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Streaming Media
February 24, 2004

Table of Contents

DivXNetworks Partners With Plextor to Release First DivX-Certified Hardware Video Encoder
DVD-Copy Ruling a “Hollow Victory”
Toshiba's New CD Recordable/DVD-ROM Combination Upgrade Kit Bundles Nero Editing Software Suite
Fujitsu All-in-One Multimedia PC Leverages Genesis Microchip LCD TV Controller
Drag-and-Drop Multimedia Authoring with AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0
FrameForge 3D Studio Previsualization Storyboard Software Announces Release of Mac OS Version
Limelight Networks Unveils Innovation To Capture Songs Legally In A Single Click
Sonopress Launches Sonopack Manual Packaging Services

DivXNetworks Partners With Plextor to Release First DivX-Certified Hardware Video Encoder

DivXNetworks Inc., the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and Plextor Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CD-RW and DVD disk drives and digital video converters, have announced a partnership to enable consumers to easily encode and edit high-quality video content. The two companies also announced that the Plextor ConvertX Digital Video Converter is the first official DivX certified hardware encoding and editing device to hit the market.

ConvertX allows users to convert video from a wide variety of sources to DivX video in real time using a Windows-based PC. The hardware device is used for consumer and business video applications. The ConvertX Model PX-M402U is available today for $159 at

The new ConvertX device also allows users to edit DivX video content, making it faster and easier for users to cut unwanted scenes and add titles, transitions, and special effects. Thanks to the industry-leading compression ratio of DivX video, ConvertX users can store up to 2 hours of high-quality video on a single CD or 10 hours of high-quality video on a single recordable DVD. DivX is among the world's most popular video technologies with over 100 million users worldwide.

With the launch of the DivX Certified Program for encoding devices, DivXNetworks includes a full DivX software development kit, rigorous certification testing, and marketing and sales support focused on helping third party development and OEM partners create DivX Certified hardware encoding solutions. For more information on the DivX Certified Program, visit For more information on the Plextor ConvertX device, visit

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DVD-Copy Ruling a “Hollow Victory”

321 Studios, the maker of DVD-duplication software recently ruled in violation of copyright law, is nevertheless pledging to keep selling it, but without a built-in tool for descrambling movies. In order for the popular DVD Copy Plus and DVD X Copy programs to successfully make copies of DVDs, users will now need to obtain a separate descrambler that is widely available on the Internet, said Robert Moore, founder and president of 321 Studios Inc. "It's a hollow victory'' for movie studios, Moore said.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco gave 321 Studios a week to stop making, distributing "or otherwise trafficking in any type of DVD circumvention software.'' She agreed with the Hollywood studios' contention that 321's DVD-copying products violate the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the circumvention of anti-piracy measures such as the Content Scramble System, or CSS, that is used to protect DVDs.

The ruling does not affect 321's other software for copying computer games or creating DVDs from home videos, PowerPoint presentations, and digital photos. It also does not cover the scores of DVD-copy products available elsewhere online, often for free.

Moore said 321 would fully comply while it appeals the ruling. Retailers are also encouraged to return unsold copies to the company, he said, though the judge did not specifically order that. The company will also remove anti-piracy features that Moore said had been included "as a show of good faith.'' They include embedding a disclaimer on all copied DVDs that they were not originals. Another feature being stripped had prevented further duplication.

Moore said the company would likely lose hundreds of thousands of dollars destroying the versions with the descrambling tool built in, on top of the millions of dollars already spent on legal fees. Despite selling about 1 million copies of DVD Copy Plus and DVD X Copy in the United States, Moore said, "we haven't made any profits yet because we've been giving it to the lawyers.''

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Toshiba's New CD Recordable/DVD-ROM Combination Upgrade Kit Bundles Nero Editing Software Suite

Toshiba's newest CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination upgrade kit enables users to boost their current system with CD burning and DVD playback capabilities. Combined with the Nero software suite, users can easily edit and create their own digital photo and music productions.

The Toshiba SD-R1512 upgrade kit is now available with the award-winning Nero software suite, version, making CD burning a quick and simple project. The rapid 48x CD burning/16x DVD-ROM speeds allow users to quickly copy and/or access files, photos and music, or watch DVD movies right from their desktop computer. With the new Toshiba kit, systems can be upgraded in a few short installation steps. The SD-R1512 also saves computer bay space by supporting both DVD read and CD recordable technologies in one drive. Toshiba's kit is available now at for $119.

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Fujitsu All-in-One Multimedia PC Leverages Genesis Microchip LCD TV Controller

Genesis Microchip Inc., a world leader in the development of image processing technologies for LCD TVs and other consumer display products, has announced that Fujitsu, a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions, has designed Genesis' gm1501 LCD TV Monitor Controller into its multifunctional 22-inch WXGA LCD TV monitor. This LCD TV monitor is part of Fujitsu's FMV Series all-in-one, theater-style PCs that provide the multimedia features required by broadband digital networks in the Japanese market. Models FMVT90G (200GB HDD) and FMVT50G (160GB HDD), currently available in Japan, are equipped with TV tuner, DVD recorder, and high-density storage capacity to support video recoding functionality.

The gm1501 display controller is a fully integrated single chip solution for multifunction LCD monitors and LCD TVs supporting up to SXGA resolutions. It features motion adaptive de-interlacing and low angle directional interpolation for high-quality TV playback. The gm1501 controller also offers motion adaptive noise reduction and inverse 3:2/2:2 pulldown for Film Mode. RealColor technology provides digital brightness and contrast controls and sRGB compliance enables LCD TV monitors to experience the same colors as viewed on CRTs and other displays. The gm1501 incorporates an integrated, full-screen bit-mapped On-Screen-Display (OSD) as well as development tools for an ICON-based television OSD.

