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Streaming Media
May 04, 2004

Table of Contents

InterVideo Unveils PC/CE Convergence Solution for OEMs at SBS
ATI Introduces RADEON 9100 PRO IGP
NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Demonstrates New Displays at WinHEC 2004
Congressional Hearing Called on Fair Use
Thomson Launches New High Definition Service For Film Industry
Hisense Designs Genesis Microchip Video Processors into Displays
Digidesign Enters Live Sound Market with New Digital Mixing Console
SoundPix Partners with Zio Corporation

InterVideo Unveils PC/CE Convergence Solution for OEMs at SBS

InterVideo, Inc., a leading provider of middleware solutions for consumer electronics and PC manufacturers, has announced that it will begin delivering its InstantON technology to OEMs and PC system producers for barebone and notebook systems that will begin appearing on the market in Q2 of this year. Produced by nearly a dozen manufacturers, these systems will provide customers with all of the benefits of a consumer electronic (CE) device on a PC.

InterVideo InstantON is a modular solution that is a new concept in PC/CE convergence. InstantON delivers TV, radio, music, videos, and burning to DVD with the fast, CE-like access and the remote control consumers expect. People can watch DVDs and home VCDs, browse photo albums, and listen to rich surround sound music or watch TV. With the advanced PVR capabilities, InstantON can be used for time-shifting TV programs so users can pause and replay live TV as well as record favorite shows for later viewing. The software is enhanced with basic editing and DVD burning tools that allow users to cut, merge, and split recorded TV programs and videos. Edited videos can be quickly burned directly to a DVD disc for viewing in their living room, on their laptop or shared with family and friends.

InterVideo InstantON's dual-boot configuration, which is being incorporated into systems from Fujitsu, Sharp and others, allows a single PC to be used for both computing tasks and entertainment. Without launching the standard Windows OS, all of the multimedia activities consumers have come to expect from a complete home entertainment center can be accessed using a remote control, similar to a CE-device. When consumers want to use the PC to access their work-related files or the Internet, they can easily move into the Windows mode, which requires the full Windows load time.

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ATI Introduces RADEON 9100 PRO IGP

ATI Technologies Inc. has announced the introduction of RADEON 9100 PRO IGP, a high performance platform product for both Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron Processors. The official launch of the RADEON 9100 PRO IGP will take place at Gartner's System Builder Summit in Barcelona, Spain on May 5, 2004. Launch partners for the event include such industry leaders as Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire, Shuttle PC, FIC, Jetway, and Soyo.

In addition to graphics, RADEON 9100 PRO IGP provides users with a range of platform performance enhancements such as serial ATA, dual DDR400 memory channels, RAID, enhanced USB support, plus expanded memory and peripheral compatibility. SURROUNDVIEW, a feature unique to ATI, enables users to combine the power of discrete and integrated graphics for multi-monitor support. Users benefit from simplified management of multiple windows and an immersive environment for gaming and multimedia.

In addition to the launch of RADEON 9100 PRO IGP, ATI will also introduce a value-oriented, single memory channel integrated graphics platform, RADEON(TM) 9000 PRO IGP.

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NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Demonstrates New Displays at WinHEC 2004

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc., a vendor of flat panel desktop displays, has announced that it has introduced a high-end wide gamut CRT monitor and two LED backlight LCD display prototypes at the 13th annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2004.

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display has furthered the range and depth of CRT display color reproduction with its new wide gamut professional level 22-inch (20-inch viewable image size) Mitsubishi Diamondtron UWG RDF225WG display, which is available immediately. With improved CRT phosphor, the new model extends the color space to 97.6 percent of Adobe RGB for more accurate, consistent, and repeatable color performance compared to conventional CRT displays that cover only 70 percent of this industry standard.

Committed to standardizing LCD colors and brightness, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display has also introduced prototypes of its first 21.3-inch UXGA LED backlight LCD monitor, which will be available in the fall, and 23-inch WUXGA LED backlight LCD engineering sample. The company will demonstrate at WinHEC how the high accuracy color calibration systems minimize color shifts using NEC's Super Advanced Super Fine TFT (SA-SFT) panel technology with innovative light guide systems and color filters. To comply with the Adobe RGB color space, the prototypes utilize LED backlight technology from Lumileds Lighting powered by a Luxeon DCC light source that emits saturated red, green, and blue light resulting in an enhanced color spectrum.

