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Streaming Media
February 27, 2004

Table of Contents

Leitch Introduces New 2x4 Model of VelocityQ NLE
Index Launches Cinnamon
Hitachi to Publicly Demonstrate 2.5-Inch Serial Attached SCSI Drives at Industry Event
Bang & Olufsen Unveils Its First Audio/Video Music System with Integrated DVD
Pinnacle Systems Begins Delivery of New Networked Broadcast Character Generator
Intersil Announces Industry's Fastest Dual Laser Diode Driver
Maxx Products Debuts New HD Plasma TV and Projector
Marcan Inc. Now Offers the Bravo II Disc Publisher from Primera
Want to Fight DVD Piracy? Try Digital Printing

Leitch Introduces New 2x4 Model of VelocityQ NLE

Leitch Technology Corporation has announced the VelocityQ 2x4, a new lower-cost model of the VelocityQ multi-stream non-linear editing system. Like the existing model of VelocityQ (now also known as the VelocityQ 4x4), the VelocityQ 2x4 combines the Velocity software interface with the Quattrus multi-stream real-time hardware, forming a tightly integrated, advanced multi-layer NLE solution that delivers a combination of real-time power, quality, and affordability.

Both models feature guaranteed real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video—in any combination of compressed or uncompressed—and up to six graphics streams. The VelocityQ 4x4 features the Q3DX4 quad-channel 3D DVE module, enabling four channels of simultaneous real-time 3D effects, including perspectives, warps, and rotations. The new VelocityQ 2x4 model features Q3DX2 dual-channel 3D DVE, providing two simultaneous channels of these effects. While the VelocityQ 4x4 includes as standard a rack-mountable audio/video breakout box, I/O connections to the VelocityQ 2x4 are provided through the included breakout cable, with the breakout box available as an option.

Beyond the breakout box and the effects capabilities of the respective DVE modules, the new VelocityQ 2x4 and the existing VelocityQ (4x4) are functionally and technically identical. VelocityQ 2x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle for installation into a Windows 2000 or Windows XP workstation for $7,495, while VelocityQ 4x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle for $9,995 or as a fully integrated, "ready to run" turnkey solution.

Leitch Quattrus cards and Q3DX4 and Q3DX2 DVE modules are also available to third-party OEM developers for incorporation into their own products and applications. All VelocityQ turnkey workstations will currently continue to include the VelocityQ 4x4 model.

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Index Launches Cinnamon

In filmmaking, the ability to communicate and share vital information is essential. Cinnamon was not designed by engineers, but by people with a long history and experience in project management and communication in entertainment and computer technology. Cinnamon was created to meet the needs of filmmakers. Now for the first time, all of the applications and tools filmmakers need, are under one roof and accessible from any computer in the world at any time: Script, Story Boards, Schedules, Finances, Cast & Crew, Media (archives), Email & Video Conference, Admin.

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Hitachi to Publicly Demonstrate 2.5-Inch Serial Attached SCSI Drives at Industry Event

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has announced that the company will showcase 2.5-inch "small form factor" enterprise hard drives at Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Plugfest, an industry-wide device interoperability event. Hitachi will showcase both 2.5 and 3.5-inch enterprise hard drive prototypes at the event that feature 3Gbps data transfer rates using the SAS protocol. The demonstration keeps Hitachi on track to integrate SAS-based, small form factor enterprise hard drives into its product portfolio in 2004.

Hitachi is developing its small form factor hard drives to address the unique requirements of space-constrained server and storage systems, which are characterized by multi-drive configurations and I/O-intensive operations. These environments typically require extremely high-performance and data transfer capabilities, which is made possible by distributing information over numerous high rpm drives. Small form factor drives also require less power and cooling, which is a significant benefit for these dense computing environments.

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Bang & Olufsen Unveils Its First Audio/Video Music System with Integrated DVD

Bang & Olufsen, the worldwide provider of luxury multi-room, custom music systems, announces the arrival of its first integrated audio and video music system, the BeoCenter 2, to all of its North American stores. The BeoCenter 2, with its oval shape and sleek two-wing aluminum doors that gently glide aside, revolutionizes the standard box-shaped designs manufactured by other consumer electronics providers around the world. It is an elegant, simple, and logical system that contains CD, DVD, MP3 CD playback, and radio functionalities all with a single cable set up.

BeoCenter 2 has its own touch of magic. Glide your finger round the polished aluminum circle to adjust volume, choose CD track, or find a radio station. With one soft touch, customers will enjoy the delights of easy, button-less operation. Additionally, the size of the text displayed ensures that it can be read at a distance and adjusts according to the brightness of the room, avoiding completely illuminating a dark living room. The cover is made out of a single aluminum plate, which has been anodized to completely protect the text surface from wear.

The system also allows for up to 200 CD's to be named and programmed. A built-in timer allows customers to wake up to the morning news. Additionally, the only connection needed for the BeoCenter 2 control unit is a single cord to the separate socket panel. The socket panel contains all the connections to loudspeakers, TV, aerial, etc. It can be simply placed on the floor, hidden behind a curtain, in a bookcase, or discretely mounted on the skirting board. The BeoCenter 2 will arrive in US stores the end of February and retails at $4,100.00.


