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Streaming Media
March 19, 2004

Table of Contents

SanDisk Gives Three Mini Flash Announcements/Demonstrations at Cebit 2004
Imation Puts a Twist on its USB Flash Drive
Hauppauge Licenses DivX Video Technology for WinTV Products and MediaMVP Digital Media Receiver
Blu-ray/HD-DVD & HDTV to be Shown at MEDIA-TECH Expo 2004
Major Enhancement to Nero Digital Announced at Cebit 2004
Chinese Manufacturer Desay Launches DVD Recorder Products
Nero Releases InCD 4.2
Visual Communicator Upgraded with Studio Release
700 Club: Sony Announces 700 Series of DL-Capable DVD Recorders

SanDisk Gives Three Mini Flash Announcements/Demonstrations at Cebit 2004

At Cebit 2004, SanDisk Corporation, the world's largest supplier of flash memory storage card products, announced that it has expanded the availability of its miniSD flash memory cards by offering them through its retail channels worldwide. SanDisk offers the industry's broadest range of capacities for miniSD cards with capacities that range from 64 megabytes (MB) to 256MB with prices ranging from $44.99 to $94.99. miniSD cards are used to store digital images, video, MP3 files and other data in multimedia mobile phones.

SanDisk also introduced a Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC) aimed at meeting the needs of some of the new multimedia cell phones that require a smaller card. As one of the world's smallest flash memory form factors, this solid-state card is about half the size of a postage stamp (and of a standard MultiMediaCard), measures 24x18x1.4 mm, and is removable. With a mechanical extender, it can be used in any full-sized MultiMediaCard slot as well as SD host devices that support the MultiMediaCard. The SanDisk Reduced Sized MultiMediaCard comes in 32, 64 and 128 megabyte capacities, and is projected to ship in the second quarter of this year. OEM pricing will range from $14.50 for the 32MB card to $40 for the 128MB card, in volume.

Furthermore, SanDisk announced that it has added SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards to its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product line. About one third the size of a standard Memory Stick, the Memory Stick PRO Duo cards feature high-speed data transfer, MagicGate(TM) security for the secure transfer of copyright-protected content, and a write speed that allows for real-time recording of high-resolution images and video. SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards for OEMs range from 32 megabyte (MB) to 128MB capacities and are manufactured by SanDisk. Higher capacity cards, up to 512MB, have already been introduced for the retail market to support aftermarket purchases. SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are available immediately. OEM capacities range from 32 megabyte (MB) to 128MB, with volume pricing ranging from $14 to $43.

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Imation Puts a Twist on its USB Flash Drive

Leveraging expertise gained from 50 years of experience as a global manufacturer of removable storage media, Imation Corp. will announce on March 23rd that it will extend its existing line of products to include a uniquely designed "never-lose," patented swivel cap, USB 2.0 swivel flash drive. It weighs about one ounce, and it's the size of a double-A battery.

Simply plug it into a USB 2.0 port, then drag and drop the desired file and with ultra-fast read speeds of 8MB/second and write speeds of 7MB/ second, large files such as presentations, photos or digital music are transferred quickly and easily. Files can also be protected from accidental erasure or unauthorized access with the password protect feature.

It's competitively priced and available in 128 MB, 256 MB and 512 MB capacities. Imation's USB 2.0 Flash Driveis backwards compatible with USB 1.1 ports as well, and it sells with a USB extension cable and a lanyard. Available today - business buyers can purchase the drive through Azerty, Boise, Ingram-Micro, Insight, United Stationers and

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Hauppauge Licenses DivX Video Technology for WinTV Products and MediaMVP Digital Media Receiver

DivXNetworks, Inc., the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and Hauppauge Computer Works, a leading manufacturer of digital media products, have announced a technology licensing and development agreement to include DivX video technology in Hauppauge's leading line of WinTV receivers and recorders as well as the Hauppauge MediaMVP Digital Media Receiver. Hauppauge products are on display at the CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, Germany at Hall 23, Booth 51.

The addition of DivX technology to the Hauppauge product line will allow users to record television content in high-quality DivX on their PC and then easily transfer that content to a home theater. The WinTV line of products enables PC users to watch and record television content, and Hauppauge consumers can now record their favorite TV shows using the high-quality DivX codec.

