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Streaming Media
February 17, 2004

Table of Contents

Lexar Media Introduces 60X SD Cards
Pinnacle Offers Liquid Editing for Workgroups for Under $50K
NEC Debuts residential HDTV Plasma Display Line
InterVideo Launches DVD SlideShow
321 Studios Responds to Macrovision Lawsuit
InterVideo Announces WMV HD DVD Playback in WinDVD 5
Parvus Debuts MPEG104 Real-Time MPEG-1 Encoder
MainConcept Releases H.264 Encoder Technology Preview Version

Lexar Media Introduces 60X SD Cards

Lexar Media, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance digital media and accessories, has introduced Secure Digital (SD) memory cards speed-rated at 60X, which signifies a minimum sustained write speed capability of 9MB/sec. Lexar's high-speed Secure Digital memory cards are designed for digital imaging applications requiring sustained high speed, such as shooting digital photographs in high-resolution burst mode and shooting digital video. The 60X speed of Lexar Media's new Secure Digital cards provides fast sustained write speeds to enable uninterrupted Shooting, even when capturing digital video in full-motion JPEG or MPEG 4 formats.

The SD cards will be available this spring in 256MB and 512MB capacities, with expected retail prices of $109.99 and $269.99, respectively. Lexar's 60X SecureDigital memory cards include a lifetime warranty and free unlimited access to Lexar's technical support.

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Pinnacle Offers Liquid Editing for Workgroups for Under $50K

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has introduced Liquid Editing for Workgroups, a networked editing solution utilizing Pinnacle's Palladium Store 100 (PS100). Liquid Editing for Workgroups makes the efficiency and safety of high-performance tapeless production viable for local broadcast, corporate, boutique post-production, government, and educational operations.

Liquid Editing for Workgroups offers wide-ranging benefits. According to Pinnacle, educational settings will appreciate lower per client costs, simplified IT set-up and management, and flexible workstation scheduling. Post-production and corporate settings will benefit from reduced spending on tape decks and increased productivity through editing during ingest, and allowing multiple editors to collaborate on projects. Everyone benefits from the reliability of advanced RAID-protected storage and the overall efficiency of the all-digital networked workflow.

Facilities that already own Pinnacle Liquid Edition seats can purchase a complete package, including modern networked video production environment qualified for up to 16 Liquid Edition editors, for just $49,995. This package includes 2TB of usable storage (enough for 140 hours of DV-quality video), secure RAID 10 mirroring, Pinnacle Liquid Project Server for collaboration and scheduling flexibility, Gigabit Ethernet switches, Pinnacle's exclusive Media Access Server (MAS) for network performance, and more. Purchasing Liquid Editing for Workgroups with ten Pinnacle Liquid Edition PRO clients is only $59,995.

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NEC Debuts residential HDTV Plasma Display Line

NEC Solutions (America), Inc. has made has introduced a new line of 42", 50" and 61" HDTV plasma displays. With screen sizes of up to 61", sleek, wall- mountable silver-bezel designs beginning at only 3.5" deep, and jaw-dropping image quality, the new flat-screen displays are designed for home theater, gaming, and other residential applications.

The PlasmaSync 42XM2/S, 50XM3/S, 61XM2/S, and 61XM2+/S, which are now shipping, use several proprietary technologies such as capsulated Color Filter, which offers realistic color reproduction, and AccuCrimson technology, which creates the purer reds. Advanced AccuBlend scaling technology provides precise display of 4:3 and 16:9 content from video, HD and PC sources. HDCP compatibility ensures operation with source devices featuring a DVI output using high-bandwidth digital content protection. And 3/2 pulldown enhances the appearance of content originally produced in film.

Users seeking a 61" display can choose between two models, the 61XM2/S and the 61XM2+/S. The 61XM2+/S incorporates NEC's new enhanced split screen feature, which offers a wide selection of choices in viewing two sources simultaneously. Users can display material from two sources at once side by side or in a picture-in-picture format, freeze the image on the active source, or zoom in on a portion of the selected image for a closer view while the second source maintains its original image.

NEC's PlasmaSync 42XM2/S is now available with an MSRP of $6,995. The PlasmaSync 50XM3/S, PlasmaSync 61XM2/S and PlasmaSync61XM2+/S are available with MSRPs of $10,495, $16,995 and $17,995, respectively.

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InterVideo Launches DVD SlideShow

InterVideo, Inc. has announced InterVideo DVD SlideShow, a new software solution that lets users organize, author, and burn digital photo albums to CDs and DVDs in "just three easy steps." Featuring a wizard-like interface, embedded editing tools, over 25 menu templates, and integrated burning software, InterVideo DVD SlideShow is designed to turn ordinary digital photos into professional-looking multimedia shows that can be viewed on a TV or a computer equipped with a CD or DVD player. The three steps of slideshow disc creation are album organization, menu selection, and burning.

InterVideo DVD SlideShow is currently available in Japan with a suggested retail price of 5800 Yen. InterVideo DVD SlideShow is compatible with Windows 98/2000/Me/XP desktop and notebook systems.

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321 Studios Responds to Macrovision Lawsuit

321 Studios, an industry leader in DVD backup, creation, and recovery software, has filed in the Southern District Court of New York the company's response to allegations of inducement of patent infringement and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations made by the Macrovision Corporation. Macrovision has requested a preliminary injunction against the sale of 321 Studios' DVDXCOPY products.

