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Streaming Media
June 15, 2004

Table of Contents

Analog Devices and On2 Technologies Collaborate on Porting VP6 Full Motion Video Codec to Blackfin Processor
Agfa Monotype Font Compression Technology Selected for MPEG-4 Standard
Partner Communications to Launch Video Streaming & Download Services Using Emblaze Media Delivery Solutions
Kano Intros 80GB Pocket-Size Hard Drive For Mobile Professionals
JVC Unveils New Video Cameras
TDK Intros Multiformat DVD Burners
Trace Affex Introduces Value-Plus Supra Family Of Desktop DVD/CD Automated Duplicators
InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 Now Shipping With HP Pavilion Desktop and Notebook PCs

Analog Devices and On2 Technologies Collaborate on Porting VP6 Full Motion Video Codec to Blackfin Processor

Analog Devices, Inc. and On2 Technologies, Inc. has announced that the On2 VP6.2 video compression software codec will be ported to ADI's Blackfin Processor family, allowing customers to decode VP6.2 video streams and files on set-top box and portable media devices that are powered by Blackfin Processors.

Designed as an SMP (symmetrical multi-processing) system, ADI's dual-core Blackfin Processor allows customers to maximize performance, accessing up to two 750mHz Blackfin cores to handle demanding embedded systems. SMP is particularly important for media-rich applications that require intensive video/audio signal processing, as well as standard control functions that regulate memory usage, I/O operations, and more.

The Blackfin Processor is an embedded processor designed to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today's embedded audio, video, and communications applications. ADI's Blackfin Processor family combines 32-bit RISC-like instruction sets with 16-bit dual multiply accumulate (MAC) signal processing functionality and ease-of-use attributes found in general-purpose microcontrollers. Dynamic Power Management also allows simultaneous adjustment of operating frequency and voltage under application control.

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Agfa Monotype Font Compression Technology Selected for MPEG-4 Standard

MicroType Express font compression technology from Agfa Monotype Corp., along with the OpenType font format co-developed by Microsoft Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. have been included in the latest MPEG-4 specification, the international standard for coding of audio visual and multimedia content.

OpenType is the extension of the industry-standard TrueType (SFNT) font format that also handles PostScript font data. OpenType is based on the Unicode character-encoding standard for multilingual digital information exchange. Advanced typographic capabilities are supported in OpenType, including contextual character substitution in complex scripts such as Arabic and Indic, and the automatic insertion of ligatures and swashes when entering text.

Agfa Monotype offers a range of technologies that support OpenType, such as Agfa Monotype's iType font engine and WorldType Layout Engine, a technology for composing, positioning and rendering text in multiple languages. Unicode-conformant fonts are also available, as well as Agfa Monotype's Albany, Cumberland and Thorndale OpenType fonts, typefaces that meet the MPEG-4 requirement for metric compatibility with the Arial, Courier and Times New Roman fonts in the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Partner Communications to Launch Video Streaming & Download Services Using Emblaze Media Delivery Solutions

Emblaze Ltd announced that it has been contracted by Partner Communications Company Ltd. ("Partner Communications") to provide video streaming and video download services to Partner subscribers. A wide range of value added services will be introduced to GPRS users on 2.5 and 3G networks during the course of 2004, including traffic monitoring, live music and TV channels through a specially created portal on their multimedia mobile phones.

The first service to be provided by Emblaze consists of traffic monitoring, a much requested service, from surveillance cameras deployed on the Ayalon highway, the main commuter access route to commercial districts in the centre of the country, and broadcasted through the system to Partner subscribers. These services will be initially offered to up to 20,000 users, and will be made available on the Nokia 6600, and Emblaze Mobile's Alpha P8 videophone handsets. Emblaze will support these services on new devices introduced by Partner Communications in the future.

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Kano Intros 80GB Pocket-Size Hard Drive For Mobile Professionals

Kano Technologies has introduced its SureFIRE800, an ultra-small, super-fast external hard drive that fits in your pocket and can store up to 80GB of data. It measures just 3.25x5.25x.75 inches. With a fast interface and matching high-performance disk drives, the SureFIRE800 makes storing and accessing video, audio and data backups fast and easy. Its 5400RPM 8MB cache hard drives and FireWire 800 data connection, give the SureFIRE800 speeds matching those of drives three times its size. And its FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 combo connection achieves data transfer rates of up to 800MB/sec.

The SureFIRE800 is compatible with most Windows and Mac systems and comes with Dantz Retrospect Express backup software for Macs and PCs. Retrospect features full-image backup, specific-file backup and a backup scheduler. SureFIRE800 comes ready to use, with cables and a user's guide. It is available in four models: a 20GB drive for $249; a 40GB drive for $289; a 60GB drive for $339; and an 80GB drive for $399.

