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Streaming Media
February 10, 2004

Table of Contents

Primera Now Shipping Accent Disc Laminator
Belkin Selects Cypress for High-End USB 2.0 Hubs
InPhase Technologies Ships the First Blue Laser Holographic Media
Apogee DDX Chosen for Motorola Digital Cable Ready Home Theater Systems
C-COR and TANDBERG Television Team Up in Offering High Density Video-on-Demand Systems
321 Studios Shuts Down Piracy Suspect
Primera Technology Introduces the Bravo II Disc Publisher
Tensilica's Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine Receives Dolby Approval

Primera Now Shipping Accent Disc Laminator

Primera Technology, Inc. has announced that its new Accent Disc Laminator is now in production and has started shipping. Accent lays down a thin layer of transparent or holographic film over printed CDs and DVDs. Accent's overlaminates protect the discs from water, scratching, sunlight, smudging, and rough handling. Two types of overlaminates are available:

- ClearCoat Overlaminate Film
Accent's ClearCoat overlaminate film protects discs with a clear laminate that is highly water and scratch-resistant. With ClearCoat, printed colors become brighter, more vibrant and have a professional-looking, high-gloss finish.

- AuthentiCoat Overlaminate Film
Primera's exclusive AuthentiCoat overlaminate film provides the same environmental protection as ClearCoat, but also includes holographic images embedded in the film substrate that are transferred to the surface of the discs. Both standard and custom holographic patterns are available.

Custom holograms can include company logos, product logos, graphics and text for authentic discs. Holographic confirm that the disc is an original or an authorized copy. This helps to prevent and discourage theft of content. An additional UV security feature is also available with either ClearCoat or AuthentiCoat films. It provides invisible text or graphics under the surface of the overlaminate film that is viewable only with black light. This feature can be used to covertly display words such as "Authentic" or "Authorized Content."

The Accent is priced at $3495, and the ADL-100 High-Speed Autoloader is priced at $1395. Lamination film pricing varies depending upon the type selected and ranges from US $0.10 per disc to US $0.25 per disc. Discs printed by other printing technologies, such as screen-printing or thermal transfer can also be protected with Accent's clear or holographic overlaminates.

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Belkin Selects Cypress for High-End USB 2.0 Hubs

Cypress Semiconductor Corp., the market share leader in USB, today announced that its TetraHub USB hub controller chips are shipping in a new multiport hub being announced this week by Belkin, the world's leading manufacturer of USB hub devices. Cypress's TetraHub technology provides end-users of Belkin's new TetraHub four-port USB hub a significant increase in device performance and productivity. Cypress's TetraHub chip is the industry's first USB hub controller to integrate one "transaction translator" (TT) in each downstream port, delivering a full 12 Mbps of bandwidth to each connected full-speed USB peripheral. Competing hubs force connected peripherals to share a single 12 Mbps data channel, which can bottleneck data and render a system inoperable when multiple devices are used simultaneously.

"The PC has evolved into a multimedia studio, with CD burners, DVD players, video and storage devices competing for system bandwidth," said Paul Novell, managing director of the Wired Business Unit of Cypress Semiconductor's Personal Communications Division. "Why should you have to wait for your CD to finish burning before you can start on other projects? Cypress's TetraHub technology eliminates the 'downtime penalty' of single-TT hubs, enabling end-users to enjoy the full potential of their peripheral devices."

Cypress's TetraHub solution provides USB hubs with the system intelligence needed for high levels of data control. It supports all three USB speeds: low-speed (1.5 Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps) and hi-speed (480 Mbps), enabling multiple devices of varying speeds to operate on the hub simultaneously. The TetraHub device may be used as a high-bandwidth controller in standalone hubs, monitor hubs, port replicators, and docking stations, or to increase the number of USB ports on a PC without integrating additional host controllers. It is available in a space-saving, cost-effective 56-lead QFN package. Cypress also offers a hub reference design and evaluation kit to shorten and simplify product design cycles.

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InPhase Technologies Ships the First Blue Laser Holographic Media

InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage media and systems, today announced that it has developed and is shipping the first blue laser holographic media that enables greater amounts of information to be stored on a single disc. The new media, Tapestry HDS5000, developed in part with funds from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), builds on InPhase's previous innovations in green wavelength holographic media. This breakthrough blue wavelength media will be used in holographic recorders and players that will have terabytes of capacity on a single disc.

