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July 30, 2004

Table of Contents

CyberLink Medi@Show 3 Includes New Photo Editing Features and Slideshow Effects
Addonics Announces MFR (Multi Function Recorder) with DVD±R/RW
Averatec 6200 Series Features Dual-Function Design with Notebook and Standalone DVD Player
Other World Computing Offers Full Line of SuperDrives for Apple Desktop, Tower or Notebook Models
Sharp Microelectronics Announces Two Reference Designs for Portable Media Players
Leitch Introduces Lower-cost Model of VelocityQ NLE
Canto Announces Update to Cumulus 6
Artbeats Releases New Scenic Collections at SIGGRAPH 2004

CyberLink Medi@Show 3 Includes New Photo Editing Features and Slideshow Effects

CyberLink Corp. has incorporated new features in Medi@Show 3, enabling users to apply automatic and manual photo editing as well as create photo slideshows. The finished product can then be burned onto a DVD for easy sharing.

Medi@Show 3 includes the photo editing software, PhotoNow!, which offers automatic and manual red-eye removal and image adjustments. Other functions such as photo cropping, resizing, and rotation are accessible on the interface. PhotoNow! also features six photo effects-Oil-Paint, Pencil Sketch, Mosaic, Spotlight, Monochrome Tint, and Monochrome Blur-which can transform the look and feel of pictures.

To enable users to personalize their slideshows, Medi@Show 3 provides 99 transitions, including 3D effects, along with 54 font, color, and layout effects. Audio tracks can be ripped from CDs background music while foreground narration can be recorded directly via a microphone. Each slide can have its own audio customization.

For sharing of slideshows, Medi@Show supports DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and VCD disc burning. Photo slideshows can be played back as screen savers. Medi@Show files can be saved as EXE formats, enabling slideshow playback on any Windows-based computer.

Medi@Show is now available at CyberLink online store. Priced at $49.95 with a 20% off introductory offer until the end of August.

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Addonics Announces MFR (Multi Function Recorder) with DVD±R/RW

Addonics Technologies has announced a portable digital media appliance that can perform 25 different functions for a range of applications.

The new Addonics MFR (Multi Function Recorder) with a DVD±R/RW is a standalone Flash media backup system; DVD, digital photo, and MP3 player; as well as an external USB 2.0 DVD burner and flash memory reader/writer--all combined into one portable peripheral that can be used in business or the home, or inside a vehicle.

The Addonics MFR DVD+/-R/RW can be used as a standalone storage appliance. It can also become an external storage device to most computers via the USB 2.0 connection. Once attached to the computer, the MFR becomes an external DVD±R/RW and CD-RW burner, and an external 11-in-1 Flash memory reader/writer.

The 25 functions supported by the Addonics MFR include read/write and backup to DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, CD-R, or CD-RW. The 11 types of Flash memory media supported include CF-1, CF-II, Smart Media, Secure Digital card, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick Pro DUO, Micro Drive, and xD Card. Eight playback media functions include DVD-to-TV, DVD-to-PC, CD, VCD, still photo on TV, still photo via projector, S-Video, and MP3.

The complete package includes the Addonics MFR with DVD+/-R/RW unit, remote control unit, rechargeable battery, 110/220v power adapter, three-foot USB cable, combo A/V cable, S-video cable, Sonic MyDVD authoring software, PowerDVD MPEGII Playback software, and Nero Express (Windows version) software, two blank CD-R media, user guide, and carrying bag. The MSRP is $319.99.

The unit measures 6.6x5.4x1.3 inches and weighs just under 1.5 pounds with the battery installedand supports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP, and Mac OS 10 and above.

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Averatec 6200 Series Features Dual-Function Design with Notebook and Standalone DVD Player

Averatec, Inc. has announced its 6200 Series of multimedia notebook PCs, which combines a standalone DVD player and a notebook. This design allows users to watch DVD movies or listen to audio CDs and MP3 files without the need to start-up the notebook's operating system.

These notebooks are equipped with a Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2400+ with AMD PowerNow! technology. The 6200 series features a 15.4-inch widescreen XGA TFT display with 1280X800 resolution, as well as a built-in DVD+CD-RW combination drive. An audio/video wireless remote control is also included with the notebook, which is stored in the PCMCIA slot and allows on-demand control of the DVD player. In DVD player mode, with the use of a Li-Ion battery, users are able to view up to three 90- minute movies consecutively on a single battery charge.

