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Streaming Media
April 20, 2004

Table of Contents

Canopus Unveils EDIUS HD, MediaEdge2
Adobe Debuts New Video Line-up at NAB
AJA Video Systems Announces Kona2 at NAB 2004, New Capabilities on Io
InterVideo Demonstrates Double Layer DVD+R Burning Capabilities at Retail Vision 2004
Sonic Introduces Major Product Advances at NAB 2004
Serious Magic Unveils New Software
CineForm Announces Prospect HD
Medea Introduces VideoRaid XTRM Disk Arrays, G-RAID
How Ya Like Dem Apples?
Five Easy Pieces: Sony Pictures Announces—and Ships—Vegas 5 at NAB 2004

Canopus Unveils EDIUS HD, MediaEdge2

Canopus Corporation, a leader in digital video production tools, has unveiled its high definition editing system, EDIUS HD. EDIUS HD offers realtime mixed HD/SD editing in an affordable turnkey system for the broadcast and content creation market. Featuring end-to-end Canopus HD technology for true HD production, EDIUS HD includes Canopus EDIUS Pro realtime HD editing software, Canopus HD software codec and Canopus HDRX-E1 HD-SDI/SDI input and output card. Demonstrations of EDIUS HD will available throughout NAB in Canopus's booth # SL5805.

The EDIUS HD system will be available in June 2004 through certified Canopus broadcast resellers

Canopus Corporation also announced MediaEdge2, the latest version of its network-based video distribution system. Supporting MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and now MPEG-4, MediaEdge2 provides a multi-channel, multi-location video delivery solution using standard TCP/IP networks and display devices. MediaEdge2 offers a cost-effective method of distributing high-quality video content to multiple PC and set-top box clients. Canopus will unveil MediaEdge2 in booth #SL5805 at this week's NAB2004 convention in Las Vegas.

Designed as a compact network device, the MediaEdge-STB2 set-top box operates as an MPEG decoding unit. Connecting to a standard Ethernet network and providing both S-Video and composite RCA outputs, MediaEdge-STB2 units include a full-featured remote control to navigate through dynamically updated, Web-styled content menus generated by the MediaEdge server. The remote control also provides volume, pause, search back and search forward functions. MediaEdge-STB2 units can also be controlled remotely from the server.

MediaEdge2 server software, set-top boxes and the new MVRD4000 will be available from Canopus and its authorized resellers in May 2004.

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Adobe Debuts New Video Line-up at NAB

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the introduction of the Adobe Video Collection 2.5, which includes new versions of its award-winning digital video products Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5, Adobe Audition 1.5 and Adobe Encore DVD 1.5. Adobe's new video line-up also introduces more than 200 innovative new features, including advanced support for high definition (HD) video in Premiere Pro 1.5.

With Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, new project management and creative tools expand options for editors; the new Project Manager enables editors to quickly remove unused material, consolidate files for transport or archiving, and easily manage the transition between off-line and on-line editing. Audio enhancements improve the positioning and editing of audio clips, including new VST filters and the Adobe Photoshop CS inspired one-click color correction simplifies the process of correcting color and levels of an image, frame, or entire timeline. With the addition of Bezier keyframe controls, editors now have the ability to control both the path and the velocity to make for smoother, more natural animations. The newly added Effects Favorites option enable editors to save any effect parameter as a preset option to use again. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 also includes hundreds of commonly used effects such as Picture-in-Picture.

Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 now delivers even greater DVD design capabilities. The new Library Palette can be used to organize menus, buttons, backgrounds, text styles and vector shapes. Dozens of customizable menus and hundreds of shapes, buttons, and text styles are now built into Adobe Encore DVD. The new Styles Palette allows users to store Adobe Photoshop CS layer effects such as shadows, glows, and bevels to quickly change the appearance of DVD menu elements. Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 supports an expanded range of audio and video formats, including QuickTime files. Preview of DVD menus on an external NTSC or PAL monitor simplifies the DVD production process and previewing the entire DVD project is now supported by leading digital video cards, such as the Matrox RT.X100. Customers can now transcode files in the background while continuing DVD design work, saving significant production time. Working with multiple windows is now more efficient, with customizable workspaces that can be saved and recalled at any time. In addition, the new Adobe Encore Project Checker identifies problems with the DVD project before it is written to disc, saving quality verification time.