The Tapestry HDS5000 media is available today for customer shipments. InPhase has been shipping holographic media to holographic device developers since 2001. Tapestry HDS5000 is photosensitive to blue laser wavelengths from 400-410 nanometers (nm). These lasers, developed for use in next-generation blue laser DVD devices, are being incorporated into InPhase's holographic systems, currently under development. The Tapestry HDS5000 media will be available through the InPhase Media Evaluation Program. The program is designed to accelerate the development of holographic storage products in a broad range of applications by making InPhase holographic media and development equipment available to a wide variety of product developers in the digital imaging market.

"While Blu-ray and other consumer technologies popularize the benefits of blue lasers, InPhase Technologies continues to demonstrate that holographic data storage can also take advantage of these new lasers and still offer much higher capacity and performance," said Wolfgang Schlichting, research director, Removable Storage for IDC.

InPhase's Tapestry HDS-200R drive, the first-generation recordable holographic drive, will reach the market in 2006 and has 200 gigabytes of capacity with a 20 megabyte per second transfer rate. A single disc can hold almost 100 million pages of text, 200,000 photos, over 1,500 hours of audio, or 14 hours of high definition video. 

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Apogee DDX Chosen for Motorola Digital Cable Ready Home Theater Systems

Apogee Technology, Inc., a leading provider of digital audio amplification solutions, today announced the inclusion of DDX Direct Digital Amplification in the new Motorola Broadband digital convergence platform (DCP) of high performance home theater systems. The inclusion of Apogee's solution marks the first use of All-Digital DDX in a digital cable-ready set-top application. Apogee's All-Digital DDX solution will be included in the Motorola DCP600 and DCP601. The DDX solution will ensure that the multi-channel audio content will maintain its quality and functionality from source to speakers.

Recently announced at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show, the Motorola digital convergence platform is designed to eliminate the complicated hook-up and continuous re-configuration of audio and high-definition video equipment that occurs in a high-end home theater environment. The products can intelligently convert video and audio content from various sources (such as off-air/ATSC or cable-delivered HDTV, digital cable programming, DVD content, surround sound audio, and standard-definition broadcasts) to match system capabilities and settings.

Using six DDX-2100 Power Devices, Motorola DCP systems provide 90 Watts per channel for a total of 540 Watts of robust, All-Digital sound. In concert with the power devices, the systems use Apogee's DDX-8000 Controller to provide advance multi-channel audio functionality. Apogee's DDX high-efficiency benefits eliminates the need for bulky heat sinks and reduces the power supply size, enabling Motorola to implement a complete, high performance system in a space saving design.

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C-COR and TANDBERG Television Team Up in Offering High Density Video-on-Demand Systems Corp., a global provider of broadband communications products, software systems, and services, today announced that the Company has signed an agreement with TANDBERG Television, a leading supplier of open solutions for digital broadcasting and broadband, to provide a high-density Edge QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) device, the EdgeMax 5500, to cable operators planning to deploy VOD (Video-on-Demand) services. Under the agreement, TANDBERG has granted C-COR certain marketing and selling rights in designated markets for the EdgeMax 5500.

By combining C-COR's newly introduced GigE Max optical transport module for the Company's flagship CHP Max5000(TM) headend platform with the EdgeMax 5500, operators can enjoy a performance-optimized VOD system engineered specifically for IP transport between servers of content and EdgeMax 5500 devices remotely located at hubs that act as media converters between the IP distribution network and the HFC access plant. The EdgeMax 5500's high density, edge-of-network solution is designed to minimize the cost of deploying and running content-on-demand services by combining IP/MPEG statistical multiplexing, QAM modulation, and UHF conversion for up to 24 QAM channels in a compact single rack-unit, thereby reducing power consumption, air-conditioning needs, and equipment costs. C-COR is a leading provider of premium quality, globally-oriented optical, digital video transport, and RF telecommunication products; operation support software solutions; and high-end technical field services.

C-COR's latest end-to-end fiber optic network solution, the FTTmaX, uses PON (passive optical network) technology and Gigabit connectivity to transport voice, video, and data over the last mile to the home or business. TANDBERG Television creates products and systems for the delivery of high-quality live video and on-demand content across cable, DSL, fiber, IP, satellite, and terrestrial networks.

