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Streaming Media
May 28, 2004

Table of Contents

Media Sciences Study Identifies Flaws of Current +RW Defect Management Options
InterVideo InstantON Bundled with Hitachi Prius Desktop PCs
Simple Star Announces the Release of PhotoShow Deluxe 3.0
Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Linux Now Available
Iomega Corporation announced two new entry-level network attached storage servers
Adobe Ships Video Collection 2.5 and Updated Digital Video Products
Dynamic Network Factory Introduces 7TB DataMax HA14000 SCSI RAID
MediaREADY 4000 Gains New USB 1.0 and 2.0 Support

Media Sciences Study Identifies Flaws of Current +RW Defect Management Options

A DVD defect management study, conducted by Media Sciences, Inc., and sponsored by the RAM Promotion Group, reveals that DVD-RAM drives provide the most drive-based defect management among currently available recordable DVD formats. An optional protective cartridge offers even greater protection and reliability for DVD-RAM.

A new whitepaper, Defect Management Capabilities of Various DVD Technologies by Media Sciences, an internationally recognized, independent testing laboratory, outlines an investigation into three formats of rewritable DVD drives and media including DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and +RW. The investigation focused on overall defect management, compatibility, media defect and errordetection/correction, and looked to identify the pros and cons of defect management currently available to users.

The study focused on the two different drive-based defect management methods -- slipping and linear replacement. Slipping works by marking a defect and sequentially moving data to the next good region. By contrast, linear replacement marks the defect and moves data to a non-contiguous,designated spare area.

In addition, the study showed that while other media formats employ some defect management capabilities, they don't deliver across the board. The study notes that standards for +RW media do not define a defect management system, but instead defer to a future planned Mount Rainier standard (+MRW) that is drive-based and requires a compliant write drive and recording system. +MRW awaits planned recording drive and operating system support.

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InterVideo InstantON Bundled with Hitachi Prius Desktop PCs

InterVideo, Inc. has announced that Hitachi, Ltd. is shipping the latest J Series of its popular Prius Deck and the Prius Air PCs with InterVideo's innovative InstantON technology. Available exclusively in Japan, the Hitachi Prius PCs are also bundled with the OEM version of InterVideo's WinDVD DVD playback software and WinDVDnCreator2 Platinum.

Scheduled to begin shipping later this month. All J Series models also feature DVD Super Multi drives that support the DVD+/-R/RW, DVD-RAM, and CD formats. Hitachi's new J Series Prius Deck PCs include the DS77J, DS37J, DS75J, DS73J, and DS71J models -- all with 160 to 200GB HDDs and either an HT Technology Intel Pentium 4 or Intel Celeron CPU. The Prius Air Model AR53J notebook features a Intel Pentium 4 2.80GHZ CPU. The AR33J model has an Intel Celeron 2.50GHZ CPU. Both notebooks also include a 160GB HDD.

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Simple Star Announces the Release of PhotoShow Deluxe 3.0

Simple Star Inc. announced the release of PhotoShow Deluxe 3.0. PhotoShow Deluxe 3.0 allows users to quickly organize and edit their photos, create and share musical shows with their digital photos and music and print pictures with ease. Users can also create and order an entertaining photo experience on DVD through Simple Star's integrated DVD service. PhotoShow Deluxe also includes a new one-click show-authoring feature.

The integration of the PhotoShow DVD service takes all of the fun of photo memories and matches it with the convenience of the DVD format. Creators and recipients of musical slideshows can easily order a DVD, complete with custom packaging.

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Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Linux Now Available

Macromedia announced the immediate availability of Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Linux. Macromedia Flash Player is bundled with Linux operating systems distributed by Novell, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, and Turbolinux. For more information on Flash Player 7, or to download it, visit

Flash Player 7 offers increased performance and ensures a consistent cross-platform experience. With support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Flash Player enables developers to blend HTML and Flash with consistent formatting. New support for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services connectivity has also been included in the package.

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Iomega Corporation announced two new entry-level network attached storage servers

Iomega Corporation announced two new entry-level network attached storage (NAS) servers: the Iomega NAS 200d Series 320GB and Iomega NAS 200d Series 480GB servers. Iomega's new NAS servers come standard with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003. Iomega will unveil the NAS products at a variety of venues this week, including CeBIT America in New York, CA (Computer Associates) World in Las Vegas, and TechEd in San Diego.