Adobe Video Collection 2.5 will be debuted at the Adobe booth (#SL4730) during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event in Las Vegas from April 19-22.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5, and Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 support Adobe Photoshop CS features, including nested layer sets and non-square pixels. Users can copy and paste between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, share effects between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and send Photoshop menus to After Effects to create unique motion menus. Adobe Encore DVD also recognizes timeline markers created in After Effects 6.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 AVI and MPEG-2 files, giving users the option to convert markers to DVD chapter points.

The Adobe Video Collection available for Windows XP will be available in the second calendar quarter of 2004. The estimated street price for Adobe Video Collection Standard will be $999. Upgrade versions from any of the individual products will be available for an estimated street price of $799. The estimated street price for Adobe Video Collection Professional will be $1499. Customers who owned the previous version of Adobe Video Collection Standard or Professional editions will be eligible to upgrade for an estimated street price of $249. Adobe Video Collection Standard customers can upgrade to Adobe Video Collection Professional for an estimated street price of $799.

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AJA Video Systems Announces Kona2 at NAB 2004, New Capabilities on Io

AJA Video Systems Inc. announced Kona 2, the new dual rate HD/SD 133 MHz PCI-X capture card. Kona 2 supports uncompressed 10 bit SDI, HD-SDI, and dual link 4:4:4 HD at both 10 and 12 bits. Kona 2 also features 8 channel AES audio, HD/SD component analog video output, and broadcast-quality HD/SD hardware up/down-conversion. Offering features and capabilities at unprecedented prices, Kona 2 is the highest quality and most flexible HD/SD video capture solution available for editing on the Power Mac G5.

Kona 2 is priced at US $2,490.00. K Box is priced at US $299.00. Both Kona 2 and K Box will be available in June 2004 and carry a three-year unconditional warranty.

AJA Video Systems Inc. also announced that they are adding more features to the Io family with two new, free software upgrades: RGB V-out support for popular compositing and graphics applications and the Io Control Panel, a powerful piece of OS X software that unlocks the potential of Io, turning it into an "Anything In, Anything Out Frame Synchronizer". The RGB V-out upgrade has direct support for popular applications including the new Apple Motion (announced at NAB2004), Adobe After Effects, and Discreet Combustion, without the need for additional plug-in software. It will be available free to all Io owners as a simple driver upgrade from the AJA website beginning in May. With the new Io Control Panel, Io becomes a video and audio A/D and D/A that can also embed and disembed SDI audio streams, remap SDI audio channels, select field modes, video proc amp, and even save and recall these settings for operational simplicity. It also includes integration with Io's Quicktime™ driver for even easier control, unlocking the full-frame TBC that exists in every Io. Another exciting feature is that the Control Panel is AppleScript-able, for even tighter integration and customization.

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InterVideo Demonstrates Double Layer DVD+R Burning Capabilities at Retail Vision 2004

InterVideo, Inc., a pioneer in advancing DVD and MPEG-related software technologies, has announced that Double Layer DVD+R burning capabilities will be implemented in the upcoming DVD Copy 2 Platinum Double Layer edition. InterVideo is demonstrating this Double Layer DVD+R burning technology at Retail Vision, which is being held at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos in Barcelona, Spain April 20-22, 2004.

DVD Copy 2 Platinum is InterVideo's latest release of its award-winning three-step software for making identical copies of personal unencrypted DVD and CD videos for sharing or to protect them from damage or loss. With the new DVD+R DL support, InterVideo DVD Copy 2 Platinum customers will be able to record 4 hours of DVD-quality video or 16 hours of VHS-quality video on a single side of a DVD+R DL disc.