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Drag-and-Drop Multimedia Authoring with AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0

Indigo Rose Software announces the immediate availability of AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0. Featuring a visual drag-and-drop environment, AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 makes rapid multimedia authoring accessible to everyone. Using the included templates, even absolute beginners can quickly create popular projects like CD-ROM business cards, computer based training (CBT) applications, CD autorun menus, custom web browsers, and interactive presentations.

While designed to be quick to learn, AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 is powerful enough to be a rapid-development alternative to traditional programming tools. The "Lua" scripting engine offers all of the functionality expected by professional developers, from functions and control structures to arithmetic operators and associative arrays.

To jump-start the creative process, AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 comes with hundreds of backgrounds, image elements, sound effects, and full project templates. Other new features include built-in CD burning, page transition effects, real-time audio mixing, support for plugin objects and actions, an as-you-type spell checker, and the ability to publish as a web/email-ready single-file executable.

AutoPlay Media Studio 5.0 is available now for use with Windows 98 and higher. Pricing starts at $129 US for the Standard Edition, $295 for the Professional Edition and $495 for the Deluxe Suite which includes over 12,000 bonus image elements, a video training CD-ROM, and plugins for working with SQLite databases, XML data and other advanced tasks.

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FrameForge 3D Studio Previsualization Storyboard Software Announces Release of Mac OS Version

Innoventive Software, LLC announces immediate availability of their dual-OS CD Windows/Macintosh version of FrameForge 3D Studio. FrameForge 3D Studio is the first 3D previsualization storyboard software with real-world multi-camera control. This software provides a new way for directors, filmmakers, and other creative types to explore, plan, and display visual design ideas for presentation or shooting live on set. This new version of Frame Forge 3D offers numerous speed and feature improvements.

FrameForge 3D provides a dynamic "directorial" experience by giving its user the ability to position numerous virtual cameras anywhere in a drag-and-drop 3D virtual film set. FF3D ships armed with an array of fully articulated actors, hills, trees, outdoor locations, vehicles, snap-together walls, furniture, and other elements to depict scenes. Storyboard frames created with FrameForge 3D offer cast, crew, producer, or customer a comprehensive representation of the director's visual intentions. This includes the pictographic and technical information required to set up the shot on location. Storyboard frames can be associated with parts of an imported script, played as a slideshow, exported to standard graphics files, HTML pages or turned into a Macromedia Flash animation. Downloadable demo available at

Introductory retail price is USD $249 through April 16, 2004 - a $100 savings off the suggested retail price of USD $349 direct from Innoventive Software or from resellers worldwide. Previously registered users of the Windows version can upgrade to the dual-OS CD for a $17 shipping and handling charge by contacting

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Limelight Networks Unveils Innovation To Capture Songs Legally In A Single Click

Tempe-based Limelight Networks, a leading end-to-end digital delivery network, has announced that it has recently deployed a technology that allows online music users to download an unlimited number of songs with a single mouse click, in contrast to multiple clicks typically required per individual song. Limelight Networks' patent-pending BulkGet technology offers online music retailers the ability to provide consumers with fast access to complete CDs and song tracks, as well as intuitive media storage and retrieval capabilities.

"Traditionally, online music consumers could only download one object or song at a time. If a user wanted to download an entire CD with 15 songs, it could literally take up to 100 mouse clicks just to download and store that CD in a desired location," said Nathan Raciborski, BulkGet inventor and chief technology architect for Limelight Networks. "Our BulkGet technology enables users to conveniently download as many songs as they want with a minimal number of mouse clicks."

Limelight Networks provides digital delivery services to leading Internet music companies such as MusicMatch, Radio Free Virgin, Real Networks, and Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville. Leading music download providers such as Liquid Digital Media, and Canada's Puretracks are the latest companies to begin utilizing BulkGet technology to enhance their online music delivery services, joining current users like and others.

As a comprehensive download solution, BulkGet has no plug-in requirements or need for operating system additions, making it easy for any online media company to quickly customize and deploy the software into their media download services. Requiring only a Windows operating system and a connection to the Internet, BulkGet removes the need for more cumbersome applications that take up system resources and add complexity to the end user experience. BulkGet technology has successfully delivered millions of download media files since its introduction in August.

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Sonopress Launches Sonopack Manual Packaging Services

Sonopress LLC, a leader in media services and turnkey production operations, has introduced Sonopack, the most flexible manual packaging solution available on the market. With Sonopack, companies of all sizes and from various industries can now cost-effectively outsource their manual packaging needs.

"With Sonopack, customers can benefit from a comprehensive set of services for manual packaging, which includes package design, assembly, shrink wrapping, and poly bagging, as well as security tagging and the latest high-profile RFID tagging, to name only a few," said Martin Garcia-Brosa, Sonopack manager.

Sonopack incorporates advanced IT systems for rapid communication between facilities and customers and full visibility of all points within the manufacturing, manual packaging and distribution process.

Sonopress customer support encompasses such value-added services as project management, sourcing of components, logistics planning, IT solutions, EDI links, Web product visibility, and mass or drop-ship product distribution. Sonopack services also include the management of returns, reworks, bundles, repackaging, and point-of-purchase displays.

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