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Streaming Media
July 06, 2004

Table of Contents

SunnComm Unveils MediaMax Version 5
All Mobile Video's Matrix Flypack Takes Off With Miranda HD Converter
Kano's Double-Sided 9.4GB DVD+R Discs Available
Sony Unveils Real Shot Manager Version 2.1
Alias Launches Maya 6
SmartDisk Ships Tiny FireFly USB Drive
Studios Eye New Anti-Piracy Technology
Sony Expands Micro Vault Line

SunnComm Unveils MediaMax Version 5

SunnComm International, Inc. has announced that its upcoming version of MediaMax, Version 5, will include "on-the-fly" DRM (digital rights management) encoding. SunnComm's proprietary new technology will enable songs to be moved from a protected MediaMax audio CD to a consumer's computer and enable the consumer to select a secure format that will be compatible for play on the music player of the consumer's choice.

SunnComm's MediaMax suite of products is designed to deliver security for digital CD audio along with additional content and features available in a multimedia session that is mastered directly on the audio CD and accessible using a PC. Bonus features include on-board press kits, artist-related promotions, videos, song lyrics, artist bio page, photo gallery, web links and tune-sharing capability through SunnComm's MusicMail functionality.

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All Mobile Video's Matrix Flypack Takes Off With Miranda HD Converter

Miranda Technologies has announced that All Mobile Video has incorporated Miranda's HD up- and downconverters into its new Matrix Flypack, a suite of production tools. The Matrix Flypack enables the acquisition of images with as many as 16 high-definition, 24p-capable cameras. The Matrix system includes Miranda's QUC-801i and QDC-801i HD/SD up- and downconverters, UVP series incoming feed processors, and Miranda's A-to-D and D-to-A video/audio converters.

The QUC-801i cards are compact, high-quality SDI to HD-SDI upconverters that can be used for multiple applications, including incoming feeds and converting SD cameras for mobile trucks or production units such as the Matrix Flypack. The QUC-801i module features a built-in frame synchronizer, aspect ratio conversion, and the extraction and re-embedding of up to 16 channels of digital audio with delay compensation and lip-sync correction.

Miranda's QDC-801i is a 10-bit HD-SDI to SDI downconverter and aspect ratio converter, with full blending and picture positioning (DVE) capabilities. The QDC-801i can de-embed digital audio, time code, and closed captioning from the HD input, and then re-embed them in the SD output with delay compensation.


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Kano's Double-Sided 9.4GB DVD+R Discs Available

Kano Technologies has shipped its double-sided 9.4GB DVD+R (DS) discs. Kano has tested and qualified the media for a variety of DVD+R desktop recording applications such as custom video production, desktop archiving, and backup.

The discs' patented Verbatim Metal Azo recording dye is designed to make them accurate, durable, and stable. Unlike newly announced dual-layer DVD+R media, ArchivMedia does not require a DVD burner or player to make sensitive laser power adjustments for recording or playback. Initial pricing is $6.99 per disc.

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Sony Unveils Real Shot Manager Version 2.1

Sony Electronics has released its next-generation of Real Shot Manager (RSM) IP video monitoring software through commercial IT distribution. The IMZ-RS200 series has graphical interface with flexible recording/playback capability, dynamic masking, activity detection, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, and enhanced alarm functions, according to Sony.

Also, the software incorporates server/client architecture, and allows users to configure a highly scalable system to meet specific application requirements. The system enables virtually an unlimited number of cameras to be monitored and controlled from a remote location anywhere in the world.

RSM Version 2.1 supports Sony's IP-addressable network cameras as well as analog cameras with video network server adapters. Building on the features of the previous version which includes control for up to 32 cameras, schedule/alarm recordings, pan/tilt/zoom control, and customized layout, new version includes dynamic masking, pan/tilt/zoom control, dual-monitor support, AVI file export, and joystick operation.

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Alias Launches Maya 6

Alias has announced its full lineup of new Maya Learning Tools to accompany Maya 6, the latest version of its 3D animation and special effects software. Maya Learning Tools are books and DVDs that offer self-paced learning for 3D professionals, students, and enthusiasts. Alias will release dozens of DVDs and books in the coming months for a variety of learning levels including the Beginner's series for novices to beginners; the Discover Series that has specific market focus for novices to intermediate users: the Learning series for beginner to intermediate users and the Techniques series for intermediate to advanced users.

Maya Learning Tools are authored by in-house Maya software experts and by industry experts who bring their real world projects to life within the DVDs they create. New to the Learning Tools family this year is a focus on providing self-paced tools for specific markets and for working with Maya software and specific graphics applications such as the upcoming joint venture book with Sybex Publishing titled, Creating Striking Graphics with Photoshop and Maya.

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SmartDisk Ships Tiny FireFly USB Drive

SmartDisk Corporation has begun shipping its tiny FireFly USB2.0 20GB portable hard drive. About the size of a deck of playing cards, FireFly stores stores and transfers large volumes of music, video, photos, and data to and from desktops and laptops. FireFly's magnesium alloy casing--2.5" (W) x 4" (D) x .5" (H)--and weight of 3.3 ounces make it easy to carry in a purse, a briefcase, or a pocket. SmartDisk FireFly supports both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 host systems, which means that users in transition between the two versions can use FireFly on any USB-enabled computer.

Because FireFly is powered by the computer itself, it does not require its own power adapter. The drive is also Mass Storage Class-compliant; installation of software drivers is not necessary before using FireFly for most Windows or MacOS releases. Its rapid read and write speeds let users work on data and applications directly on the drive.

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Studios Eye New Anti-Piracy Technology

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has endorsed a plan to distribute about 6,000 special DVD players to members. Specially encrypted discs, known as screeners, would be earmarked for a specific academy voter and would play only on that person's machine. The player also would imprint an invisible watermark on the disc each time it is viewed. In addition, if someone uses a camcorder to tape the movie as it is playing on a monitor, that image would contain information on the person assigned the machine.

Similar watermarking technology used last year on lower-quality videocassettes helped authorities track and convict an Illinois man who had obtained screeners from an academy member and duplicated hundreds of illegal copies for sale.

The success of that effort led Cinea Inc., a division of Dolby Laboratories, to approach the academy about a combination of encryption and watermarking so studios could once again distribute screeners on DVDs.

The Motion Picture Association of America, which represents studios, last year banned the distribution of screener DVDs and videotapes over concerns about bootlegging. Many of the screener copies are of films that are in movie theaters or are still unreleased.

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Sony Expands Micro Vault Line

Sony Electronics will ship its new Micro Vault PRO, an USB-enabled device that provides 2GB storage capacity (about 1.85GB in user capacity) and "Auto Sync" file synchronization software, later this month.

About the length and width of a business card, the Micro Vault PRO utilizes a one-inch hard disk drive in a brushed-silver design. It measures 2 x 2.75 inches, is one-half-inch thick, and features a swivel USB connector that swings out to plug into a PCs USB port and then folds back to be "hidden" inside the device.

With its high-speed USB 2.0 digital interface, the device quickly transfers data without the need for cables or driver software, the manufacturer describes. The unique Auto Sync software automatically synchronizes files and data changes on both the PC and the Micro Vault PRO device, allowing for a transfer of data from one location to another.

The Micro Vault PRO's 2GB capacity is large enough to hold large PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and digital photos. It is compatible with Windows Me, 2000 Pro, XP Pro and XP Home operating systems.

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