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Streaming Media
June 18, 2004

Table of Contents

Storage Elements Announces CORE Storage Server Software for Mac Content Creators
Peripheral Enhancements Announces Digital Audio Player Secure WMA/MP3 Addition to DiskGO! Product Line
Harmonic Introduces New DiviCom Multichannel Encoder
Sonic Introduces Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder for MIPS Processors
Memorex Introduces New Double Layer DVD+R Discs
HD-DVD Spec Approved
Nazdar to Distribute Dubuit Optical Disc Inks and Varnishes
CyberLink MakeDVD Plug-in Adds DVD Creation to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition

Storage Elements Announces CORE Storage Server Software for Mac Content Creators

Storage Elements, the Mac-centric data storage division of Wenzel Data, Inc, has announced CORE, an all-in-one Macintosh data storage server software for digital content creators. Everything from virtualization, provisioning, management, snapshot, striping, backup, and archiving capabilities are all included in CORE. CORE supports NAS/SAN and virtualized storage, and is also capable of archiving to tape without a third party backup package. Targeted at the prepress, broadcast, computer animation, audio/video, graphics, and Internet markets, CORE is the first product in Storage Elements' line of storage servers, which will handle the unique complex storage issues which arise from anyone handling large amounts of data. CORE employs an underlying "Pervasive Storage Architecture" to solve large storage issues efficiently and at an affordable price. CORE will be launched at Macworld in Boston, July 2004.

CORE for Mac OS X will be available September 2004 priced at $14,955 for virtually unlimited users within the storage network. Versions for Linux and Windows will be released soon after.

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Peripheral Enhancements Announces Digital Audio Player Secure WMA/MP3 Addition to DiskGO! Product Line

Peripheral Enhancements Corporation has announced the launch of a Digital Audio Player Secure WMA/MP3. This new product is the latest addition to the company's DiskGO! consumer product line.

The DiskGO! Digital Audio Player Secure WMA/MP3 is now available for sale at any of the company's reseller and distribution partners. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $69.95 for the 64MB version, $84.95 for the 128MB, and $129.95 for the 256MB version.

The new DiskGO! Audio Player is compatible with WMA, Secure WMA, DRM, and MP3 formats. The device is powered by one AAA battery. It has a USB 1.1 data transferring interface and an expansion card slot for Secure Digital or Multimedia cards. The player also comes with a variety of features such as a blue backlit LCD screen, FM Tuner, and fast forward and rewind search features.

Along with the ability to play stored music files, the Digital Audio Player also offers an FM tuner with auto and manual search buttons. Additional features include a digital voice and FM recorder, five-band equalizer, and ear bud headphones.

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Harmonic Introduces New DiviCom Multichannel Encoder

Harmonic Inc. has introduced the best-in-class DiviCom Ion multichannel MPEG-2 encoder. With its modular, high channel-density architecture, Ion supports a range of applications including the all-digital cable service.

The DiviCom Ion's modular architecture can be configured with up to four high-quality constant bit-rate (CBR) encoders and ten stereo audio pairs. Ion accepts both analog and digital inputs and offers IP and ASI outputs.

The 1RU package, combined with a new scalable internal architecture, reduces rack and floor space usage. At the same time, integrated SCTE35 digital program insertion (DPI) support allows operators to open up new revenue streams through localized advertising.

Ion can be installed and managed on a standalone basis via a Web-based tool. The system is supported by Harmonic's NMX Digital Service Manager.

Harmonic is showcasing the DiviCom Ion encoding solution in video over xDSL and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) services at SUPERCOMM 2004, booth #28029, in Chicago, IL (June 22-24, 2004).

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Sonic Introduces Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder for MIPS Processors

Sonic Solutions has introduced the Sonic Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder for MIPS Technologies' new Consumer Audio Platform. Designed specifically for microprocessors based on the MIPS32 architecture, Sonic's AC-3 Encoder cuts chip design cycles by providing MIPS licensees with a Dolby Digital stereo encoder that can be integrated into microprocessors for consumer electronics products.

The Sonic Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder is a solution for ASIC and SoC (System-on-a-Chip) developers looking for a plug-in consumer audio encoder solution. Optimized for the MIPS32 4Kc processor core, Sonic's encoder implementation has a small footprint and minimal bandwidth requirements for use in microprocessor designs for consumer electronics products. The encoder directly supports the Linux operating system, can be ported to other operating systems, and can work in highly embedded systems with no operating system at all. The AC-3 Encoder is ported to the MIPS architecture.

The Sonic Dolby AC-3 Encoder for the MIPS Consumer Audio Platform converts raw audio PCM streams to an AC-3 elementary stream. Stereo, mono, and dual-mono outputs are supported with bit rates from 64kbps to 448kbps.