Hauppauge will also offer DivX support for the innovative MediaMVP digital media receiver. MediaMVP is a device that connects to a television and receives digital media (music, videos and pictures) from a PC over a home network. The addition of DivX support will allow users to play DivX movies stored on a PC hard drive directly on a television. The MediaMVP also supports the conversion of PAL video to NTSC format, and vice versa, enabling DivX users to convert content recorded into one format for playback in another. To support Hauppauge's end-to-end solution for home media delivery, DivX content recorded on the PC will initially be transcoded into MPEG for playback on the MediaMVP. Hauppauge will work with DivXNetworks to obtain official DivX Certification for the MediaMVP in the near future, enabling users to directly decode all versions of DivX video on the device.

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Blu-ray/HD-DVD & HDTV to be Shown at MEDIA-TECH Expo 2004

The newest DVD recorders are capable of recording with different DVD formats, such as +R, -R, or +RW, even offering the consumer the flexibility of choosing between the different standards. Then there are the formats of the future: Blu-ray and HD-DVD. This third generation of optical storage media is just around the corner. See them all at MEDIA-TECH Expo 2004, the world's largest exhibition dedicated to the process and production of optical storage media. From May 25 to 27, visitors will see production lines in action for recordable DVD-R and rewritable DVD-RW as well as production technologies for the next generation high-density disc formats.

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Major Enhancement to Nero Digital Announced at Cebit 2004

Ahead Software has announced an upgrade to its renowned Nero Digital, taking AVC (Advanced Video Coding/H264) and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and to a level of performance not previously seen in any MPEG-4 audio and video compression technology.

Nero Digital Video will also be enhanced with the addition of AVC/H264. In recent proving tests by the MPEG Organization, MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding achieved bit rates of up to 4 times greater in terms of equivalent perceptual video quality than previous standards including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Simple and Advanced Profile, which is seen as a major step towards AVC becoming the next generation video standard.

Parametric Audio Coding contains a highly efficient tool to code the stereo image enabling Parametric Stereo AAC to be combined in a backwards compatible fashion with High Efficiency AAC for usage in the low bit-rate range. This can offer an increase of up to 33% in coding gain over HE-AAC permitting very high quality audio compression at the lowest bit rates. Ahead AAC developers have created special optimizations to the existing Nero Digital HE AAC core codec that includes down sampled HE AAC mode that will provide higher quality playback for devices not supporting HE AAC but supporting LC AAC.

For the first time, bit rates as low as 24kbps will be realized at a quality level surpassing HE AAC at 32kbps in many cases. Therefore in the future, using Nero applications such as Recode, full high-quality transcoding to Parametric Audio Coding will be possible at the lowest of bit rates.

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Chinese Manufacturer Desay Launches DVD Recorder Products

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Desay A&V Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is now shipping two sub-$400 DVD recorders, the DVR-K95A and DVR-K92A, based upon DVD recorder encode/decode chipsets and software from Cirrus Logic Inc. The new Desay products will soon be available in retail outlets in Italy and Spain.

Cirrus' DVD recording reference design integrates the CS92288 MPEG codec, Cirrus' flagship CS98201 DVD processor, the CS5333 analog-to-digital converter and the CS4362 six-channel digital-to-analog converter, giving Desay a comprehensive, market-ready solution that delivers the hardware, software, and manufacturing tool kit necessary to help the company quickly establish its DVD recorders in the market.

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Nero Releases InCD 4.2

Ahead Software has announced a major upgrade to its CD and DVD recordable application, InCD. InCD 4.2 has been born out of a growing customer demand for fast ultra-stable packet-writing solution within an integral digital media suite. InCD 4.2 expands this even more with true drag-and-drop, or save-within-application approach that makes the CD or DVD recording process effortless.

Since version 4, InCD has been through a complete re-write. With the advent of faster CD rewritable speeds and unprecedented growth of recordable DVD, InCD 4.2 has been engineered to the highest standards. Support for DRT-DM will prove indispensable for users of DVD-RW, whilst InCD's UDF 2 implementations for DVD-RAM, widens compatibility. Mount Rainier DVD has also been addressed with DVD+MRW writing to DVD+RW, and InCD 4.2 now has the first-ever universal packet-writing implementation of UDF 2.5.