In addition to supporting the new DVD+R DL format, DVD Copy 2 Platinum can be used to make duplicate videos on all of the established write-once and rewritable formats, including DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW. Video output formats supported include DVD, VCD, SVCD, DivX, and M-DVD.

InterVideo DVD Copy 2 Platinum provides consumers who don't own the latest DVD burners with a growth path to the future. If they don't have a DVD burner, they can use DVD Copy 2 to backup their DVD-Videos to CDs in the VCD, SVCD or DivX CD format. Consumers who do not have a DVD+R DL drive can use DVD Copy 2 Platinum's Auto Fit feature to compress a 9.4GB Double-Layer DVD and record it to a 4.7GB DVD. DVD Copy can also be used to create backup copies of Double-Layer DVD-Videos onto two blank DVDs.

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Sonic Introduces Major Product Advances at NAB 2004

Sonic Solutions, a leader in DVD technology, has announced four important additions to its line of professional DVD creation systems. The four additions--SD-series Encoder 3.0, Sonic eDVD3, DVD Producer 4.5, and DVD Producer--WMV HD Edition--are intended to increase the efficiency and capability of the DVD authoring process, while providing scalable solutions that empower Sonic users both to master the most demanding of today's DVD-Video releases as well as to start producing titles incorporating the next generation of High Definition (HD) based formats.

SD-series Encoder 3.0 -- The new SD-1000 and SD-2000 encoders bring their reputation, established on the Macintosh platform, for delivering cinematic quality MPEG video, to the vastly larger user base utilizing Windows PCs. The SD-2000 encoder for Windows includes Sonic's patented advanced encoding technology and simultaneous Dolby Digital audio encoding, as well as segment-based re-encoding and stream legalization analysis technologies. Currently shipping, the SD-1000 encoder is available at a suggested retail price of $11,000 and the SD-2000 encoder is available at a suggested list price of $25,000.

Sonic eDVD 3 -- Built-on InterActual technology, the Hollywood standard Web-connection platform, eDVD 3 adds Web and DVD-ROM links to DVD titles created by the majority of authoring applications available today. eDVD 3 creates cross-platform Web-DVD links to online content that is playable on both the Windows and Mac OSX platforms. eDVD is expected to ship in May 2004 at a suggested list price of $899.

DVD Producer 4.5 -- The latest version of Sonic's DVD authoring application for creative professionals, DVD Producer 4.5 integrates a range of new capabilities and features including dual-layer (DVD-9) title production and compatibility with the new DVD+R double-layer DVD-recordable drives. DVD Producer 4.5 is expected to ship in June and has a starting retail price of $1,999.

DVD Producer -- WMV HD Edition -- The world's first authoring system for creating HD titles on DVD using WMV high-definition technology, DVD Producer WMV HD Edition allows users to build interactive titles with stunning HD video content that is playable on the Windows Media 9 Series player included with Windows XP computers. The new system is expected to ship in September 2004, and will have a target retail price of $12,999.

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Serious Magic Unveils New Software

At NAB 2004, Serious Magic, Inc. unveiled DV Rack, a new type of video product that is expected to revolutionize the way producers shoot digital video in the same manner that NLE software changed the way video is edited. DV Rack is an integrated software suite that puts the power of professional video monitoring, evaluation, and digital video recording tools on a laptop or desktop PC that is connected to a DV camera.

DV Rack's nine software components effectively replace thousands of dollars worth of monitoring and evaluation equipment typically found in a production truck with a fully automated, integrated and entirely native DV solution. DV Rack includes a professional monitor, digital video recorder, vectorscope, waveform monitor, audio spectrum analyzer, video analyzer, digital still frame grabber, shot timer, and an automated quality monitoring tool, which evaluates every frame of video and audio for you while you shoot and alerts you of potential problems. With DV Rack, producers can interactively scrub to any point in the video clips right after they are recorded, then zoom in, underscan the image, check audio levels, adds notes, check brightness and saturation and much more--all before going back to the edit suite.

