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Streaming Media
May 18, 2004

Table of Contents

KiSS Technology Introduces DP-1500
Plextor Introduces Mass-Market Video Capture Device
Duplication Systems, Inc. Releases New Products and Services
Reelhouse Debuts FILMBACK FX
Disc Makers Selects Plextor As Exclusive Provider of CD-RW and DVD-R Drives
Targus Unveils DVD Case
DDD Unveils Real Time 3D DVD Movie Conversion
Dynamic Network Factory Introduces TaskMaster 16000 RAID 3U

KiSS Technology Introduces DP-1500

The KiSS Technology DP-1500 capitalizes on the convergence of technologies, acts as the network gateway, and connects to a TV, the traditional centerpiece of a home entertainment system. The DP-1500 provides a wireless connection to both the Internet and hard disk, with an elegant design.

The KiSS Technology DP-1500 has a built-in Ethernet port and a PC-card slot, enabling it, if connected to a broadband Internet connection to read audio/video/picture content straight from a PC with the KiSS PC-Link software as well as playing Internet radio station with WebRadio.

The network connection also makes it possible to hook up to the Internet directly from the DVD players, to gain access to the enormous selection of Internet radio stations. KiSS Technology has simultaneously developed a video-on-demand solution that makes it possible to offer rental and viewing of films on the DVD player direct from the Internet via an ordinary broadband connection.

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Plextor Introduces Mass-Market Video Capture Device

Plextor Corp. announced the release of ConvertX PX-AV100U Video Capture Device for mass consumer markets. The PX-AV100U captures high-quality, full-screen video ideal for recording onto DVDs and Video CDs, and is the first entry-level consumer video capture product to include software-based conversion of video into the DivX format, according to Plextor.

Priced at $79 (MSRP). The PX-AV100U features capturing of video into the MPEG-2/DVD format or MPEG-1/VCD format via a real-time software encoder, as well as software-based conversion of video into the high-quality DivX format. This highly compressed format enables users to send video files over the Internet, archive video on CDs and DVDs, and play video on cell phones, PDAs, personal video players, or DVD players that support DivX. Analog inputs provide wide compatibility with different video sources, while a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface ensures video is captured to the PC at the highest possible quality level.

The ConvertX PX-AV100U comes bundled with InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2, for capturing, editing, authoring, and sharing video. The package also includes a DivX software encoder licensed from DivX Networks, the developers of the DivX format.

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Duplication Systems, Inc. Releases New Products and Services

Duplication Systems, Inc. (DSI) has introduced several new products and services for CD/DVD duplication. For users who want to do their own media duplication, Duplication Systems, Inc. has unbundled its proprietary media duplication software that, in the past, has only been available bundled with its MediaScribe technology. The software can now be installed on any Windows PC and is shipped in kit form that includes step-by-step instruction on how to optimize media duplication productivity.

Duplication Systems, Inc. has recently completed construction of its Media Duplication Center that will enable DSI offer duplication services for multiple disc and tape formats. DSI, prefers to perform media duplication at its offices in Boulder, Colorado, but will also provide its services at the customer's premises.

DSI has also introduced a four-drive and eight-drive version of its D3 (digital disc duplicator). The product comes with an IDE controller card, cabling, proprietary software and a mini-tower to house the disc drives.

DSI is also releasing FasBak, a new technology designed to speed the server-to-tape backup process for small to medium-size users. FasBak is a virtual storage device, which will accept server data at up to 180 MB/sec, store the data, and feed it to a tape backup unit at the tape unit's native speed.

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Reelhouse Debuts FILMBACK FX

Reelhouse has announced the release of "FILMBACK FX," an FX background library for Video / DVD editors. Offered in "network-quality" NTSC and PAL, is designed to be affordable by both professional editors and video enthusiasts.