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Pinnacle Systems Begins Delivery of New Networked Broadcast Character Generator

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has announced that it has begun delivery of Deko550, the company's new cost-effective, full-featured, entry-level character generator for live and automated broadcast operations. France 3, the largest public broadcaster in France, has purchased 71 Deko550 systems to enable centralization and automation of its broadcast graphics.

Deko550 provides a cost-effective solution for real-time, broadcast quality character generation and is ideal for smaller market stations and post-production facilities where quality and ease-of-use demands compete with budget constraints. Built on the same core set of broadcast tools as Pinnacle's flagship FXDeko II, Deko550 provides all of the workflow efficiencies broadcasters need, including support for automation, macro creation to minimize repetition, templates for fast graphics creation, extensive file support, drag-and-drop from the Web, MOS and database integration, and more.

Deko550 is a fully featured graphics and titling system with direct support of TrueType fonts for most written languages and 14 different graphic file formats. It also includes spell check, unlimited layers, typing on a curve, shrink-to-fit instant text resizing, rolls, crawls, and real time effects. Fully networkable, Deko550 seamlessly integrates within sophisticated networked graphics systems that streamline graphics production and distribution. Deko550 is available immediately. A complete single-channel turnkey Deko550 is available for $9,995. Single channel systems can be upgraded with a second channel for preview/program operation. Deko550 also supports Pinnacle's ClipDeko clip store option.

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Intersil Announces Industry's Fastest Dual Laser Diode Driver

Intersil Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog solutions, has extended its industry leadership in laser diode driver (LDD) technology with the introduction of the EL6935 dual-LDD, the only such device that supports 16X DVD+R and 52X CD-R speeds. Intersil's Elantec EL6935 is a highly integrated dual-LDD that incorporates a waveform generator so diode currents and timing details can be programmed prior to operation. The architecture includes a serial interface port that enables timer reprogramming to support different speeds and a broad variety of media—including Blu-ray, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW.

The EL6935 also features 10-bit x 10-bit multiplying digital-to-analog converter output providing 10-bit full-scale adjustment and 10-bit resolution at any output. Timer resolution is 60 picoseconds, and total maximum drive current is 500 mA. The EL6935 features two laser outputs allowing read/write DVD and CD combinations, along with two analog inputs that support slope and read automatic power control. An on-chip 500 MHz, high frequency modulator oscillator is programmable to 100 mAp-p from 100 MHz to 500 MHz. An on-chip phase locked loop allows reduced frequency clock on the flex cable. In addition, a dual-sampled current-and-voltage amplifier features both programmable sample select and programmable gain select, which eliminates the requirement for external potentiometers.

The EL6935 is available now and prices are given for 10,000-unit volume. The EL6935 is available in a 38-pin LPP package and is priced at $4.00.

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Maxx Products Debuts New HD Plasma TV and Projector

Maxx introduces its new 5050 50-inch plasma display for $8,995 and Mustang II Pluss video projector for $7,995. Available today through authorized dealers worldwide, the Maxx 5050 High Definition plasma display features a sleek design to deliver the ultimate home theater viewing experience. The 3.5-inch thin 5050 boasts a 50-inch screen, a native 16:9 aspect ratio and 1366 x 768 resolution, and can display 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i video formats. Its high contrast ratio of 3000:1 delivers a sharp, bright, color-rich picture, and offers a wide viewing angle of over 160-degrees.

The Maxx 5050 includes both an onboard HD TV tuner (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) and analog TV tuner. The 5050 offers Picture-in-picture that works from any of the four corner positions. Inputs consist of S-Video, composite, Component, DVI, and D-Sub 15-pin. The 5050 also features a built-in stereo amplifier for driving a pair of side-mounted optional speakers. A fan-less design provides whisper-quiet operation. An infrared remote is included, with optional wall mounts available.

Maxx is also introducing its new Mustang II Pluss DLP Projector. Featuring a native 16:9, high resolution of 1280x720, the Mustang II Pluss also offers an ultra-bright bulb and 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projector features advanced HD-2 Double Data Rate DLP technology, 3:2 + 2:2 Pull Down, and high-speed 7 segment color wheel that produces a crystal clear picture. The expanded set of connections includes DVI, BNC, component, RCA-type jack, and S-Video (plus a dual 12 volt trigger relay and RS-232 controls).

Additional features include an economy mode that extends bulb life to 3000 hours vertical lens shift, keystone vertical/horizontal, power zoom and focus, and a throw ratio of 1.6 to 2.7 times the width of the screen. The Mustang II Pluss is also HDCP compliant to insure future accessibility to protected, high-bandwidth digital content. Accessories include a lens cap, wireless remote control, and video cables.

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Marcan Inc. Now Offers the Bravo II Disc Publisher from Primera

Marcan, Inc. has announced the addition of the Primera Bravo II Disc Publisher to its line of quality production systems. The Bravo II combines fast, automated CD and DVD duplication with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing. Unlike its predecessor the Bravo, Bravo II uses a single high-speed USB 2.0 cable for connecting to the user's PC or Mac computer. It has also increased its disc production rate by 10% with a faster picking mechanism, increased robotic speed, and 15% faster printing speed.