DV Rack is designed to work with today's most popular video equipment and is compatible with standard non-linear editing systems and digital video formats. DV Rack is expected to be available in Summer 2004. The product will be available from Serious Magic's online store and many professional video resellers.

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CineForm Announces Prospect HD

CineForm, Inc. is introducing Prospect HD for Adobe Premiere Pro, the world's first software-based 10-bit real-time high-definition (HD) video engine. Working closely with Microsoft, CineForm developed Prospect HD to run efficiently on the Windows XP desktop, delivering an online multi-stream workflow for film, broadcast, and corporate media professionals at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Prospect HD supports a multi-resolution workflow with 8-bit and 10-bit video precision at resolutions up to 1080p30. With an HD-SDI input/output interface, editors can capture from professional camcorders and decks seamlessly within Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, with real-time YUV monitoring of the timeline. Prospect HD runs on a dual-Opteron Windows XP PC, and requires no specialized processing hardware.

At introduction, customers can purchase Prospect HD exclusively on BOXX Technologies' new HD [pro] RT fully-integrated system. HD [pro] RT with Prospect HD will process up to three 1080p30 streams simultaneously in real time, including color correction, effects processing, transitions, titles and graphic overlays with motion.

CineForm will be demonstrating Prospect HD at NAB in Las Vegas, April 19th-22 at the following booths: Microsoft (SL5445), Adobe (SL4730), and BOXX Technologies (SL1755).

Prospect HD will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2004. At introduction, Prospect HD can be purchased exclusively through BOXX Technologies' HD [pro] RT real-time editing system. HD [pro] RT pricing is available through BOXX Technologies. Generalized availability and pricing for Prospect HD will be available later this year.

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Medea Introduces VideoRaid XTRM Disk Arrays, G-RAID

Medea Corporation, the leading manufacturer of ATA-based RAID solutions, has introduced VideoRaid XTRM, a new fail-safe disk array designed to support high-end content creation applications at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. VideoRaid XTRM disk arrays feature SATA to 2-Gbit fibre channel RAID technology and provide fail-safe operation for multi-stream, uncompressed SD, HD and 2K video applications.

VideoRaid XTRM is a cost-effective and scalable storage solution optimized for content creation applications. Users can start with as little as 640GB and then scale both performance and storage capacity (to 4.8 TB in 3U) by simply adding additional disk drive modules. VideoRaid XTRM disk arrays can be SAN attached for installations requiring storage in the hundreds of TB. VideoRaid XTRM features Medea's proprietary Multi Stream Technology (MST) an intelligent caching technology tuned for multi-stream, non-linear video editing environments.

Medea Corporation also unveiled G-RAID at the NAB show. G-RAID is the industry's first storage system to support multi-stream, uncompressed SD, HDV and DV non-linear video editing via a simple FireWire 800 interface. G-RAID is a 2-drive desktop storage solution equipped with both FireWire 800 and FireWire 400 ports. G-RAID is the first FireWire storage system to support multi-stream SD, HDV and DV non-linear video editing with real-time effects and audio. G-RAID features unique industrial design, a compact aluminum enclosure and is available in storage capacities up to 800 GB.

G-RAID is available in capacities of 160, 320, 500, and 800 GB with U.S. list prices starting at $299. G-RAID will be available in May 2004 from Medea's authorized dealers and distributors.

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How Ya Like Dem Apples?

Apple didn't waste any time at NAB, dropping five major announcements the day before the show even began. On Sunday, April 18, the company announced new versions of existing software—Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3, and Shake 3.5—as well as the brand-new Motion, a $299 motion-graphics tool, and the Xsan enterprise storage area network file system.

As the name suggests, Final Cut Pro HD adds native, real-time HD support to the non-linear editing system for the first time, and it does it without requiring any additional hardware for capture. The new version of the software edits HD with no recompression or image degradation, and enables HD preview monitoring on an Apple Cinema HD display. Final Cut Pro HD also offers RT Extreme for HD, with real-time playback of the same Final Cut effects users already access for SD content. Final Cut Pro 4 users can download a free upgrade, while users of versions 1, 2, and 3 can upgrade to Final Cut Pro HD for $399. For new purchasers, Apple has kept the price of Final Cut Pro HD the same as Final Cut Pro 4—$999.