Complete with scratches, flickers, and true imperfections from real films, the 200-plus film backgrounds were built from rare 16mm and 35mm sources from all over the world and took nearly six years to collect. In May only, the FILM background library is only $399 and available at

Reelhouse has also announced the release of its $999 Bundles Library. Featured this month, The FILM MAKERS SUITE contains over 815 film FX and is the made up of five of the largest film FX libraries in the world, according to Reelhouse.

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Disc Makers Selects Plextor As Exclusive Provider of CD-RW and DVD-R Drives

Disc Makers, announced it has selected Plextor ÆCorp, a developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, to integrate CD/RW and DVDR drives exclusively into its line of duplicators, as well as for in-house duplication operations. Disc Makers' customers will now, at no extra charge, get the benefit of disc duplication throughput through the integration of Plextor's CD/DVD optical recording drives.

Disc Makers has integrated Plextor burners into its complete line of Reflex Series manual duplicators and Elite Series automated CD and DVD duplication and printing systems. The Plextor drives include the PlexWriter 52/24/52A CD-R/RW drive with 52X CD-R and the dual-format PX-712A DVD±R/RW drive with 12X DVD+R, 8X DVD-R, and 48X CD-R. Plextor drives also are compatible with a wide range of CD and DVD media, giving customers more flexibility. Disc Makers' made-in-the-USA duplicators start at just $299 and are available directly from the manufacturer.

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Targus Unveils DVD Case

Targus' new Universal DVD In-Car Viewing Case functions as a removable mobile entertainment center in any vehicle. The new portable DVD player case accommodates nearly all DVD player brands on the market, providing superior protection for the players during transport or in-car viewing. Targus' case features extra padding for safe portability and a security strap to prevent the DVD player from moving.

Weighing two pounds and measuring 11.5 inches by 3 inches by 9.3 inches, it easily mounts between or behind the front seats and includes all the necessary mounting straps and an easy-to-read user guide. The case accommodates up to a 9-inch portable DVD player, with extra storage space for four DVDs, a remote control and accessories. The Universal DVD In-Car Viewing Case has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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DDD Unveils Real Time 3D DVD Movie Conversion

DDD Group, a 3D software and content company, has completed the development of a groundbreaking 3D conversion solution capable of playing conventional DVD discs in 3D on the latest "glasses free" 3D displays. According to DDD Group, the new TriDef DVD Player allows any movie to be viewed in 3D without requiring special pre-formatting of the DVD disc. The TriDef DVD Player will be offered to licensees of DDD's TriDef software products.

The TriDef DVD Player draws on the advanced image analysis technologies developed for DDD's offline 3D media conversion service. The real-time conversion feature delivers immediate access to 3D DVD blockbuster movies for owners of 3D display and complements DDD's offline conversion process by delivering an easy-to-view 3D effect that is based on the availability of 3D depth cues in the original movie.

In addition to the playback of conventional DVD movies in 3D, the TriDef DVD Player is capable of playing original 3D movies including the library of 3D feature-length movies that were recently licensed from nWave Pictures.

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Dynamic Network Factory Introduces TaskMaster 16000 RAID 3U

Dynamic Network Factory, introduced the TaskMaster 16000 RAID series, which offers storage capacities from 288GB to 6.5 TeraBytes utilizing Ultra320 SCSI hard drives for high volume, fail-safe data storage applications.

TaskMaster 16000 RAID is equipped with an Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller to offer fault-tolerant data protection. It is 100% transparent to the host operating system and requires no custom drivers. It is a full featured data protection subsystem supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, and JBOD.

The TaskMaster 16000 is available in a variety of configurations using Ultra320 SCSI hard drives and Ultra160 SCSI controllers ranging from 288GB to 6,500GB. Dual redundant Ultra160 SCSI controllers are also available. With dual Ultra160 SCSI host ports the TaskMaster 16000 is extremely flexible and scalable. Dynamic Network Factory's Dynamic Share software is an also available providing customer with the option of integrating a cost-effective dual host solution.

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