents

Ulead Debuts DVD Workshop 2 at DV Expo West
Sony Unveils New Professional DVcam Videotape
Kano Introduces 8X Dual-Format DVD Drive
ARCHOS Releases Video Editing Capabilities for AV300 Series
Toshiba Lowers Price of DVD/CD Drive, Adds Nero Software Suite
Xyratex Announces Serial ATA RAID Solution
Sand Video to Release Low Power MPEG4-AVC/H.264 Decoder Core
Panasonic Introduces 3.5-Pound Go-Anywhere Projector

Ulead Debuts DVD Workshop 2 at DV Expo West

Ulead Systems, Inc.—a leading developer of image, video, 3D, and DVD software—will show the upcoming version of its professional DVD authoring software, DVD Workshop 2, at DV Expo West at the Ulead booth (#135), from December 10-12, 2003. Along with regular demos from Ulead, Rudy Sarzo, world-renowned bassist with stints including Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, and Whitesnake, will show how he used DVD Workshop 2 to create his new bass guitar training DVD. At the same time, 3D-Modeler Paul Ozzimo, who has created work for Batman, Minority Report, and Cat in the Hat, will be there to answer questions on how he created a demo reel of his 3D models using DVD Workshop 2.

In addition to showing DVD Workshop 2 at the Ulead booth, Douglas Spotted Eagle of Sundance Media Group and Rudy Sarzo will give three, free 45-minute training sessions highlighting the new features of DVD Workshop 2 and how Sarzo used the software to create his bass guitar training DVD. The sessions will be held on Wednesday, December 10, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 303A.

DVD Workshop 2 targets creative professionals in a variety of fields who want to produce sophisticated DVDs with a minimal learning curve. It offers a straightforward, design-centric workflow with professional DVD authoring features to creating sophisticated DVDs. New features include multiple subtitle and audio tracks, playlists, and professional output with support for Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and dual-layer DVDs (DVD-9). DVD Workshop 2 will be available in January for $495 via a variety of video resellers and at

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Sony Unveils New Professional DVcam Videotape

Sony has introduced its new DigitalMaster DVCAM videotape, which is designed for the independent cinema market. DigitalMaster videotape reduces the rate of dropouts by 50 percent or more and causes 90 percent fewer errors compared to MiniDV tape. This translates to significant benefits in common independent applications, such as using a single camera to discreetly capture a scene or shooting documentaries, where there is no chance for a second take.

Sony's DigitalMaster videotape is able to cut dropout rates in half due to tighter tolerances used during manufacturing. This not only provides directors and directors of photography with peace of mind when capturing critical footage, but also makes the post production process run more smoothly.

Professionals can also rely on DigitalMaster to withstand the rigors of shooting in a range of environmental conditions. Magnetic tape is susceptible to expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity variations, and excessive "shrinkage" can alter the position of recorded tracks. As a result, playback heads may not be able to accurately read information and tracking can occur. In addition, it impairs machine-to-machine compatibility.

DigitalMaster is manufactured with a dual layer of 100 percent magnetic material—unprecedented in a professional videotape—to deliver a 2 dB, or 20 percent, increase in carrier-to-noise (C/N) ratio, which is the distance between the maximum signal that can be recorded on the tape and the noise floor (or when no signal is present). Within this noise, errors may occur during playback because data may be masked and misinterpreted by the playback head. DigitalMaster's higher C/N ratio, which equates to greater output and less noise, translates to more signal coming off the tape during playback to reduce the occurrence of errors and misinterpreted data.

The technology behind DigitalMaster further enhances DVCAM's Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology to produce a tape that can withstand the rigorous demands of the professional's daily routine of constant shuttling and shooting in varying environments.

This Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating over the magnetic layer results in a surface 20 times harder than normal oxide tapes. DigitalMaster features 30 percent more DLC coating to provide an even greater level of durability. Finally, a new package design for DigitalMaster makes it easier for professionals to organize libraries and find the right tape quickly. Available in mini and standard cassette shell sizes, the tape comes in a variety of lengths (32-, 40-, 64-, 124- and 184-minute cassettes), and is protected by an anti-static lid that shields the tape from debris. Cassettes are packaged in a secure locking album case to provide additional physical protection. 

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Kano Introduces 8X Dual-Format DVD Drive

Kano Technologies introduced its 8X dual-format DVD+RW/R and DVD-RW/R drive today. The K8Xtreme has an 8X write speed for both DVD+R and -R media, and can record an entire DVD in less than 15 minutes. At this time, it is the only drive capable of 8X recording on Verbatim 4X -R media, which allows users to take advantage of 4X media availability and pricing.

K8Xtreme can also write to and read CD media at 32X16X40 speeds, and can read DVD-ROM at a speed of 12X. A complete storage solution, with a capacity of 4.7GB per DVD, the K8Xtreme is the perfect choice for video and audio archiving, and data backup and archiving. The new drive is available now in three versions: an internal model for PCs, and external models for PCs and Macs. 

