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Streaming Media
July 27, 2004

Table of Contents

Pony Canyon Plans to Launch High Definition Software Content in HD-DVD Format
Ulead Introduces DVD Workshop 2.2
HP to Bring Enhanced Compatibility, Increased Storage to DVD Recording
Seriois Magic Announces PAL version of Ultra Chromakey Software
Panasonic Adds New DVD Multi Drive Software Support
Iomega Corporation Ships New Double-Layer DVD Drive
Verbatim Announces Ultra Density Optical Media
Macromedia Delivers Update of Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Pony Canyon Plans to Launch High Definition Software Content in HD-DVD Format

Pony Canyon Inc. announced that it is developing video software in the HD-DVD format in readiness for the commercial release of HD-DVD hardware within the next year. The company will release its own original visual content in the new format, the next generation optical disc format that is approved by the DVD Forum.

With its entry into HD-DVD, Pony Canyon launches package video software for the consumer market. The company has greeted each new generation of innovation in movie software storage and delivery with successful titles on media as diverse as three-quarter inch U-matic video tape, Beta and VHS video cassette tapes, laser discs and, most recently DVD.

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Ulead Introduces DVD Workshop 2.2

Ulead Systems, Inc. announces the availability of DVD Workshop 2.2, the latest update to its professional DVD authoring software. Ulead now equips DVD Workshop 2.2 with double-layer DVD recording. At the same time, Ulead provides two-pass MPEG-2 encoding for higher quality DVD productions. Additional features include the ability to automatically add chapter points according to a fixed time interval and play back video on a TV screen. Along with new technology, DVD Workshop 2.2 offers enhanced DVD menu design options and interoperability with a plug-in for PhotoImpact, Ulead's flagship image editing and graphics creation software.

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HP to Bring Enhanced Compatibility, Increased Storage to DVD Recording

HP has announced its newest DVD writer, the HP DVD Writer dvd530i, featuring high-compatibility double-layer DVD recording. This latest HP drive lets users store, back up, and transport almost twice the content of a single-layer DVD onto one disc, the manufacturer reports, up to 8.5 GB on one double-layer disc compared to 4.7 GB on a single-layer disc. The HP DVD Writer dvd530i offers an almost 90% compatibility rating with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.

The new HP DVD Writer dvd530i features double-layer recording technology at up to 2.4x speed and single-layer recording at up to 8x. The dual-format drive can write to DVD+R/+RW and DVD+R DL (double layer) media, as well as CD-R/RW. The device also comes with software to let users edit and author video and save photos, video, music or data to DVDs or CDs.

The HP DVD Writer dvd530i is expected to be available at major retail outlets in the United States and Europe in August at an estimated U.S. street price of $99.99, and a 16x drive is expected to be available later this year.

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Seriois Magic Announces PAL version of Ultra Chromakey Software

Serious Magic, Inc. has announced the availability of a PAL version of its ULTRA software, which makes professional chromakeying and virtual sets easier and more practical for studio and in-the-field video productions. ULTRA, which has been available in the NTSC format since 2003, produces broadcast-quality composites from less-than-ideal keying environments and is designed to deliver improved results from the limited color bandwidth of DV-format video sources. Beyond its keying features, ULTRA provides a library of virtual sets as well as virtual camera-move effects.

ULTRA is based on several technological advances, such as a new Vector Keying algorithm that designed to provide satisfactory results under difficult conditions, such as uneven lighting, wrinkled backgrounds and frizzy hair. ULTRA's VirtualTrak engine enables users to add virtual camera moves from stationary camera shots in sync with their keyed backgrounds and inserts accurate video reflections into virtual scenes. Other features include real-time, hi-res previews, color correction, scaling, and positioning to eliminate time consuming trial-and-error rendering.

ULTRA includes Master Sets Library 1, a collection of 15 professional sets, ranging from cutting-edge newsroom studios and corporate environments to wedding and contemporary settings. Most of the sets also include moving camera shots, multiple angles for wide, tight, medium, and alternate views, and the ability to insert additional video or graphic sources within the scene. An additional library, Master Sets Library 2, will be available in the PAL format soon and may be purchased from Serious Magic.