The Bravo II comes in two models. The CD version duplicates CD-R media at 52x speed, and the combination version records DVD+/-Rs at 4x and CD-Rs at 16x. Each model features a fully automated system that moves discs through the copying and printing processes with no break in operation.

The Bravo II recognizes almost all industry standard formats including those for software, music, video, photos, and data. Marcan is offering both the CD and DVD/CD model of the Bravo II at a special introductory price, please call 800-635-7477 for more information.

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Want to Fight DVD Piracy? Try Digital Printing

With the Academy Awards approaching as I write this, I'm reminded of the "screener" fiasco a few months ago. Alarmed by perceived threats of piracy, the Motion Picture Associaton of America (MPAA) banned the use of DVD to send out screening copies of films for nomination consideration.

After an uproar from independent studios in particular—who insisted that their films might not get seen without the screeners—the ban was lifted. But the fact that the ban was ever imposed at all points to a more serious issue: in the rush to slap band-aids on the piracy hotspots, nobody's looking for more comprehensive solutions. Aren't there technologies that can really get to the root of the piracy problem? Absolutely! And it's time for educated replicators to help out studios and music labels that can't seem to get a handle on the problem without causing a major inconvenience for consumers.

At least one manufacturer is on the right track. For this year's Academy Awards, Technicolor produced screeners for select feature-film studio customers, as well as independent feature distributors, using a new security technology. While Technicolor wasn't ready to share details with me just yet, they did say that earlier this year they began developing a new process with "prominent" third-party partners. This security protocol features a forensically trackable watermark. The technology embeds an individually serialized code into the video stream of the content on the VHS tape or DVD. The watermark is said to be nearly undetectable to the naked eye and can aid content owners and distributors by letting them identify the intended recipient of the pirated or copied film. According to sources at Technicolor, the technology was used successfully to track a screener that was released over the Internet in January, leading to the arrest of an alleged member of an Internet piracy ring.

Here's the best part: To enable secure screeners for the European Movie Art and Techniques Academy Award season, Technicolor manufactured Flexplay DVD screeners—which become unreadable 48 hours after the package is opened—for M2K's film Elephant. They were sent to 3,300 Academy members. What a fabulous use for a somewhat questionable format!

While Flexplay won't work as a long-term anti-piracy solution, digital printing can. Two companies, Secure Media and Action Duplication, both have purchased digital printing equipment from Switzerland's Auto Tech Digital. While this kind of printing is currently being sold mostly for marketing solutions, its potential for serialization and piracy protection is enormous. Here again, replicators can play key roles in getting the word out. (Action Duplication is a replicator; Secure Media is a DRM encryption provider.)

The benefits of digital printing are said to be multiple. One is the photo-quality image on the disc. Secure Media's Tom Booth, Jr. says the technology offers photo-quality printing of 600dpi, with a 180-line screen. More importantly, with this machine they can customize discs in mass quantities. The replicator can put a different serial number on each disc to make each one trackable.

Auto Tech's Dave Maxham says the process differs in several ways from a digital printing solution already available from Kammann. The machine prints on a special transfer film which is then coated with an adhesion promoter. The next step is to transfer the image from the film onto a disc. That is done with a heat-activated roller. The heat from the roller does two things. It releases the dry toner from the film and, at the same time, the heat-activated adhesive bonds the toner to the disc. A second later you peel the transfer film away and are left with nothing but the dry toner image and the adhesive promoter which bonds the image onto the disc.

It's photographic reproduction, with a much richer quality than offset, Maxham says. Everything in the process is digital. There is no screen-printed white donut like you get with offset. Also, according to Maxham, the process uses no hazardous materials at all. How much will each disc cost? While the price of offset printing decreases as the disc numbers go up, the cost of digitally printing discs is always the same: about a nickel a piece, according to Auto Tech. Somewhere around 12,000 pieces, offset printing becomes cheaper. But that's without the customization benefits.

The price of the machine also depends on what you want. According to Auto Tech, you can spend anywhere from $200,000 to $2 million. If you buy the $1.1 million printer, it will cost the same as a high-end offset printer, but will outproduce an offset machine by 40-50 percent, he says. Auto Tech's digital printer can produce as many as 300,000 discs per day. That output might be slightly overstated, according to industry sources; Secure Media's Booth estimates capacity at 150,000 discs per day.

Another digital-printing plus for the replicator is that discs with this kind of printing are no longer cheap commodies. So while a manufacturer can help a studio combat piracy, they can also charge more for a disc in a market that has currently little or no profit margin. With a little luck, some of the replication business may not go to Asia! The only problem with digital printing is that there aren't many machines available, but Auto Tech says they're building more. New machines were also being delivered to Chicago and California at press time.

The logic's simple: Replicators are looking for opportunities. Content providers are looking for security. Digital printing marries the two. Do replicators take the initiative, or sit back and watch stopgap approaches fail while sitting on valid alternatives?

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