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JVC Unveils New Video Cameras

JVC Professional has unveiled two high-performance cameras for professional video applications. The KY-F560 and KY-F550 cameras feature newly designed high-quality, low-noise 12-bit digital signal processing (DSP) and Digital Auto Shading Compensation.

The compact KY-F560 is a three-chip 1/2-inch CCD box camera that offers remote functionality that is extendable for studio configurations. It builds upon the capabilities of the JVC KY-F32 camera, producing 850 lines of horizontal resolution and a signal-to-noise ratio of 62dB. The KY-F560 offers excellent sensitivity, F13 at 2,000 lux and produces 100 percent video in a minimum illumination of 0.5 lux, the manufacturer describes. Three 1/2-inch progressive scan CCD chips offer 440,000 effective pixels and 16:9 wide screen capability. Optional plug-in boards allow users to easily expand the functionality of the high-performance KY-F560 camera to include remote pan/tilt/zoom capabilities and SDI output.

JVC's KY-F550U is an extremely compact, very high quality 1/3-inch 3-CCD camera suited for a wide range of remote-controlled imaging and medical applications. Following in the footsteps of JVC's successful KY-F55B, the lightweight F550 offers enhanced performance, connectivity and unique customer-requested features such as simple "smart cable" connections. A single cable connected to the camera's IEEE 1394 interface can provide power and control signals to the camera as well as digital video output to the connected device.

The KY-F550 offers camera performance with 800 lines of horizontal resolution and a 62dB signal-to-noise ratio. The high-performance three CCDs offer very high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux and a 1-lux minimum illumination (F1.4). The KY-F550 comes with multiple video outputs, including DV (IEEE1394), RGB, Y/C and composite video signals. The built-in IEEE 1394 interface lets users transfer digital signals from the camera to storage devices. KY-Controller software bundled with the KY-F550 enables PC remote control of the camera

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TDK Intros Multiformat DVD Burners

TDK introduced two new Indi DVD Multiformat burners, available in internal and external configurations. The new Indi DVD Multiformat burners record DVD+R media at 12X speed and DVD-R media at 8X speed. Both drives record DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW and CD-R/RW discs, and offer the highest playback compatibility with home DVD players and computer drives, the manufacturer describes.

The 12X/8X Indi DVD Multiformat burners burn DVD+R media at 12X, DVD-R media at 8X, and CD-R media at 48X. In addition, the drives are capable of recording 8X DVD+R media at 12X speed, and 48X CD ripping capabilities. The internal Indi DVD Multiformat is suited for desktop PC users. The external burner features both FireWire/IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 connectivity and is suited for notebook computers, or it can be shared in a household or small office with multiple PCs.

The software suite includes several other applications, such as Roxio's PhotoSuite Lite, for importing, editing, organizing and sharing digital images. The included AudioCentral software enables music to be played, ripped, organized and burned. Disc Copier makes copying discs a breeze, and now includes DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression, which enables customers to fit the contents from a 9.4GB dual layer DVD onto a standard, 4.7GB single layer recordable DVD. The internal Indi DVD Multiformat ($169.99) is available now; the external unit ($269.99) will ship in July 2004.

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Trace Affex Introduces Value-Plus Supra Family Of Desktop DVD/CD Automated Duplicators

Trace Affex announced that it has introduced the "SUPRA" family of DVD/CD automated duplicators with DVD recorders (currently 8X DVD±R/RW) that will be able to record CD-R/RW discs as well. Corporations will have the capability to generate professional-quality DVDs/CDs in-house utilizing Desktop operations to meet Just-In-Time distribution requirements.

The SUPRA's new, advanced Zulu software makes operation simple and straightforward, plus connection is simple via the standard Firewire interface for the recorders. SUPRA products are configured with up to three recorders and have automated input/output capability for up to 150 discs.

Key market applications include medical, entertainment, educational, software publishing, printing, utilities, government agencies including the military, and video as well as music publishers, graphics arts houses, publishing and advertising/public relations. Pricing for the SUPRA family starts at an MSRP of $4028.

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InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 Now Shipping With HP Pavilion Desktop and Notebook PCs

InterVideo, Inc. is now providing WinDVD Creator 2, its movie-making software, for bundling with HP Pavilion notebook and desktop PCs.

With InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 and an HP Pavilion PC equipped with a DVD burner, home and home office users can capture, edit, author, and burn DVDs or VCDs using a single, integrated interface. To simplify home video sharing, WinDVD Creator DVD+/-VR, DVD-Video, and VideoCD formats.

By connecting a camcorder or VCR to the IEEE 1394 port or one of the USB 2.0 ports on PCs equipped with an analog capture card, raw video footage can be captured to the computer's hard drive for editing. Using WinDVD Creator's editing tools, users can then remove unwanted scenes and enhance the video with titles, transitions, effects, background music, or DVD menus before burning a disc.

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