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Streaming Media
March 02, 2004

Table of Contents

Alera Technologies Announces New Digital Photo Copy Cruiser
Boris Unveils Version 3 of Continuum Complete Product Line
Dell Introduces High-Performance Multimedia Powerhouse Notebook
TAIYO YUDEN Announces 8X-Speed DVD-R and DVD+R
Cinram International signs Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios agreement
321 Studios Calls for "Five Days of Protest"
HP and Philips Develop New Copy Protection Technology
Pixa introduces DVOne DivX DVD Player

Alera Technologies Announces New Digital Photo Copy Cruiser

Alera Technologies, developer and manufacturer of Advanced DVD and CD Recording Solutions has announced a major enhancement to the Digital Photo Copy Cruiser; it can now copy digital photos directly to CD from camera memory cards of any capacity, without a computer. The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser supports Disc Spanning allowing you to copy seamlessly photo files from one disc to the next. Now photographers can copy the 1GB memory cards and beyond. Other Memory Card to CD Copiers are limited by the storage capacity of one 700MB CD.

The new Digital Photo Copy Cruiser has an estimated street price of $229. There is no price increase for the addition of disc spanning. For customers that have already purchased the Digital Photo Copy Cruiser, Alera Technologies has a firmware upgrade at free of charge that will add full disc spanning functionality.

The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser supports the following Digital Memory Card formats: CF Type I and II, SD, MMC, SM, MS, MS Pro, and Micro Drive. Each package contains the Software Suite, a USB cable, a 100-240v, 50-60Hz power adapter, and Users Guide. The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and can be connected to a computer and used as a 36x CD Recorder.

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Boris Unveils Version 3 of Continuum Complete Product Line

Boris FX has announced Version 3 of the Continuum Complete product line. Continuum Complete is an expansive plug-in filter set that lets you create effects from the practical to the inspired directly in your native host interface. Developed for post-production and broadcast professionals, Version 3 includes over 50 new dynamic filters, OpenGL acceleration, powerful integration features, and now, new plug-in support for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Continuum Complete provides features and integration to save editors and compositors time and money. In their native timeline, users have access to apply modes, motion tracking, high-quality keying, blending of layers, and hundreds of presets for fast and precise effects creation. All hosts supported by Continuum Complete will now receive a comprehensive suite of filters including Lens Flare, Glint, Glare, DeGrain, Match Grain, DeNoise, DeInterlace, Optical Flow, Motion Blur, Glow Matte, Wire Remover, Witness Protection, and dozens more.

Continuum Complete AVX 3 for Avid Xpress, Xpress DV, Xpress Pro, Media Composer, Film Composer, and Symphony is the first in the Continuum 3 product line to be released. Continuum Complete AVX 3 offers new integration features including the ability to apply multiple filters to keyed elements or titles without affecting the background elements, a new PixelChooser option that allows the user to define a masked region by drawing a vector-based polygon onscreen, and acceleration controls to allow spatial parameters to ease in and out of keyframes for more natural animation.

Customers purchasing Continuum Complete AVX between February 1, 2004 and May 1, 2004 or Continuum Complete between February 26, 2004 and May 1, 2004 pay current pricing and receive a free upgrade (shipping not included) to Version 3. New pricing for the Continuum product family will go into effect May 1, 2004. Continuum Complete AVX 3 is expected to ship in March 2004. Continuum Complete AVX 3 will support Avid Xpress DV and Avid Xpress Pro for $795 US and Avid Adrenaline and Meridien-based systems for $1,995 US. Continuum Complete AVX 1 will remain available for DS systems for $2,495 US.

Continuum Complete 3 is expected to ship in Q2 2004 supporting Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Discreet Combustion, eyeon Software Digital Fusion, Media 100 844/X and Boris Red. Continuum Complete 3 will be priced at $795 US. Combustion, and Boris Red can upgrade from previous versions for $249 US and Avid Adrenaline and Media Composer customers can upgrade for $599 US.

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Dell Introduces High-Performance Multimedia Powerhouse Notebook

Dell has launched the Inspiron 9100 notebook aimed at providing a mobile solution to demanding on-the-go enthusiasts who wish to unwire from their desktop without sacrificing performance. Customers now can choose a multimedia notebook computer that easily handles digital content creation, video editing, and gaming.

With prices starting at $1,549, the Inspiron 9100 is powered by Intel's Pentium 4 processor starting at 2.8GHz with Hyper-Threading capability to help improve the execution of large workloads, enable faster response times for Internet and e-Business applications and enhance the customer experience. Advanced graphics performance is powered by the ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 graphics (64MB or optional 128MB) and a 15.4-inch wide-screen display. The Inspiron 9100 also features integrated subwoofer sound.

With the Inspiron 9100, Dell also introduces its "MAXPerformance" design, a new notebook design providing a spacious, accommodating form factor that is optimized for performance, enabling mobile users to custom-configure a notebook with high-performance processing capability, large capacity, high-speed hard drives, up to 128MB leading-edge video graphics and up to 2GB of 400MHz DDR dual channel memory.