The big overhaul in DVD Studio Pro 3 is obvious from the moment you open it up. A new Graphical View provides a storyboard-like window that makes clear the links between menus, tracks, slideshows, stories, and scripts. The window is printable, facilitating the sharing of a project's architecture between authors, or between author and client.

Studio Pro 3 also features 30 new transitions—including QuickTime-based Alpha Transitions that blend images transparently—that can be applied to video clips, slides, or even menu buttons. Version 3 includes Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio support, and the software's Compressor encoding tool has been upgraded to version 1.2 and now offers single-step, HD-to-MPEG-2 encoding. DVD Studio Pro 3 will for $499 when it hits the market in May, and current users of versions 1 or 2 will be able to upgrade for $199.

Apple has added spline-based morphing and warping tools in version 3.5 of the Shake effects compositing software. The company also is claiming improvements to Shake's Qmaster network render manager, which can now handle distributed rendering tasks for both Shake and Alias' Maya, letting effects artists spread their rendering tasks across a cluster of G5s or Xserve servers. Registered users of Shake 3 can upgrade immediately for $799, while new users will have to pony up $2,999, which includes unlimited render licenses. (It's also available for Linux and IRIX systems for $4,999.)

Apple's first foray into motion graphics, Motion motion offers real-time previews; interactive text, graphic, and video animation; and "Behaviors," procedural-based effects that allow the addition of natural phenomena like gravity- and wind-based movement to text and graphics without keyframes. Motion also features particle presets for effects like smoke, sparkles, and fire, and virtually any graphic element on screen can be turned into a particle and then modified for custom effects. Motion will retail for $299, but it won't be available until this summer.

The Xsan is a 64-bit cluster file system designed specifically for the professional video environment. It's a straightforward storage area network (SAN) solution, but it lets up to 64 users access a single storage volume that supports multiple high-bandwidth video streams. It's currently in beta testing and won't be available until Fall 2004, but the price should make it worth the wait: $999.

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Five Easy Pieces: Sony Pictures Announces—and Ships—Vegas 5 at NAB 2004

The first Vegas announcement of NAB 2004 came out of Madison, Wisconsin, as Sony Pictures debuted a full-step upgrade to its popular pro software NLE, Vegas 5. The company also offered up a new version of Vegas' accompanying DVD authoring tool, DVD Architect 2. And unlike many of the other hot technologies and products unveiled at NAB, both Sony tools shipped April 19, the first day of the show. Vegas 5 lists for $699, and the Vegas+DVD Production Suite (including both Vegas 5 and DVD Architect 2) carries an MSRP of $999. An upgrade price of $199.95 is available to registered users of the full (non-LE) versions of previous iterations of Vegas.

Both Vegas and DVD Architect were among the properties picked up last summer when Sony Pictures acquired the desktop software assets of Sonic Foundry. Several aspects of the new product release demonstrate how Sony Pictures has integrated the two companies, and how the desktop software line is leveraging Sony's considerable size and sweep. Concurrent with the Vegas 5 release is the launch of the Sony Pictures Sound Effects series, a five-disc (so far) set of audio effects and field-recorded content drawn from the Sony motion picture archives. The 1200+ sounds range "from rollercoasters, room tones, and rocket launchers, to biplanes, Bengal tigers, and bar room brawls," according to Sony Pictures press materials.

Other evidence of the acquisition's impact is Vegas 5's native support of the Sony DSR-DU1 and DSR-DU100 Disc Recorder, which eliminate the capture step from the post-production process. "Why should bringing in files from my camera be a sensitive, real-time process like recording? Why can't I do it at 50X?" asks Sony Pictures media software director of engineering David Hill. Vegas 5 also includes native support for Sony's J-H3 HDCAM player via i.Link (FireWire) connectivity. Finally, Sony Electronics now holds sales and distribution rights to the media software line that includes Vegas and Vegas+DVD.