Advanced chroma key controls, such as spill suppression, color restoration, and edge softening can also be applied to fine-tune composites, enabling complex keys such as smoke, glass, and liquids with minimal effort. ULTRA also works on laptops so you can connect your DV camera and preview keyed output in real time.

ULTRA is designed for standard PCs running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and is compatible with virtually any video editing software that reads and writes standard AVI or DV file formats, from Avid to Adobe Premiere. Standard graphics or video clips can be used for the background and a foreground layer with an alpha channel can also be added to the composite. Output files can be saved as an uncompressed AVI, DV, or 32-bit AVI with alpha channel.

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Panasonic Adds New DVD Multi Drive Software Support

Panasonic Industrial Company announced that support of its OEM SW-9572-C DVD Multi Drive for back-up and storage applications is growing with new software certifications by Host Interface International, NovaStor Corporation and Pegasus Disk Technologies.

The Multi Drive offers the functionality of DVD-RAM, whichcan handle large volumes of data on one 9.4GB double-sided DVD with rewrite ability up to 100,000 times. Using DVD-RAM and Host Interface's Double Image 5.0 back-up/restore software, users can treat the DVD-RAM disc exactly like any other hard drive—with the benefits of removability.

Panasonic's OEM DVD Multi Drive offers back-up and storage solutions providers extensive media compatibility. With the added flexibility of DVD-RAM, users can experience strong defect management capabilities, on-disc editing, and mixed file format accessibility all on one DVD.

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Iomega Corporation Ships New Double-Layer DVD Drive

Iomega announced that the new Iomega Super DVD Writer 12x Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is now shipping. The innovative new DVD+RW/-RW drive adds the ability to store more than 12 CDs of data on a single 8.5GB DVD+R DL (double layer) disc, giving users an outstanding new tool for managing their videos, data, music and photos.

By using two recording layers rather than one, the new Super DVD Writer 12X dual-format drive can give users a total of 8.5GB capacities on new DVD+R DL discs. Double-layer discs offer 80 percent more capacity than previous-generation 4.7GB DVD discs.

Supported formats include DVD+R and DVD+RW (12X4X10X write, rewrite, and read speeds), DVD-R and DVD-RW (8X4X10X), and CD-R and CD-RW discs (40X24X40X). 40x digital audio extraction is also available.

The Iomega Super DVD Writer 12X Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive is shipping now, with availability at retail, catalog, and online at for $249.95. The new drive is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, or XP; Mac OS 10.2.7 or newer with a Macintosh G4 or faster with built-in USB 2.0 connection.

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Verbatim Announces Ultra Density Optical Media

Verbatim Corporation announced a new family of 5.25-inch Ultra Density Optical (UDO) write-once and rewritable media. Verbatim's 30GB dual-sided UDO media offers storage capacity for a cost of about $2 per Gigabyte. The new media supports UDO drives and optical jukeboxes from Plasmon and HP.

Based on blue-laser technology, Verbatim UDO write-once and rewritable media use the same basic media format, but have different phase change alloy compositions optimized for their specific applications. Write-once security and a data life of 50 years make this media a solid choice for long-term archives that demand record authenticity. For work in progress or files that will be updated, Verbatim will offer UDO Rewritable media that supports more than 10,000 direct overwrite cycles.

To protect the media from physical damage and contamination (dust, fingerprints, etc.), Verbatim double-sided UDO discs feature an ISO standard 5.25-inch cartridge that is designed based on previous-generation optical media. This mixed media support is designed to provide a simple transition path for existing optical customers and to minimize the need to migrate data from older media. The cartridge is also treated with a special anti-static material that helps reduce electrostatic charges that can cause problems in jukebox/library mechanisms.

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Macromedia Delivers Update of Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Macromedia announced the immediate availability of an update for Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 that offers improved stability and more comprehensive documentation. The update (version 7.2) is available to current Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 customers for no additional charge at

This update to Flash MX 2004 increases developer productivity by reducing initial launch and compile times and making the application lighter and more efficient to use. Improvements to documentation consist of more than 400 additional code examples and new chapters on component creation and customization.

In addition to performance improvements and enhanced documentation, this update brings more efficient use of system resources, improved international font support, and a reduction in disk storage requirements to run Flash, which is of particular interest for educational and volume customers with multi-user configurations. Localized versions of the updater are expected to be available later this summer.

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