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TAIYO YUDEN Announces 8X-Speed DVD-R and DVD+R

TAIYO YUDEN Inc. announces the launch of the company's new line-up of DVD-R and DVD+R media allowing writing speeds of up to 8X. A leader in recordable optical media, the company pioneered high-speed DVD-R and DVD+R technology in late 2002 when it introduced the industry's first media to support 4X-speed writing. Today, almost all DVD-R and DVD+R manufactured by TAIYO YUDEN supports 4X-speed writing. This announcement demonstrates the company's strong commitment to its international customer base, by announcing the immediate availability of 8X-speed write DVD-R and DVD+R media for high-volume worldwide distribution.

By commercializing 8X-write DVD-R and DVD+R technology, the company is poised to meet the high demand anticipated by industry experts. The Japan Recording-Media Industries Association, for example, recently reported that worldwide demand for write-once recordable DVD--the DVD-R and DVD+R formats -- soared 500 percent in 2003, to 345 million units. Rapid growth continues this year, with annual sales projected to rise to 785 million units, or more than double last year's total.

The price was not available for publication; contact Taiyo Yuden Sales Office for further information.

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Cinram International signs Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios agreement

Cinram International Inc. has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. for DVD and VHS manufacturing and distribution in the United States and Canada.

With more than 4,000 movies, MGM boasts the world's largest library of modern films, including the James Bond, Rocky, Pink Panther and Legally Blonde franchises and award-winning works by prominent directors such as Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman. In 2003, MGM commanded 17 percent of domestic library DVD market share, second among all studios.

Cinram has had a relationship with MGM Home Entertainment in Canada for nearly a decade. Pending the signature of a long-term contract, Cinram began manufacturing and distributing MGM product for both the United States and Canada in December, under a transitional agreement. Today's announcement confirms the signature of a multi-year agreement under which Cinram will become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of MGM DVD and VHS products in both countries. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

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321 Studios Calls for "Five Days of Protest"

321 Studios is kicking off Fight for Fair Use week, a week-long campaign to encourage consumers to fight back against the "fair use paradox" that they say has stripped away Americans' fair use rights in "the digital future." Northern District Court of California Judge Susan Illston created this so-called paradox on February 20, 2004, when she sided with a group of Hollywood movie studios and ruled that 321 Studios violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by including a DVD movie encryption descrambler--called a ripper--in its award-winning DVDXCOPY backup software.

While the ruling clearly acknowledges that there are legal backup uses that can be made of DVDs, it declared illegal the only commercially available software that, according to 321, allows Americans to exercise those rights.

321 Studios (321) is now distributing and selling "ripper-free," or "RF" versions of DVDXCOPY through the company's Web site and nationwide retail channels. 321 Studios has destroyed tens of thousands of units of the original DVDXCOPY, the company says, while at the same time building thousands of units of the new, ripper-free version that are now for sale.

Each day of Fair Use Week, 321 Studios will encourage consumers to contact a different target audience to express their feelings about the court decision, including movie studio executives, members of Congress and the media. Consumers can send messages through, a Web site sponsored by 321 Studios that provides information and links resources. 

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HP and Philips Develop New Copy Protection Technology

HP and Philips have announced their joint development of a new copy protection technology designed to enable direct recording of "copy-once" content from digital broadcast signals. The innovative technology is designed to enable protected digital recordings of digital broadcast and cable television according to the rules adopted by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in its recent Broadcast Flag ruling.

Through the FCC ruling, broadcasters may in the future have the opportunity to include additional information called a "Broadcast Flag" in their transmissions to protect the content from indiscriminate Internet retransmission. The HP and Philips technology has been submitted in the first round of filings to the FCC in order to be among the first technologies approved for the recording of content marked with the Broadcast Flag.

Furthermore, it is designed to enable protected direct digital recordings for copy-once digital TV broadcast and in unidirectional cable products on new discs for DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R Double Layer. These new discs may be used to record all broadcast flag modes. The discs are designed to use the same manufacturing technology in use today so the cost to manufacture the discs is expected to remain the same.

Designed to be used with the DVD+R/+RW format, the technology can be applied to other recording formats. The security elements in the system are designed to be renewable, helping ensure long-term effectiveness and robustness. 

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Pixa introduces DVOne DivX DVD Player

Pixa, Inc. is freeing fans of downloaded movies from the tyranny of their computer monitors with the new DVOne DivX DVD Player DX-8020,one of the first standalone DVD players capable of playing video files that have been burned onto CD or DVD with DivX/MPEG-4 technology. This allows consumers to play back their downloaded entertainment du jour with near-DVD quality on a TV or a home theater system instead of being trapped in front of their PCs.

At $79.99, the new player also plays all standard DVD and CD media, including store-bought audio CDs, home-burned CD-R/RWs, and MP3 audio files as well as DVD video, JPEG-based picture CDs, and TV shows or digital camcorder images stored on DVD+R/+RW or -R/-RW. DivXsupport extends to files encoded in DivX versions 3.11, 4.x, and 5.x.

The product incorporates progressive scan DVD playback, DVD-Audio to ensure accurate reproduction of sound effects with a full-range multi-channel sound field, and a built-in Dolby/DTS 5.1-channel system. It is compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM television standards.

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