The 6200 series features 802.11g wireless, 512MB DDR333 memory, a 60GB, 9.5mm hard drive and 10/100Mbit network LAN, and a 56k data/fax modem.

The notebook measures 14"x10"x1.2" and weighs 6.2 pounds. The 6200 Series also includes four USB 2.0 ports and one Type II PC Card/CardBus slot, to allow users to extend the capabilities of the notebook to meet their specific needs. This notebook series is priced at $1199 in retail and $1249 direct from the Averatec Web site.

The 6200 Series notebooks come standard with Microsoft Windows XP, Works 7.0, Roxio Easy CD Creator, and Norton Anti-Virus 2004. Microphone input and headphone output jacks are coupled with a full-size standard keyboard and touch pad.

The 6200 series is backed by a one-year limited warranty (six months for the battery) and technical support is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a toll-free number. The notebooks are available online through major electronic retailers, resellers, and distributors. The notebooks can also be purchased directly through the Averatec Web site.

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Other World Computing Offers Full Line of SuperDrives for Apple Desktop, Tower or Notebook Models

Other World Computing (OWC) has announced a full line of CD-R/RW / DVD±-R/RW SuperDrive upgrades for most Apple PowerMac G3s, G4s and G5s, the Apple G4 Cube, and select Apple PowerBook computers.

Internal 8X-speed SuperDrives for most PowerMac models start at $99, with many software and media bundle options available to choose from. Internal 2X- and 4X-speed SuperDrive upgrades for PowerBook G4 15-inch "Titanium" 400MHz-1GHz models are available from $179.95, and internal 2X- and 4X-speed SuperDrive upgrades for the PowerMac G4 Cube start at $329.95.

In addition to the internal upgrades, OWC also offers external solutions such as the OWC Mercury Pro 8X DVR-107 DVD+/-R/RW FireWire/USB SuperDrive solution for $179.95 and the OWC Neptune 4X DVR-107 FireWire-only solution for $159.95. Both the Mercury Pro DVR-107 and the Neptune DVR-107 are plug-and-play-compatible with most Macintosh or PC systems with an available FireWire and/or USB port (for Mercury solution only). Also, both include Dantz Retrospect backup and restore software, NTI Dragonburn, five pieces of DVD-R media, and 25 pieces of CD-R media.

All OWC internal and external SuperDrives come with a one-year warranty and step-by-step instructions for installation. OWC also offers a trade-in rebate of up to $79 for the return of a properly functioning Apple CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive replaced by a new OWC internal SuperDrive upgrade.

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Sharp Microelectronics Announces Two Reference Designs for Portable Media Players

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has announced two new reference designs to address the category of portable multimedia applications, including hand-held video players, digital photo albums, audio jukeboxes, and multimedia toys.

Both reference designs include a development board, bill of materials, schematics, operating system software, video and audio codecs, board support package, and technical support. Application complexity, component count, weight, and device size are all minimized, translating into a lower overall system cost.

The Sharp LH7A404 ARM9 SoC is a key component in both reference designs. It provides most of the major interfaces needed for hand-held portable media players including an interface to Sharp's latest generation LCD panels, AC97 audio, CompactFlash, MMC/SD, USB, NAND Flash, and SDRAM support, and sufficient performance to decode compressed video and audio.

Both reference designs are also based on Sharp LCD displays. The QVGA design uses a 3.6-inch native landscape Amorphous Silicon (A-Si) TFT-LCD (LQ036Q1DA01) specifically developed for portable media applications. The QCIF+ reference design utilizes a 2.2-inch A-Si TFT-LCD (LQ022B8UB04) also developed for mobile applications. Both panels provide color saturation and low power consumption with LED backlighting.

Sharp will begin shipping the QCIF+ reference design starting in August 2004 and the QVGA reference design will ship in September 2004. These designs are the first in a series of reference designs that will address next-generation media players, electronic learning, and gaming devices.

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Leitch Introduces Lower-cost Model of VelocityQ NLE

Leitch Technology Corporation has announced the immediate availability of the VelocityQ 0x4, a new lower-cost model of the industry VelocityQ multi-stream non-linear editing system.

VelocityQ 0x4 becomes the entry-level model of Leitch's VelocityQ standard-definition post-production editing family, alongside the existing VelocityQ 2x4 and VelocityQ 4x4 models. VelocityQ 0x4 combines Velocity software with Quattrus multi-stream real-time hardware to form a multi-layer NLE solution that delivers a combination of real-time power and quality. VelocityQ 0x4 features guaranteed real-time, full-quality playback of four streams of video--in any combination of compressed or uncompressed-- and up to six graphics streams.