Key new features of Vegas 5 include an XP-like look, 3D Track Motion, and Compositing, with a track grouping model that allows multiple tracks to move and rotate in 3D space. Vegas 5 also enables users to produce keyframeable Bezier masks for complex objects, letting them track object outlines to mask and keyframe shape and motion changes over time. This translates into depth-of-field effects, the ability to apply color correction to specific sections of a clip, crop surrounding source material, and create mask overlays. "One of the problems with the video look,'" Hill says, "is no depth of field. Masking lets you create it artificially."

Vegas 5 also offers XML-based scripting ("so a human might actually be able to read it," says marketing VP Dave Chaimson); control surface support, which allows users to integrate mixing boards and other external control surfaces into their Vegas workflow; customizable keyboard mapping for editing and creating new shortcuts; real-time A/V event reverse; and user-definable multiple window docking to optimize workflow and minimize clutter, with the ability to save as many as 10 layout configurations for single- and dual-monitor setups. Vegas 5 also boasts network rendering, the ability to off-load processor-intensive rendering tasks to other PCs on a network; Vegas breaks a project into multiple chunks to distribute the rendering burden and then reassembles them into a single file before returning them to the editor's PC. The software ships with two render-only service packs, with additional licenses available at additional cost.

Sonic Foundry's origins are in audio, beginning with Sound Forge, and that genealogical pattern has always shone through in the acuity of audio features in the Vegas line. In Vegas 5, new audio features include envelope automation recording, for real-time recording of track envelope and keyframe parameters using a mouse or external control surface hardware, with support for both stereo and 5.1 surround tracks. Also new on the audio side are punch-in recording on-the-fly, auto-input monitoring, and improved audio time stretching designed to reduce artifacting, with 19 user-definable timestretch modes. The software boasts keyframeable surround panning via a visual, spatial interface. The goal of the upgraded audio features of Vegas 5 is not so much to provide interchange with DAW software like ProTools or even Sound Forge as to bring advanced features into the program itself, Hill says. "We like to provide the tools to allow people to stay within the application as opposed to making it easy to move elsewhere."

DVD Architect 2 also delivers a host of new features, including a new project overview window with a Windows directory-like representation of DVD sequencing and navigation, a customizable user interface comparable to Vegas' user-definable window docking, programmable end actions for menus and media, multiple audio track support, and subtitle creation keyed to Architect's integration with Vegas. Architect also features real-time project preview to an external monitor via FireWire (or i.Link in Sony-speak). Another interesting new feature is Architect's "Fit to Disc Compression," which allows users to economize space on a DVD by modifying compression on a file-by-file basis, determining, as Hill says, "what needs compression and what doesn't." The software's AC-3 audio support assists in this effort as well.

An improved MPEG-2 encoding engine offers accelerated two-pass encoding. Enhanced MPEG-2 support in the Vegas Production Suite also extends to the MPEG-2-based HDV format pioneered by JVC in its HD camcorder series. Through a partnership with Cineform and integration of its Connect-HD technology, Vegas offers unabetted HDV capture via FireWire.

Another key point of emphasis in DVD Architect 2 is 24p support for the "film-like look" many indie filmmakers and others find wanting in digital video. Architect supports 24p encoding of MPEG-2 files and creation of 24p DVDs. For users determined to pursue the old-school cinematic look, the Vegas 5 Production Suite bundles Magic Bullet Movie Looks, the Red Giant-distributed off-the-shelf version of the film-effect technology developed by Stu Maschwitz at the Orphanage. Movie Looks includes 10 presets designed to mimic popular film "looks" and shooting styles and a variety of cinematic tints and glows to make DV look more like celluloid.

The Production Suite bundle also includes Boris Graffiti 3 LTD, a "lite" version of Boris' vector-based titling tool.

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