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321 Studios Shuts Down Piracy Suspect

321 Studios declares that its piracy prevention measures are working on the day transfer and preliminary injunction motions are to be heard in a New York City courtroom. 321 Studios recently relied on DVDXCOPY's built-in piracy prevention measures—the backup copy video disclaimer and ability to remotely de-activate a customer's copy of DVDXCOPY—to shut down an accused copyright pirate. 321 first heard of this Illinois man's alleged activities in court papers related to Paramount Pictures Corporation and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation v. 321 Studios, a lawsuit filed in the Southern District Court of New York on November 14, 2003. The company took action the same day by remotely de-activating the man's copy of DVDXCOPY XPRESS.

321 Studios has several anti-piracy measures built into its DVDXCOPY series of software, including:

- An eight-second, indelible video warning, similar to the FBI warning found at the beginning of many DVD movies, alerting viewers of the backup copy that the DVD is not an original and is to be only used for non-commercial, personal use.

- An electronic watermark that can trace any backup copy made with DVDXCOPY back to the original point of purchase allowing 321 Studios to remotely de-activate the software and prevent further misuse.

- An embedded bit flag that prevents making a copy of a copy using DVDXCOPY.

- A $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person using 321's software to pirate movies.

"This case also proves that our customers are not pirates," Semaan continued. "Out of the hundreds of thousands of copies of DVDXCOPY sold, the studios can only point to ONE alleged misuse of our product and in this one case brought to our attention, we were able to help bring a stop to it within minutes of learning about it."

321 Studios provides software tools to help consumers protect their investment in digital media, and is the leading provider of DVD backup, recovery, and creation software. Founded in 2001, 321 Studios' premier DVD backup title, DVD X Copy Platinum, is one of PC Magazine's 'Best Products of 2003'.

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Primera Technology Introduces the Bravo II Disc Publisher

Primera Technology, Inc., the world's leading developer and manufacturer of CD/DVD disc duplication and printing equipment, today announced its Bravo II Disc Publisher. Bravo II burns and prints CDs and DVDs hands-free and completely unattended. An advanced robotic mechanism is used to transport discs into the built-in 52x CD-R recorder or optional Pioneer combo DVD+/-R/CD-R recorder. After recording, discs are transported to the integrated printer and printed in full-color at up to 4800 dpi resolution. Bravo II prints directly onto the surface of the discs, so no labels are required. Up to 50 discs per job are produced. Both Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X, version 10.2 or later are supported. Professional recording and label design software is included.

Typical applications include businesses of all types, government agencies, churches, film and video producers, photography studios, musical groups, schools and universities as well as other companies and organizations who have a need for in-house copying and printing of CDs and DVDs.

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Tensilica's Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine Receives Dolby Approval

Tensilica, Inc., announced that it has received Dolby Laboratories' approval for the Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine's high-performance Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio decoding and consumer encoding capabilities. This is the first 24-bit audio solution for system-on-chip (SOC) designs to earn approval from Dolby Laboratories. This turnkey solution is available now for SOC designers who want to quickly add high-quality and proven audio capabilities to home entertainment systems, car audio, and other consumer audio products.

The 24-bit Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine has inherent advantages over the industry standard 16-bit audio processors in widespread use today. It provides increased precision for intermediate calculations of the compression and decompression algorithms. In addition to supporting Dolby Digital AC-3 decode and consumer encode, the Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine also supports MP3 decode and encode, MPEG-2/4 AAC decode and encode, and WMA decode. It also supports G723-1 and G729AB speech codecs for highly optimized, multi-standard, voice-over-IP (VoIP) SOC designs. Because the engine is programmable, multiple standards can run on the same hardware, allowing the same silicon to be used for multiple applications or the same device to play or record audio encoded in different standards.

In addition, designers can further customize the underlying Xtensa processor so it can be used for other functions on the chip. All of the algorithm solutions for the Xtensa HiFi Audio Engine were designed and developed by CuTe Solutions, Hyderabad, India. CuTe Solutions has a dedicated ASIC design team that designs and develops DSP/Xtensa Processor based SoC platforms catering to audio and voice applications.

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