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Congressional Hearing Called on Fair Use

A Congressional Hearing for H.R. 107, the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (DMCRA), has been set for Wednesday, May 12, at 10:00 AM Eastern. The DMCRA has been acknowledged and endorsed by major industry players like Intel Corp., Philips Consumer Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Bell South, Verizon, SBC, Qwest, Gateway, and the Consumer Electronics Association, among others, as a necessary balancing mechanism to restore consumers' fair use rights in the digital era. The hearing will take place before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection in Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

The DMCRA, introduced by Reps. Rick Boucher (D-VA) and John Doolittle (R- CA) and co-sponsored by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX), would re-affirm consumer fair use rights and balance the otherwise one-sided protection afforded copyright owners under current interpretations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Contrary to earlier reports, 321 Studios founder and president Robert Moore has not been asked to testify at this historic fair use Congressional hearing. 321 Studios, which had previously issued a press release saying they had been invited to participate in the hearing, issued this retraction on May 4:

321 Studios wishes to correct and clarify its statement of April 30 concerning the congressional hearing on pro-fair use legislation, H.R. 107, scheduled by the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection for Wednesday, May 12, 2004. 321 Studios has not received an invitation to appear before the subcommittee. "The company sincerely regrets any inconvenience to the members of the subcommittee and their staffs that the April 30 press release may have caused," said Robert Moore, President and Founder of 321 Studios.

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Thomson Launches New High Definition Service For Film Industry

Technicolor Entertainment Services (TES), part of Thomson's Digital Content Solutions division, has announced the extension of its integrated high-definition (HD) digital dailies service for filmmakers. The HD digital dailies service enables an easy and flexible method for viewing of dailies for filmmakers and provides near-realtime feedback on a day's film shoot in a high definition digital format.

Technicolor is extending its digital production service offering, providing digital playback capabilities (including HD format) at Technicolor film lab facilities in Hollywood and Rome.

To date, Technicolor is the only company to offer traditional film processing, HD telecine, high-speed multinational connectivity, and on-location screening solutions with full-technical support. Recent HD Digital Dailies feature projects include: director Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill;" DreamWorks' "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton;" Director Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator;" and Warner Bros first in-house WB Indy Productions "Around the Bend."

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Hisense Designs Genesis Microchip Video Processors into Displays

Genesis Microchip Inc., a world leader in the development of image processing technologies for LCD TVs and other consumer display products, has announced that Hisense Co., Ltd., a leading TV manufacturer in China, selected Genesis Microchip's FLI2300 video format converter for use in its new HD-compatible 29-inch CRT TVs (models HDP2906H, HDP2909H, HDP2911H) and 34-inch CRT TVs (models HDP3406H and HDP3411H). Hisense also selected Genesis' gm1501 LCD TV controller for its new 22-inch, 26-inch, and 32-inch LCD TVs (models TL2200, TL2600, TL3200 [North America] and TLM3218 [China]). Additionally, Hisense has designed the gm1501 controller into its new 42-inch and 50-inch Plasma televisions (models TPW4219 and TPW5019). The LCD and Plasma TVs are scheduled to be available beginning this summer in the U.S. and China, and the HD-compatible CRT TVs, available this month, are targeted for China only.

The gm1501 display controller is a fully integrated single chip solution for LCD TVs. It features RealColor technology to provide digital brightness and contrast controls. The controller also incorporates an integrated, full-screen bit-mapped On-Screen-Display (OSD) as well as development tools for an ICON-based television OSD. The FLI2300 is a digital video format converter that incorporates Faroudja's Emmy award-winning deinterlacing and video enhancement technologies to convert standard interlaced and high definition video signals into formats compatible with flat panel displays. Other advanced performance capabilities of the FLI2300 include patented Film Mode for proper handling of 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown material and DCDi (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) technology to eliminate the jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video.

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Digidesign Enters Live Sound Market with New Digital Mixing Console

Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc., has announced plans to enter the sound reinforcement market with a new digital mixing console system aimed at professionals in a wide range of live performance venues, including tours, theatrical productions, corporate installations, and houses of worship. The system will feature uncompromising audio fidelity and a recording and playback pathway to Digidesign's award-winning Pro Tools digital audio workstation.

Digidesign plans to unveil its sound reinforcement product line in September 2004 at the PLASA event in London, the annual trade show of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association. The system is expected to ship by the end of 2004.

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SoundPix Partners with Zio Corporation

SoundPix Inc., a software developer that creates audio-imaging software solutions for desktop computers, digital cameras, Web sites, mobile camera-phones, and imaging-enabled palm devices, has announced a partnership with Zio Corporation. The companies have partnered to bundle SoundPix Plus software with Zio's Dazzle and CameraMate lines of Digital Media Reader/Writers. SoundPix Plus is an easy-to-use desktop application that enables users to bring their digital pictures to life with the addition of integrated sound.

Purchasers of Dazzle or CameraMate Digital Media Reader/Writers will receive complimentary SoundPix software (on an included CD or downloadable via the Internet) with each purchase of a Zio product. Zio customers may also purchase upgrades to other SoundPix products to obtain advanced audio / imaging capabilities.

SoundPix Plus is an image and sound editing application that stores the picture and sound in a single JPEG file. SoundPix Plus's intuitive graphical user interface allows users to select images and record sound into their digital photos, or combine pictures with their favorite existing sound files. Recipients of SoundPix pictures can hear the pictures by using a free SoundPix browser plug-in available at:

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