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ARCHOS Releases Video Editing Capabilities for AV300 Series

ARCHOS, a global provider of handheld entertainment and storage solutions, announced the availability of new firmware for its AV300 line of portable video players and recorders. The new firmware update gives users enhanced video editing capabilities, a redesigned interface and the ability to record and play back WMA files. The downloadable firmware will be available later this month for free at

Announced in June, the AV300 series is the industry's first personal, portable video player that can record and play back movies with stereo MP3 audio, while also operating as a powerful MP3 recorder and player, personal photo player and storage device. The firmware update includes a new operating system that gives customers editing capabilities and an entirely redesigned user interface for easy navigation. Before the availability of the update, users could play and record videos on the go, but used the computer to edit their recordings. With the introduction of the new operating system, customers can edit their recorded video directly from the AV300 device.

Additional features include the ability to crop extra minutes at the beginning or end of a movie, as well as edit out unwanted scenes. With the easy-to-use interface, users can also save outtakes or favorite scenes from long video sequences to create short clips.

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Toshiba Lowers Price of DVD/CD Drive, Adds Nero Software Suite

Toshiba's easy-to-install/use SD-R5112 DVD recordable upgrade kit is available for just $119 and now comes bundled with Nero software, making DVD creation and editing easier and more affordable than ever. The Toshiba DVD recordable kit enables users to upgrade their current desktop computers with DVD/CD playback and recording capabilities to store and share home movies, music, and photos with greater efficiency and performance. The Nero software suite brings users a host of easy-to-use programs, making the transfer of home videos and photos from the computer to the living room DVD player a fun and simple project. All of the tools needed for "do-it-yourself" installation are in one package.

The SD-R5112 supports write speeds of 4X for DVD-R, 2X for DVD-RW, 16X for CD-R and 10X for HS CD-RW. The Nero Software Suite Includes:
• Nero Express 6
• InCD 4
• NeroVision Express 2
• Nero BackItUp
• Nero ShowTime
• Nero Recode
• Nero Media Player
• Nero ToolKit
• Nero Cover Designer 

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Xyratex Announces Serial ATA RAID Solution

Xyratex, a leader in delivering storage systems for the OEM market, has announced the release of the Xyratex 4200 Fibre Channel to Serial ATA (SATA) RAID subsystem.

This 3U Dual integrated controller SATA RAID solution is the newest member of Xyratex's existing family of enterprise class Fiber Channel, SATA, and SCSI storage offerings and continues Xyratex's commitment to offering turnkey storage solutions to the OEM market.

Providing a combination of Fiber Channel connectivity and cost-effective SATA drive technology, the Xyratex 4200 allows for a new standard in multi-tiered storage offerings needing lower cost storage without sacrificing the availability achieved with Fiber Channel based storage systems.

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Sand Video to Release Low Power MPEG4-AVC/H.264 Decoder Core

Sand Video, Inc. has announced the availability of the SV-IP01LP, the first AVC/H.264 decoder core designed specifically for mobile TV and other video applications on cell phones, PDAs, and automobile navigation systems. The decoder core is available to OEMs for a license fee plus royalty.

Based on Sand Video's high-definition AVC/H.264 Main Profile SV-IP01 core, which launched in July 2003, the SV-IP01LP is a decoder core that has been modified to support AVC/H.264 Baseline profile real time decoding applications at very low power consumption. The core can support a range of resolution up to full D1 resolution at full real-time frame rate of 30 frames per second (f/s).

The core is ideal for cell phones and other power sensitive applications because it is expected to consume less that 50 mW for CIF resolution at 30 f/s for devices fabricated in 0.13 micron foundry processes. The SV-IP01LP's power consumption is significantly lower than any comparable DSP solution. 

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Panasonic Introduces 3.5-Pound Go-Anywhere Projector

Panasonic breaks the 4-pound barrier for 1,200 lumen projectors with its new 3.5-pound PT-LM1U SVGA LCD projector. The stylish, super-slim PT-LM1U offers an unmatched combination of weight, brightness and estimated street price.

The feature-packed, ultra-portable PT-LM1U delivers a brilliant 1,200 ANSI lumens of brightness and a bevy of time-saving and anti-theft functions--all at an estimated price of $999.

Thanks to its high-performance optical system and high-efficiency 130 UHM lamp, the PT-LM1U produces high contrast (400:1 ratio) images at a crisp, sharp 800x600 native SVGA native resolution (while providing advanced resizing technology to support UXGA). The projector instantaneously adjusts lamp brightness to optimize on-screen imaging, and for darker scenes, it automatically lowers the brightness to produce deeper blacks and make light areas "pop out."

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