In the filings, 321 Studios argues that Macrovision's motion for a preliminary injunction is flawed in multiple ways: the alleged direct infringers, 321's customers, are licensed to practice Macrovision's patents and since there is no direct infringement, there can be no claim of inducement; apart from the license that runs with every DVD player, Macrovision has failed to adduce any evidence of alleged direct infringement; in so doing, it seeks to extend the limited monopoly granted to Macrovision's analog copy protection scheme to products that do not involve analog copying at all, as 321 Studios' products only backup digital media to digital media; and it seeks an injunction under the DMCA for conduct that is not even occurring, and which, if it were to occur, would not violate the DMCA.

At the same time, 321 Studios also filed a motion asking the court to transfer this case to either the Northern District of California or the Eastern District of Missouri since there is no material connection to New York for either Macrovision or 321 Studios.

321's motion against the preliminary injunction suggests that Macrovision and the movie studios are conspiring together to stop the sale of 321 Studios products. It points out that portions of the Macrovision complaint are "plainly cut and pasted" from the Paramount and Fox complaint filed in the same jurisdiction in November of 2003.

A hearing for the preliminary injunction motion is set for February 27 and a hearing for the transfer motion is set for March 19. 321 Studios is currently awaiting rulings in the Southern District of New York and in the Northern District of California in cases involving nine major Hollywood movie studios.

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InterVideo Announces WMV HD DVD Playback in WinDVD 5

InterVideo, Inc. has announced that WinDVD 5, its software PC-DVD playback solution, provides playback of the new high-definition movies on DVD discs when combined with InterVideo's InterActual add-on pack. With the software, users can enjoy the higher-resolution enabled by Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series (WMV HD). In addition to playback support for the high-definition DVD discs, InterVideo announced two new WinDVD capabilities that are about to be released--support for playback (but not duplication) of Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) on a PC and support for on-disc playback of the new Windows Media HD discs on a PC.

A growing number of Hollywood moviemakers, including Artisan, IMAX, and National Geographic, have released or will soon release high-definition DVD packs that include a standard definition disc and a second disc with WMV HD versions of the films. With video resolutions of up to 1080p, the new WMV HD titles deliver approximately six times the resolution of today's DVD video. No additional software is required. Future versions will also enable playback of non InterActual-enhanced discs as well.

As part of its commitment to make watching a video on a PC or laptop more entertaining, InterVideo has also added its new Smart Stretch Technology and Mobile Technology to WinDVD 5. With Smart Stretch, users can customize their viewing image with intelligent compensation for the differences in displays and aspect ratios, i.e., when viewing 4:3 content on 16:9 or vice versa. InterVideo's non-linear technology minimizes the distortion by only stretching the edges of the video and maintaining the original content in the center portion of the image. InterVideo Mobile Technology to help users extend the battery life and playback time of mobile PCs featuring Intel's new Centrino mobile technology and other Intel notebook processors.

In addition to the new InterActual add-on option, InterVideo also offers the DVD-Audio pack with navigation controls and playback capabilities for the latest high-definition standard in music listening. With the pack, users can navigate the audio content, skip tracks, play music, or access the special audio disc menus to view slide shows, pictures, lyrics and bonus sessions with ease.

InterVideo's new InterActual add-on packs for WinDVD Gold 5 and WinDVD Platinum 5 are available at InterVideo's web site, for a suggested list price of $19.95.

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Parvus Debuts MPEG104 Real-Time MPEG-1 Encoder

Parvus has unveiled its MPEG104 board, a PC/104-Plus form factor MPEG-1 encoder, capable of capturing high-quality analog video and audio streams, encoding them in compressed MPEG-1, M-JPEG or JPEG formats, and sending them to a host computer over a 32-bit PCI bus.

This compact PC/104-Plus module is based on the Winbond W99200F video encoder and supports up to four composite video inputs and one stereo audio input at full NTSC or PAL frame rates. It can also accept either two S-Video (Y/C) or two composite and one Y/C input sources.

The card integrates four reprogrammable general-purpose digital I/O channels for system control, as well as a 2MB SDRAM frame buffer for storing single frames or video snapshots of incoming video. It encodes pictures in IBP syntax at both SIF and QSIF resolutions at up to 30 frames/second and supports single frame sizes up to 720 x 576 pixels.

A full product datasheet is available at

The product is currently in stock and priced at $226/each in volume orders of 100+ units.

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MainConcept Releases H.264 Encoder Technology Preview Version

MainConcept, a leader in codec and video editing technology, has released its H.264 Encoder Preview Version for Windows. Although not yet optimized for speed, this free demo enables users to evaluate the quality of MainConcept's newest codec. It is available as an end-user application and an SDK.

Key features of H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Coding)--also known as MPEG-4 Part 10—include efficient compression, suitability for many applications from mobile telephony to professional video, and network friendliness including a network abstraction layer designed for efficient transmission of header data.

The end-user version of MainConcept's H.264 Encoder Preview Version includes an interface based on the current MPEG Encoder. It is available for download at It also includes a DirectShow decoder, enabling H.264 files to be played in Windows Media Player and other DirectShow-compatible programs.

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