Iomega NAS 200d use of Windows Storage Server 2003 for ease of installation and familiar management tools. It also employs SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives for improved RAID integration, system performance, ease of serviceability and upgradeability.

Iomega NAS 200d provides 4 USB 2.0 ports and 1 Ultra SCSI 320 port (480GB only) for integrating high-speed backup devices such as Iomega's revolutionary REV drive. Employs RAID 1 or 5 (200d 480 GB) to protect data against loss due to a hard disk drive failure. It also supports mixed computing environments -- Windows, Mac, Linux UNIX and Netware.

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Adobe Ships Video Collection 2.5 and Updated Digital Video Products

Adobe Systems is now shipping its Adobe Video Collection 2.5 - Standard and Professional editions - featuring all-new versions of Premiere Pro 1.5, After Effects 6.5, Audition 1.5, and Encore DVD 1.5, products that are also available for individual purchase.

Users can work between After Effects and Premiere Pro 1.5 with new copy and paste functionality and features in Audition 1.5, such as Frequency Space Editing, allow customers to enhance soundtracks for professional video productions. Encore DVD users can send Photoshop menus to After Effects to create unique motion menus. Encore DVD also recognizes timeline markers created in After Effects 6.5 and Premiere Pro 1.5 AVI and MPEG-2 files, giving users the option to convert markers to DVD chapter points.

The Adobe Video Collection Standard includes Premiere Pro 1.5, Effects 6.5 Standard, Audition 1.5, and Encore DVD 1.5. The Professional Adobe Video Collection upgrades After Effects 6.5 to the Professional edition and adds Photoshop CS.

Standard and Professional editions of the Adobe Video Collection 2.5 for Windows XP are available for the estimated street price of $999 and $1499, respectively. Customers who owned the previous version of Adobe Video Collection Standard or Professional editions are eligible to upgrade for $249. Customers who own an individual point product can upgrade to Adobe Video Collection Standard for $799. Customers who own a previous version of Adobe Video Collection Standard can upgrade to the new Professional edition for $799.

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Dynamic Network Factory Introduces 7TB DataMax HA14000 SCSI RAID

Dynamic Network Factory announced the DataMax HA14000 RAID system, which exclusively offer a dual host Ultra160 SCSI RAID subsystem and dual redundant Active-Active or Active-Passive RAID controllers. Capacities range from 1.1TB to 7.0TB.

The dual-host Ultra160 SCSI subsystems supply fault-tolerant data protection at speeds up to 160MB/second, with complete transparency to the host operating system. Supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. Total reliability and system scalability are ensured with hot swappable drives, trays, RAID controllers, fans, and load sharing power supplies.

The DataMax HA14000 is available in two sizes, a 5U rackmount configuration supporting 1.1TB to 3.5TB and an 8U rackmount configuration supporting from 4.4TB to 7.0TB of storage. Each unit is contains a 2U dual-RAID controller module with 64MB of on-board RAID cache (upgradeable to 512MB).

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MediaREADY 4000 Gains New USB 1.0 and 2.0 Support

C.A.C. Media, Inc. and Video Without Boundaries announced USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.0 and 2.0 support for its MediaREADY Convergence Software Suite.

C.A.C. Media's new MCSS with USB peripheral support is debuting in the MediaREADY 4000. The MediaREADY 4000, developed by Video Without Boundaries, is a media center that combines a DVD/CD player with a media jukebox, email, Internet surfing, karaoke, gaming, and more. The product also integrates streaming playback of audio/video media from both Internet-based and home network sources.

MCSS-enabled devices will be able to connect to a broad variety of products already found around the home without additional hardware changes or complicated connectors. A partial list of such products includes: digital still cameras, digital camcorders, external storage and hard drive, pen drives, universal flashcard reader, keyboards and mice, personal digital assistants (PDAs), standalone PVRs, and portable digital music players.

The MCSS will enable connection as well as "hot swapping," the ability to plug-and-play peripherals without rebooting the host device. Other benefits of the new USB support include supply of electrical power to the connected USB peripheral and bi-directional data transfer, enabling users to remotely control peripherals and access their stored content.

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