InCD is a true drive letter drag and drop CD/DVD recording utility. Using Windows Explorer, or the desktop, files can be saved directly to a CD-RW or DVD/RW drive in the same way you would save to a floppy disk. Likewise in open application such as word processing or spreadsheets, accessing the Save or Save As commands, will give the option to save directly to CD-RW or DVD/RW, without ever having to open a separate recording application.

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Visual Communicator Upgraded with Studio Release

The Visual Communicator product line, presentation software with built-in compositing, has expanded recently with the introduction of the most powerful and flexible version ever, Visual Communicator Studio. Studio adds new features and capabilities like live streaming; multiple camera support, up to three; live video output to 2nd monitor, projector, TV, or VCR; video-embedded Web pages, without the need to know HTML; an expanded graphics library; the ability to add video chapters and links; and more.

Studio is available now for $695. For a limited time, current owners of the Pro version of Visual Communicator can upgrade to Studio for $199.95; owners of the Web version can upgrade for $319.95.

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700 Club: Sony Announces 700 Series of DL-Capable DVD Recorders

In the biggest DVD recording announcement since the Pioneer DVR-A03, Sony has unveiled its 700 series Dual RW burners, which will add 2.4X dual-layer recording to the Dual RW repertoire of 8X (single-layer) DVD±RW, 4X DVD±RW, 40X CD-R, and 24X CD-RW. In addition to traditional single-layer DVD and CD media, the drives will write to new DVD+R DL discs offering 8.5GB capacity—equal to replicated DVD-9—in a new dual-layer design.

The first unit will be the DRU-700A, an internal ATAPI model. The DRX-700UL, an external USB 2/i.LINK (FireWire) unit will follow shortly thereafter. The external drives will boast a sleek new vertical look. The internal 700A will list for $230, the external 700UL for $330.

It's worth noting that the drives and media are +R-only at this point. Pioneer submitted a complete dual-layer spec for DVD-R to the DVD Forum in October 2003, but it has not been officially accepted. To distinguish the +R format from the forthcoming -R format, and add more terminological detritrus to the already-cluttered world of DVD recording, the +RW Alliance insists that the "DL" in "DVD+R DL" stands for "double-layer." This not only differs from what they expect the Forum to call their DVD-R spec, but also what dual-layer DVD-9 has been called from the get-go. In any event, says Robert DeMoulin, marketing manager for branded storage products in Sony's IT products division, "When the Forum offers up their spec, we'll have a -R version."

The Sony drives will ship with a full software bundle of Nero tools, including versions of Nero Burning ROM 6 SE, Express 6, and Vision Express 2 capable of writing ROM and DVD-Video images to DVD+R DL media. Also bundled are the backup tool BackItUp, the software DVD player Nero ShowTime, and InCD for packet writing; all the Nero tools are available via the SmartStart launcher. As for how Nero got the nod for the 700 Series bundle, DeMoulin says, "They were the first to make the dual-layer stuff work. It helps that their location is very close to Philips."

According to DeMoulin, "The science of dual-layer is pretty straightforward." In a recent white paper, "Understanding Dual Layer DVD Recording," he writes, "Single layer DVDs have a wobbled pre-groove molded into the polycarbonate base that controls the rotation speed of the disc and provides the addressing scheme for the disc. In a dual layer recordable disc, each recording layer has its own wobbled pre-groove that controls rotation speed and addressing for that layer. However, the entire `table of contents' and system area of a dual layer recordable disc is contained only on the first recorable layer (Layer 0)." DeMoulin adds that data recorded to the discs will be written hub-to-edge on Layer 0 and edge-to-hub on Layer 1 (second recordable layer).

DeMoulin goes on to say that dual-layer discs can be written as DVD-Video and DVD-ROM, and even recorded multisession or packet. In any case, the disc's "two layers represent one contiguous address stream."

Though the drives will be demo'd at NAB in April, Sony has hedged the ship date as "Q2," which will mean May or June. Verbatim, first-to-market again with media, says their DVD+R DL discs will begin shipping at the same time as the Sony drives, with quantity shipments to follow in late Q3.

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