Key features of the Sonic Dolby Digital AC3 Encoder include:

· API for integration

· Supports bit rates of 16kbps to 488kbps

· Supports sample rates of 48kHz, 44.1kHz, and 32kHz

· No floating point hardware required; no floating point emulation needed

· Typical CPU utilization: <100MHz

The MIPS Consumer Audio Platform offering Sonic Solutions technology is now available for licensing by semiconductor companies worldwide.

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Memorex Introduces New Double Layer DVD+R Discs

Memorex delivers its new Double Layer DVD+R discs, which allow for 80 percent more recording capacity than current single layer discs. Consumers now can record four hours of DVD-quality video in standard play mode (SP) or 16 hours of VHS-quality video in extended play mode (EP). Double layer DVD+R discs, which record at 2.4x speed, require a double layer burner for recording.

Each Memorex Double Layer disc is packaged in a "movie box" case, just like the pre-recorded DVD movies that consumers buy and rent, so they can easily be added to a video collector's existing DVD library.

Memorex Double Layer DVD+R discs will be complemented by the upcoming release of Memorex's Double Layer DVD Recorder, scheduled to ship to retailers at the end of July. Memorex Double Layer DVD+R discs will ship in early July to major national retailers. The discs will be available individually to consumers, for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

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HD-DVD Spec Approved

The DVD Forum has approved HD-DVD 1.0, a specification that will compete with Blu-Ray for the future of the DVD disc format.

According to the DVD Forum, the specification was approved on June 9 or 10, but it seems to set the stage for yet another technology standards battle. The DVD Forum membership includes companies like NEC and Toshiba, developers of the current DVD-R and DVD-RW specifications.

The DVD Forum steering committee approved version 1.0 of the physical specifications for HD-DVD read-only discs and voted to require that makers of HD-DVD video playback devices build in three video codecs, including the VC-9 technology used in Microsoft's Windows Media Video 9.

Also approved by the Forum, specifications on versions up to 2.1 information for DVD-R; 2X-speed DVD-R Optional Specifications Revision 4.0, and versions of DVD Multi specification (version 1.1).

In a contest that echoes the VHS-Betamax war over videotape standards, the Blu-Ray camp has a rival specification, with some flexibilities: for example, a single-layer disc can hold 23.3 GB, 25 GB or 27 GB, while a dual-layer disc will be able to store 46.6 GB, 50 GB or 54 GB of data.

There is also a Chinese format called EVD in the race.

The Blu-Ray Disc Association is led by Sony and Dell. Sony has committed itself to shipping second-generation consumer-oriented Blu-ray video recorders by the end of the year, supporting single-side, dual-layer rewriteable discs with a total capacity of 50 GB. The only Blu-ray recorder currently available in Japan is the Sony BDZ-S77, which is priced at $2,700; the discs themselves cost about $23 per disc.

Companies like LG Electronics, Matsuhsita, Mitsubishi, and Thomson have so far supported both of the formats.

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Nazdar to Distribute Dubuit Optical Disc Inks and Varnishes

Nazdar announces an agreement with Encres Dubuit that names the company as Dubuit's exclusive distributor of OD Plus Optical Disk inks and CD-R Pack DOC (Durable Overprint Coating) varnishes for the United States. OD Plus is a very reactive, glossy line of UV inks and varnishes specifically developed for printing CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+R, and DVD+RW products. Nazdar will also distribute the OD Plus line and CD-R Pack varnishes in Mexico and Canada on a non-exclusive basis.

The Dubuit OD Plus inks and CD-R Pack varnishes for recordable optical disc media are part of Nazdar's OD System, which also includes pre-press and on-press chemicals, mesh and emulsion, all specifically configured for optical disk printing.

The OD Plus color range consists of 10 basic colors plus a mixing black and a mixing white, an opaque black and an opaque white. The basic OD Plus colors make it possible to create any of the colors in the Pantone Matching System.

According to Dubuit, the CD-R Pack DOC contains six standard varnishes plus a white and a matting agent. The CD-R Pack DOC varnishes constitute a hard scratch and chemical resistant coating, providing protection of the CD recordable media. Dubuit's OD Plus line of inks and CD-R Pack varnishes are available in gallon containers from Nazdar locations.

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CyberLink MakeDVD Plug-in Adds DVD Creation to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition

CyberLink Corp. has released MakeDVD, a new disc burning plug-in allowing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 customers to burn DVDs via a remote control. Through a click-n-burn process operated with a remote control, users can remotely make a DVD disc of their home videos. The interface features large icons. If desired, users can also choose the disc menu setting via the remote control.

This new plug-in feature is available for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 and supports MPEG, AVI, DAT, WMV, ASF, and DVR-MS formats.

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