The comprehensive feature set includes integrated, full-quality four-camera multicam editing; three- and four-point editing; real-time filters such as color correction and speed changes; many customizable real-time transitions; timeline integration with eyeon's included Digital Fusion DFX+ compositing software; optional OMF and AAF interoperability; and the EyeCon View timeline interface tool. The Virtual Tape File System also makes VelocityQ 0x4 useful as a digital disk recorder or graphics output platform.

VelocityQ 0x4 provides some professional AV I/O including component, composite and Y/C analog video, as well as balanced and unbalanced analog audio. SDI video I/O with AES/EBU digital audio is available as an option. DV I/O is supported through OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394 interface cards. An optional BOB-5400 breakout box consolidates all of these connections in a rack-mount form factor and adds features such as RS-232 to RS-422 conversion for device control.

A choice of optional two-channel (Q3DX2) or four-channel (Q3DX4) 3D DVE modules gives VelocityQ 0x4 the same effects capabilities as the VelocityQ 2x4 and VelocityQ 4x4 models, respectively. These optional modules provide real-time 3D effects--including perspectives, warps and rotations--plus real-time masks, chroma/luma keying and additional effects.

VelocityQ 0x4 is available as a boardset-and-software bundle for installation into a Windows 2000 or Windows XP workstation. Leitch Quattrus cards and DVE modules are also available on an OEM basis to third party developers wanting to integrate real-time video I/O hardware into their own products and applications.

Pricing on the VelocityQ 0x4 model is $4995 as a board-and-software bundle. (For reference, VelocityQ 2x4 is $7495, and VelocityQ 4x4 $9995, for board-and-software bundles). VelocityQ 2x4 and VelocityQ 4x4 are also offered as turnkey solutions, while VelocityQ 0x4 is available only as a board-and-software bundle.

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Canto Announces Update to Cumulus 6

Canto has announced the immediate availability of Cumulus 6.0.3. for myCumulus, Single User, Workgroup and Enterprise.

Cumulus 6.0.3 now offers support of XMP files, the metadata standard for Adobe files. Users can not only read but also write XMP information back to the original asset.

Cumulus 6.0.3 has a cache that helps to reload the last pages viewed. There are also added features such as a new sorting button, fullscreen previews that can be made into slide shows, and multiple keyboard controls. Furthermore, the preview window has more new features. WebAlbum, a tool to create Web based albums that are built on static HTML pages is now included as a standard Cumulus component.

Canto offers Cumulus 6.0.3 in four languages: English, French, German, and Japanese, and also includes an updated language selector. Some languages are now offered in their local writing capabilities (e.g.: Greek, Chinese). Support for these languages include the category tree, input fields, and Quicksearch function. Photo Suite is also pre-installed in version 6.0.3. With this option, Cumulus now supports RAW image files.

myCumulus, Cumulus Single User, and Cumulus Workgroup v6.0.3 are available immediately for download. Canto offers server versions for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris, as well as Client and Single User versions for Mac OS X and Windows. Upgrades for existing 6.0.x installations are offered free of charge.

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Artbeats Releases New Scenic Collections at SIGGRAPH 2004

Artbeats has announced it will highlight two new collections, Majestic Scenics and Southwest Scenics, at SIGGRAPH 2004. Featuring footage of beautiful American landscapes and gorgeous Southwest desert scenery, these new titles are the latest addition to Artbeats' library of stock footage. Artbeats will showcase these and dozens of other royalty-free stock footage collections, many of which are available in High Definition (HD), at SIGGRAPH 2004.

Majestic Scenics features the grandeur of scenic North America displayed in one collection. Pristine bodies of water surrounded by lush greenery and towering mountainsides, along with cascading waterfalls and snowcapped peaks can be seen on this medley of clips.

Southwest Scenics features the rugged and desolate backdrops of America's beautiful and unique desert region. Cacti, barren land and rock formations set against crystal blue skies paint a magnificent picture of the stunning Southwest.

All products in Artbeats' library are licensed royalty-free and offer a number of options for professionals seeking the perfect imagery for a variety of applications, including broadcast, film features, commercial, desktop video, game development and multimedia. Artbeats' footage is available in D1 NTSC-720X486 or D1 PAL-720X576 resolutions and many releases are also available in HD-1920X1080. Pricing for Artbeats standard collections range from $229-$699 and HD collections range from $799-$899.

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